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“Swallow my cum baby.” I said the words two seconds before I started to shoot into her mouth. She knew to pull off a little so that I was shooting on her tongue and not down her throat. She’d learned over the last few days that that was the best way for her to get her taste.

I don’t think there’s anything more fucking hot in my world than the way she loves my cock and my seed. Dragging her to her feet I plunged my tongue into her mouth tasting myself.

If she could eat my cum who am I to scorn that shit? “I want to do very bad things to you Kitten, will you let me?” I growled into her ear while pulling her hair back roughly.

“Yes, oh yes.”

“Soon, real soon.”

Chapter 22

That night we both slept like the dead wrapped around each other. The next morning everything was fine in our little world again.

I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s fuckery so until I figured out just what the fuck was going on I was keeping her inside.

We spent the day trying to work on her self-control. I was aware that she had a couple triggers. One was me calling myself her master, or even just the mention of the word, and the other was the sight of my cock. If there was pre-cum hanging from my shit or even just starting to form at the slit, she was in trouble.

It was a very long exhausting but satisfying day and she pretty much failed her class. When it came to my cock she had absolutely no resistance. It got to the point where I had us both walk around naked to get her used to seeing my cock, but that didn’t work either.

Looking at her made me hard, when I got hard I started leaking pre-cum and she pounced. I must’ve said the words ‘no Kitten’ a hundred times.

I tried not to laugh at her reaction to being foiled and more than once I came damn close to bending her over somewhere and fucking the shit out of her.

All in all it was a great weekend. When we weren’t sucking or teasing each other to orgasm, we sat on the couch and whispered to each other.

I told her how much it would turn me on to hear her talk dirty to me while I was sucking her pussy or fucking her ass, but I could tell that was going to take some doing. That good little girl thing was entrenched in her too deep it was going to take a minute.


Monday morning came and it was back to the grindstone. If nothing else I sensed a new confidence in her that was very sexy.

She dressed in the grey skirt and lilac silk blouse I chose for her for that day.

I reinserted the ben wa balls inside her pussy and her plug was in her ass as it had been the whole weekend except when I was ass fucking her, which she seemed to like if the way she kept backing her ass into me was any indication.

I loved being in her tight ass, but it was no substitution for her pussy, which I was getting closer and closer to taking.

I dropped her off before heading to the office. As soon as she was out of sight my mind went to the little run-in on Saturday. I’d given it some more thought and realized that there was definitely something there.

I made a few discreet calls, but all I had was a description to go by. Turns out it fit a lot of people and I needed more.

I gave serious thought to calling up the MET and getting a copy of their security tapes after all, but then gave up on the idea. I’d just have to be on the lookout is all.

I got lost in work with a few moments here and there where the memory of our hot weekend intruded and I had to squeeze my cock to get it to behave.

It was almost time for her call and my pulse raced. Maybe I should pay her another visit. Nah, it’ll keep until we got home.

The phone rang and I smiled as I answered expecting her on the other end. “Kitten?”

“Is this Mr. O’Rourke? This is Jean-Paul, Sir there’s been an incident.” My blood ran cold and I stopped breathing for a second before jumping to my feet and grabbing my suit jacket from the back of my chair.

I was heading out the door with the phone to my ear. “What happened, is she hurt?”

“Well she’s more shaken up I think than actually hurt but…”

“What happened?” I barked into the phone as I signaled for my assistant to call the driver. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I found myself running down a flight of stairs.

Shit. I changed tack and went through one of the exit doors heading for the nearest elevator. “One of the lighting structures fell from the ceiling and almost got her.”

“How the fuck did that happen?”

“Well that’s the thing, my guys never make those kind of mistakes. They swear up and down that it was fine, they tested it to be sure when they set it up on Friday before leaving.” I hung up the phone and called her right away.