Page 69 of My Little Farm Girl

“Yes, I took your mouth and now I’m taking your ass.” I ran my fingers over her cunt. “I’m saving the best for last. Now ride my cock.”

As with everything else when it comes to sex, she took to it like a natural, riding my cock with her ass, smashing her clit into my groin with each downward stroke.

Pulling her down I sucked her nipple into my mouth, chewing and sucking until she grunted. I grabbed her ass in my hands pulling her on and off my cock, opening and closing her ass around my cock meat as I mauled her tits.

Reaching between us I fingered her clit as I felt myself getting close. I didn’t want to leave her high and dry, not with her first ass fuck, not ever. I pinched her clit and bit down on her nipple as I thrust up into her ass hard.

The sound she made was something between a growl and a yell.

“I’m going to cum in your ass baby.” She sped up her fucking motions on my cock as I used her ass to pull her up and down on me.

I bit her nipple hard and pressed down on her clit as she howled and covered my groin with cunt juice and I went off, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum in her ass.

I took her lips wildly until she fell onto my chest, spent from her first ass fucking.

Getting to my feet I headed for the shower with her ass still impaled on my cock. I held her close with one arm as I turned on the water and stood us both under the warm spray.

She started moving on my cock again and I stood still letting her move at her own pace. I knew it would be a while before I shot off again, and besides, I had something else in mind.

I lifted her off my cock and she pouted, my dirty little farm girl. “Get on your hands and knees.” She hurried to obey and I lined up behind her easing my cock into her still opened ass just as it was about to close back up.

“Fuck my cock with your ass baby.” She pushed back and forth as I grabbed her ass cheeks roughly. Having her like this in total subjection always made me want to do things to her. Wild, nasty animalistic shit that she wasn’t yet ready for, but soon.

“I love your ass Kitten, so fucking beautiful.” I kissed the line of her back to her nape before sinking my teeth into her flesh.

My earlier mark was already fading, couldn’t have that. I watched as her skin started to darken where I’d put my mark on her.

“You wear my mark so well Kitten.” Somehow seeing it there brought me to the edge and I shot two jets of hot cum into her ass before pulling out and cumming all over her ass and lower back, before slipping my cock back into her ass, bringing her off one more time with my fingers on her clit.

She turned her head in search of my mouth and we kissed passionately. I slid in and out of her ass slowly until she came down, then slipping out I got to my feet, pulling her with me.

She took the bar of soap and lathered up her hands before washing me. When she got to her knees I knew what she was after. Insatiable wench.

“Master may I suck your cock?”

“You may.” She studied it like it was her new favorite thing as it very well might be. Taking my shaft in her hand the way I’d taught her she jerked me until a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head.

She licked it away humming in her throat at the taste. When even more started flowing out of my engorged cockhead she yipped with joy and tongued my cock, dipping her tongue into my cock slit.

“Wet your hand so it will be easier to stroke my cock baby.” I thought she’d use my own lubrication to coat my cock, but instead she reached down between her spread thighs and swiped her hand through her own pussy juice before covering my cock from base to tip, then stuffing it back in her mouth.

“Fuck.” Did she have any idea how fucking sensuous she was? She licked her pussy juice off my knob as she jerked me into her mouth.

“I need to…touch myself.” She took my cock out of her mouth long enough to ask permission.

“Go ahead Kitten.” She dug into her pussy as she took half of my cock into her mouth. I talked her through her breathing exercises until she took more and more of me into her mouth.

When I felt her nose touch the hairs at my groin I threw my head back and face fucked her as the pleasure coursed through me. I wasn’t going to last too much longer. She had a way with her mouth and tongue that was almost magical.

It was the way she so obviously enjoyed sucking my cock that got to me most of all though, that, and those little humming sounds she made as she sucked the cum up from my balls sent shock waves through me.

Her little hand came up and played with my balls, rolling them around in their sac while she tongued my cock taking me deep then pulling off just as I’d taught her I liked.