Page 66 of My Little Farm Girl

I could pull some strings and have a look at the security cameras from the MET but then what? That would still get me no closer to finding out who she was and what she might be up to. Plus it would show my hand and she’d know that I see it as more than just an innocent passing.

Had she not upset Kitten as much as she had I would let it go. But when I chose to go after that little girl, to make her mine, to dominate, I also made the choice to protect. Her heart, her mind, her body, they were all mine to protect.

Today someone had hurt that heart, and though I’m mad at her for what she’d done, I’d be fucked if I was going to let someone else hurt what’s mine. First Marion, then the boy now this shit. No, I think it is high time I sent out the message ‘Don’t fuck with my shit’.

I had myself back under control in a few hours and went to her room. She was curled in a ball and I could tell from the tracks on her face that she’d cried herself to sleep. My heart clenched at the sight and it hurt me that she was hurt. I would never have hurt her in a thousand years if it were up to me, I would shield her form all life’s vagaries.

I ran my fingers softly through her hair as I looked down on my little sleeping beauty. I should wake her with a kiss, but there was a protocol to these things. A quick glance at the literature she had spread out on the sheets beside her told me she’d been trying to find out how to fix her fuck up. So as much as I wanted to gather her up and soothe her aching heart, she needed to do this the right way.

“Kitten wake up.” I whispered the words in her ears as I caressed her hair still. She frowned in her sleep and somewhere between sleep and wake sighed my name ‘Master’ it was the sexiest fucking thing I’d ever heard.

Her eyes flew open as she came fully awake and stared up at me. The tears started forming again and I stepped back in shock as she flew off the bed and submitted herself to me. Head bowed, hands clasped behind her back, in perfect posture, I was almost in shock. Though I was beyond pleased.

And when she bent and kissed the tops of my feet I almost came right fucking there, it was a thing of beauty. Only those who seek to dominate to own and to possess in the truest sense of the word can really appreciate this. To see your woman submit fully, not because you demand it, but because it is her will. There are no words.

In that one move she had shown that her lax in judgment was just that, a moment’s weakness

She washed my feet in tears as she professed her love and begged for forgiveness. I brushed my hand over the top of her hair before helping her to her feet. “Come, your dinner is ready.”

I took her hand and led her to the kitchen where I’d made us dinner. I wasn’t quite prepared for our first real falling out. I hadn’t honestly expected such a strong reaction from her about anything. Truth be told, she’s always so shy and reserved, so biddable if you will, that it never crossed my mind that she would turn that fire on me and definitely not this soon in our relationship.

It was something to think about as we sat there each lost in our own thoughts. Had she not done what she’d just done this night might’ve turned out differently, but she’d been so sincere and so fucking beautiful as she prostrated herself at my feet, that I was hard pressed to punish her farther.

She was back to being shy and uncertain, not looking at me as she picked at her food. “Eat your dinner Kitten.” She picked her head up and the look in her eyes was so sad, I reached out to give her hand a squeeze.

She was probably wondering if I was still pissed at her. I wasn’t sure myself though the rage was somewhat tamed now.

When we were finished, she got up and cleared our plates taking them to the sink. I watched her as she moved skittishly around the room. Suddenly, it dawned on me that she was an eighteen-year old girl who’d never had a relationship in her life.

She was away from friends and family and everything she knew. In the past few weeks since she’d been here ‘fuck had it only been a little more than three weeks?’ The person who was supposed to care for her had abused her. She was now in my bed had signed her life over to me for all intense and purposes and she was still as innocent as a lamb.

The thought brought out my protective instinct and wiped away everything else. Nothing else mattered but her happiness.

I got up from the table and went to stand behind her at the sink where she was busy rinsing off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Wrapping my arms around her middle, I pulled her back into me, burying my face in her hair. She made a hiccupping sigh and relaxed against me.

I turned her in my arms and brushed the hair back off her face looking into her beautiful orbs now touched with a bit of sadness.