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I was soon growling into her neck as jet after jet of hot cum flew into the opening to her womb.

Paulette was going to kill my ass if I bred her new little star, but I couldn’t say I much cared about that.

She reacted to the feel of my cock jumping and throbbing in her belly and the hot sperm washing her walls, by arching her back deeply and digging her nails into my flesh. I waited until she calmed down to mark her again, right above her nipple this time. She came with a hoarse moan.


Chapter 25

I wasn’t about to leave her that day, I was very conscious of the new bond that had been forged and the need to enforce it. I bathed her, dressed her and fed her, then kept her close all day as I worked from home.

She was the happiest I’d ever seen her, her hand always straying to her collar with a secret little smile on her face, and it was very enlightening to hear the report she read from her journal from the day before.

She had no lingering doubts, no questions and seemed very happy with her lot in life, which pleased me immensely. Everything had changed for both of us. What was once only a dream was now a reality. The reality was better, it outshone the dream.


We didn’t spend all day in bed, she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week if we did, but I never stopped touching her, or whispering endearments in her ears as she sat on my lap.

All good things must come to an end, and the next morning it was back to work for both of us. I think I had more trouble letting her out of my sight than she did.

Her fear was gone since she knew there was no way I would’ve let her go back there unless it was safe. Her trust in me was complete. It was more empowering than I could’ve ever imagined.



I was on cloud nine the whole day. People kept commenting on my new glow, some suspected the cause of it I’m sure but I didn’t share, not even when prodded. Of course there were lots of head nodding and ‘I sees’ once they got a look at my collar.

At first, I felt a little shy about people seeing it and obviously knowing what it meant. But my new joy soon overcame even that slight unease.

My every thought was of him, I missed his scent, his touch, his nearness. And when I called him that afternoon at the appointed time, I broke into tears for no plausible reason. I think I scared the heck out of him with that one.

“Kitten, what is it, what’s happened?” I heard the restrained anger in his voice, like he was ready to vanquish whatever had brought me sorrow or pain.

“It’s nothing, it’s just…I miss you so much it hurts.” And it did, it was a dull pain that surrounded my heart and left me feeling sad and out of sorts. I was also feeling very itchy between my legs. My good mood was fast disappearing too and all I wanted to do was snap at the photographer each time he made change a pose.

On the other end, I could swear I heard him chuckle and I wanted to tear into him, but of course I didn’t.

“Go into the restroom and lock the door baby.” I looked around expecting him to be there, remembering well the last time this had happened. My disappointment was most severe when there was no sign of him as I made my way there.

“Are you there yet Kitten?”

“Yes sir.” My voice was already breathy and my palms began to sweat.

“What are you wearing baby?”

“A short summer dress with thin straps.”

“Are you wearing underwear?”

“Yes sir.” I knew I was only allowed to go bare if I was at home or going out somewhere with me, all other times I must be completely covered or I would be punished.

“Okay, I want you to touch yourself over your panties, go slowly up and down your slit but do not touch your clit.” This went on for some time, him giving instructions and me following until I had one hand buried between my legs and the other pulling on my nipple.

With my eyes closed the way he’d said I could easily imagine that it was he there touching me. I was wet and hot by the time I heard those words, ‘cum now.” I came with a loud yell not even caring if anyone heard. My body felt relaxed and that pressure that had been building inside finally eased. He told me to go clean up and he would see me later.

I was in a lot better mood when I came out of that bathroom that’s for sure. But I wondered at my body’s reaction to being away from him. Will this be a permanent state of events, or was it just the newness of it all?


That evening when he picked me up he was in the limo. I didn’t question the change of vehicle, I had no need to, he knew what was best always. I didn’t question either when he told the driver to take a slow ride through the whole park ostensibly so I could see the changing colors of the leaves as fall was upon us.