Page 81 of My Little Farm Girl

As soon as we were off the city streets the atmosphere changed. He’d seemed so cool when he’d been talking to the other man before closing the partition that I had no idea what was in store.

He pulled me almost roughly onto his lap to straddle him. My short skirt that he’d chosen for me rode up to my hips. Our mouths came together ferociously like two starving beasts.

I sucked his tongue as I rubbed my breasts against his chest. I could feel the heat of his hands through my underwear as they rested on my butt.

Then his hand was right there where I needed it most, rubbing my secret place. “Oh yes, harder please sir, rub me harder.” He teased my clit and licked my face and that made me hotter than ever.

The sound of my panties tearing was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard, until…

“Reach down between us and release my cock.” I fought with his belt and zipper until he was finally in my hands. All that heat, that velvet steel throbbed in my palm and leaked his pre-cum.

I stroked and petted it until it was longer, harder, thicker. I wanted to swallow it whole but when I looked into his eyes pleadingly he had other ideas. I whimpered in my throat, I could taste him on my tongue.

“Now sit on it and ride.” That was good too. I was only too happy to do it, moving fast, I held him in one hand with my other on his shoulder for balance. I rubbed his tip over my slit before taking the first few inches inside my heat.

“Ahhhh.” It was a sigh of deep satisfaction, at last I was getting what I wanted what I needed. The only thing that could put out the fire that had been raging in me since we’d parted this morning.

I rocked back and forth as he pulled my shirt up under my neck and pulled my bra down under my breasts. He sucked hard and I felt the pull in my womb. I clamped down on him as I rode up and down.

“Damn, your pussy’s so fucking tight, I’m gonna cum too quick, ease off baby. Fuck.” He picked me up by the waist and slammed me back down hard as he thrust his hips up to meet mine.

My mouth opened in a silent scream as he rocked me back and forth on his twelve-inches of steel that was now doing its best to split me in two.

“Please master may I cum?”

“Together, we’ll cum together.” with that he reached between us and pinched my clit hard while biting down on my nipple. I’m pretty sure the whole of New York heard my screams that time.

I slumped down against his chest a limp soggy mess. I felt myself being lifted and looked down at the string of cum that led from him to me.

He placed me on the seat next to him and got down on his knees spreading my legs wide open over his shoulders before burying his head in me and cleaning our combined juices off of me.

“Clean my cock Kitten.” I was only too happy to switch places with him and enjoy my new toy. I couldn’t help the hum that escaped my throat at the first taste of him. I didn’t mind my own taste when I licked it off of him before taking the head into my mouth and sucking.

His hands in my hair, stroking, made me feel special, like the most precious girl in the world. “My good little girl.” I came again just from those words.



For the next couple of weeks we set into a routine. Her training was still ongoing, I was still teaching her new things, breaking down her walls and freeing her from all the little hang-ups that she’d been carrying around.

Her self-esteem was growing daily under my tutelage, as did the bond between us. I kept her well isolated from the goings on where the investigation was concerned.

On a hunch I’d decided to put men on Marion just in case my suspicions proved to be true. I made sure Kitten called home at least once a week. I didn’t put it past the other woman to try to start trouble.

I blamed myself for underestimating the lengths Marion would go to-to get what she wanted. I hadn’t been aware that she’d had so much invested in our short lived acquaintance, and still wasn’t sure if her actions were caused more by the fact that it had been Kitten that I chose, or if she would’ve done the same no matter who I’d chosen. In other words I really had no idea where her head was.

What we’d shared hadn’t been all that spectacular and it certainly hadn’t lasted long enough for her to have formed that kind of attachment, so I was left with the feeling that it was a simple case of, ‘I can’t have him no one can’.

When dealing with someone like her, someone I’d come to know better in the last few weeks after doing an extensive search, it paid not to let your guard down.

So while Kitten was enjoying her newfound lust, driving me to distraction every chance she got, I was keeping an eye on things.