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When she was done I folded it and put it back into my pocket. “It’s time to go beautiful. I want you to relax and have a good time tonight Kitten, you’ve worked very hard and you deserve to relax and unwind.”

Id seen the rough shots of what they’d done so far and Paulette was right, she was a natural. The camera somehow picked up that sultry wholesomeness, that I was sure was going to have every hot-blooded male in the free world lusting after my woman, or at the very least, imagining she was theirs.

“Did you call your parents today like I told you to?”

“Yes sir.” She smiled at me in the dimly lit confines of the car as we drove through the darkened streets of the city to the upper west side where the event was taking place in one of the city’s most established hotels.

I was making sure she kept up open communications with her family to off set any rumors or lies they may hear through the grapevine.

I hadn’t really spoken to them other than to say hi when they called or she called, since she’d told them of her treatment at Marion’s hands and wasn’t too sure where they stood with that.

From what I’d learned of them from her tales, they were fine loyal people who I was sure saw the good in everyone and would easily buy any excuse from an old friend, especially if what they’d been told went against what they though they knew of that person.

Tonight wasn’t for worrying about such things though so I put it aside and looked forward to a night of dancing with my girl, something we hadn’t done outside of the apartment when we were playing around in the evenings.

The place was already crowded when we arrived, and more than a few heads turned at our entrance. I saw a few people I knew and walked over to where Paulette stood with some investors.

“There she is, the woman of the hour.” She made a show of introducing Kitten to a few of the men and women, who as I expected were checking her out. There were huge billboard size pictures of her face on the walls around the room. From her deep intake of breath, I gathered she hadn’t been expecting that and she tried to disappear under my arm.

“O’Rourke you old dog.” I turned to the man addressing me, Stephen somebody or the other. We’d met a few times at functions such as this, but weren’t what you would call friends. I didn’t have to guess at why I had earned the moniker; his leer at her was answer enough.

I felt my hackles rise but played it cool. Most of the men here were bound to find her attractive, that didn’t mean I had to break all their faces, besides her could leer all he wanted to as long as he didn’t touch.

I found I didn’t want to let her go but that was the epitome of foolish, she was here to have a good time, to celebrate with the others who’d worked with her in the past few weeks. Some of the girls from the magazine were her as well including Robyn and I was sure she’d want to spend some time with them since she hadn’t seen them since that awful day.

I encouraged her to mingle, while I caught up with some of the old man’s friends and acquaintances. People who still had an interest in the business and those who were here tonight to show their support.

I had the place, or better yet her, under heavy security and was pleased to see the men milling about undetected in the crowd, always with her in their sights. For that reason I was able to relax and enjoy the evening.

She kept making her way back to me, or checking the room for my location every so often and I will give her a smile or a chaste kiss on her lips each time. I knew when something was making her nervous because she had picked up the habit of playing with her collar whenever that happened.

When I saw that I would make my way to her side and extricate her from whatever situation she was in that was making her uncomfortable.

“Let’s dance.” I took her into a dark corner of the dance floor where I could hold her close out from under the watchful eye of the rest of the room’s occupants.

“Are you having fun Kitten?” I held her close with my nose buried in her ear just swaying to the music. She felt perfect in my arms and of course my dick was pushing against my fly, he’d sniffed her scent and was ready to go. It had been hours since he’d gotten wet inside her and he was making his presence known.

“Yes sir, though I had no idea it was going to be like this. I wish momma and daddy were here to see it. My face plastered all over the walls of the Plaza hotel, it’s almost like a dream. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, and we’ll be sure to send them pictures, maybe we’ll have them out for the weekend some time soon, if you think your dad will leave the farm.”