Page 78 of My Little Farm Girl

There was a fire in me, something that had never been there before with anyone else. The wild need to own to possess, raced through me and was transferred into my thrusts, my fucking. When my hand went around her throat and lifted her head back so her eyes could meet mine, there was nothing gentle about it this time.

“I own you, from this day forward I Callan Rodney O’Rourke claim you Gabriella Cecile Harper as my Kitten. I will love you, cherish you, and protect you always and this,” I slammed into her hard and held still, “is now my prized possession.”

Her eyes rolled back ‘til only the whites were visible and she flooded my cock again as I dribbled the last drop of my seed into her.

Even after it was over, after her sweet virgin pussy had sucked my balls dry, I still moved inside her. Rubbing the ridge of my cock into her clit with each slide into her cunt that didn’t seem to want to stop.

The bed was wet with our juices; the sheets were all but torn off the mattress. I stayed where I was buried to the balls in her belly as she hugged me to her and cooed at me.

“You keep that up Kitten I’ll be fucking your sweet pussy again in two minutes flat.” It was true, already I could feel my cock growing inside her but there was no way I’d do that to her.

“Stay here I’ll be right back.” I eased out of her as gently as I could and shushed her when she cried out.

I took some time to soothe her and pet her swollen pussy, before going into the en suite bathroom to run us a bath. When it was ready I went back and plucked her from the bed.

“I love you master.” I stopped walking for a split second before continuing on.

Her words cut to the heart of me and I cuddled her closer to my chest before lowering her into the warm soapy water.

I knew of course or had suspected as much but it was good to hear the words, especially since I’d already pretty much bared my heart to her.

I took my time and bathed her as she laid back listlessly, letting me do as I pleased.

I dried her off when she was done, and finding one of the many robes I’d bought her and had stored in the closet here, I covered her before taking her back to our room. She’d had more than enough for tonight.

“But what about you, I have to wash you too.” She snuggled into my neck like my little kitten.

“Not tonight sweet Kitten, you’re hurt and I must take care of you, you can wash me tomorrow I promise.” I placed her onto the silk sheets and brought the covers up around her.

“I’ll be right back.” I headed to the kitchen to mix something that would help her sleep and stopped off in the bathroom for some soothing ointment.

Sitting on the side of the bed, I lifted the sheet and opened her legs. I couldn’t see too well from that angle so I had to get down between her legs.

Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few swipes of her pussy with my tongue, but when she started pushing onto my tongue in heat I pulled off.

“No Kitten, I’m sorry, that was very bad of me. I’m only going to take care of you now.” I opened her pussy lips and looked deep inside, assessing the damage.

She was red, swollen and puffy. I felt like a complete bastard for not taking it easy on her.

Yet a part of me wanted to pound my chest, I’d humbled my woman beneath me, she was well and truly fucked.

I squeezed some ointment onto my finger and being as gentle as I could, rubbed it deep inside her.

While I was in there I removed the Ben Wa balls, she’d been holding them for a while.

I kissed her clit and pulled the covers back over her before lying beside her and taking her in my arms.

“I’m very proud of my good girl.” I whispered the words to her and was rewarded with a squeeze and a hug as she settled into my chest.


When she had fallen off to sleep, I slipped from the bed and finally went to take my own shower. I let the water beat down on me as I replayed every minute of the last few hours.

She’d surpassed my every dream. Eighteen years old and she held me in the palm of her hand. My heart had never felt this full, I never knew it could.

The responsibility weighed heavy on me now, I had taken her innocence and sworn to protect; not an easy thing that.

I pushed back thoughts of her near miss and the reports that had come into my desk earlier today.

I will deal with Marion and her bullshit later, nothing was allowed to intrude on this night and what it meant.

I rushed through my shower so I could get back to her. I needed to hold her close, to feel that slight weight against me reminding me of all that I now held.

‘Thanks for bringing me home grandpa.’ I flicked off the water and pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms after drying off before going back to her.