Page 73 of My Little Farm Girl

My cum and her own juices ran down her thigh as I carried her in my arms, my cock still hard and bobbing up and down under her ass. At least I know she wasn’t still thinking of her near death experience.


In the shower I stood behind her and washed her from head to toe, paying special attention to her tits that were now red and puffy. She sighed and pushed back against me as I ran my soapy hands over her heated flesh.

I washed her pussy next, making sure to get my fingers inside her and brought her close to another soft climax that way.

“Cum.” She fell back against me as her body gave in to the pleasure. My cock was hard and hungry but I ignored him for now, this moment was all about her.

“I’m going to play with you all day.” I nipped her ear after whispering that promise in her ear. “No Kitten, I’ll let you have my cock later, for now I just want to pleasure you.”

She dropped the hand she’d reached back between us in search of my rod. I took care of her nipples rubbing life back into them as I rubbed my cock between the crack of her ass. I knew just how this day was going to end.

Still on my quest to take her mind off of what had happened or almost happened to her, I had her sit in my lap as we ate lunch, feeding her from my hands as I teased her body. “You full?”

“Yes Master.” She was getting more comfortable with that I noticed. I hardly ever had to remind her anymore. I kissed her to show my pleasure before getting to my feet.

Moving through the house I carried her back to the playroom. Today seemed to be a day for pushing the boundaries.

If I stopped to think that we had only been doing this for a few weeks it would seem like too much. But when measured against the intensity of my feelings for her and hers for me, time meant nothing.

She watched with wide eyes as I removed the thick leather straps from the toy chest. “Come here.” She walked towards me her eyes never leaving them.

As she stood in front of me, I pulled her robe off her shoulders and wrapped the first around her middle under her breasts and tightened it before adding the other just below her waist.

“I’m going to test your pain threshold.” She sucked in a breath and almost took a step back before catching herself.

I didn’t say anything, just waited for her next move. She knew that in this room as with everywhere else, I was in control, but more so here, where I would push her limits sexually and mentally.

In this room she understood that there was an added element to our life together, this is where her trust in me was most needed. There was no safe word and she knew all about them and what they meant. She also knew how I felt about them.

It was a risk, for both of us, but something I felt very strongly about. I want my woman to trust me wholeheartedly, implicitly.

To know that I understand her strengths and her weaknesses, to know that though I might and will eventually fuck her as hard as anyone’s ever been fucked before, that her heart was safe with me.

I saw the decision in her eyes and applauded her bravery and her commitment. Although I’d got her to sign the contract, this was my way of locking her in, of binding her to me for all time.

What went on between us now, will set the precedent for our future. Gabriella is a true submissive down her little toenails, but she has no real understanding of the true meaning of the word.

Me being a dominant fuck had scented it on her that first night. Now she was here and she was mine. Mine to love, mine to guide, mine to fuck. But before I fucked her, before we shared that ultimate of all bonds I needed her to accept all that I was.

“I want to share everything with you sweet Kitten, this is just one of them. Come.” I led her to the bench and sat, pulling her over my lap.

“Some use spanking as a punishment, I might do that in the future if it’s warranted, but for me, it’s more about added pleasure.

Sometimes I’m going to want to redden your ass, not because you’ve done anything bad, but because the sight of your red ass makes me hot, makes me want to fuck you into the ground.” I ran my hand over her ass and down through her legs to her pussy. She was already wet.

“I’m going to use my hand, because that’s more intimate. I want to feel the heat of your ass under my hand.”

Without warning I brought my hand down across her ass. Not too hard at first, just enough to make her jump and yip, more from surprise than pain.

“How was that?”

“Not too, not too bad.” I gave her five more taps, each a little harder than the last. She writhed against my legs trying to rub her clit into me.

“Bad girl Kitten, I didn’t tell you you could move.” The next blow hit against the butt plug driving it deeper into her ass. She strained to keep herself still. Her body started up a fine tremble as I continued to spank her.