Page 89 of My Little Farm Girl

He grabbed my head pulling me down on his length until I thought I would choke but I should’ve known he wouldn’t let harm come to me. He eased off, coaching me through it until I relaxed my throat and took him in.

When it became impossible for me to hold him in my mouth any longer he slipped from between my lips.

I longed for just a few more laps of that great monster but he was already put out with me so I wouldn’t risk it.

He’d told me that he expected me to mess up sometimes, that I shouldn’t try to be so perfect because I was only setting myself up for failure, but sometimes those little slips may earn me punishment, it was all totally up to him.

But I was willing to take punishment for a stolen taste of his phallus.

“Doggie position.” Oh fudge. I was already leaking down my thighs. This was by far my favorite position, except maybe the missionary when he looked down into my eyes as he slid in and out of my body while he told me how much he loved and cherished me.

I got on my hands and knees with my head up. He moved around behind me and pushed my head down and lifted my hips so that my ass was higher in the air. I felt the wet tip of his shaft as he rubbed it back and forth over my clit and slit all the way back to what he calls my little rosebud.

I twitched and moaned in heat, spreading my legs wider to accept him. I wanted him to pound away inside me, then and only then will I know that we were really okay again; that all was forgiven.

“I’m going to fuck you until you’re sore, every time you move for the next two days you’ll remember this fuck and you’ll remember who you belong to. Ready?” before I could answer one way or another he pushed into me. I barely had time to catch my breath or to get use to the feel of him stretching me more than ever, before he started pummeling into me.

My mouth opened in a surprised scream that got trapped in my throat. My hand went down to my tummy where I could see and feel him as he moved in and out of me.

It felt like he was plunging a baseball bat inside of me. The pressure on my ovaries made me feel like I would explode into a million pieces.

He kept changing up his strokes from long and deep to short, then just a grinding from side to side like he was searching for something. His thickness worked my insides and had me leaking all over.

Just when I was coming down from the brink of an orgasm which he denied me, he pressed down hard on my clit and pulled almost all the way out before sliding back in halfway nice and slow and then, slam.

My muffled screams were caught in the pillow just before I bit into it. Who knew he could reach so far inside of me? The pounding didn’t let up even though I reached back with one hand and waved it around like a landed trout, my white flag of sorts. I was too out of breath to beg for mercy any other way.

Callan didn’t seem to notice or didn’t care either way as he pulled out halfway and slid back in, hitting that spot that he’d been in search of and had been battering for the last ten minutes since he’d found it.

My secret place was juicing, I could feel it running down the inside of my thighs. I felt wanton in my sprawled position with my butt up in the air as he played with me, his fingers running in and out of the crack of my ass.

He hadn’t taken me there in a while and knowing that he soon would, the remembered pleasure filled me with a wild excitement that beat in my chest like a distant drum.

“Please…” My hoarse voice sounded like the croak of a frog as I turned my head to the side to get some much-needed air. This was the deepest he’d ever gone into me, always before in the last few days since he’d taken my virginity, he’d been gentle and sweet; the perfect gentleman you might say. But this, this I believe was the true Callan O’Rourke, a beast, and I secretly reveled in it.

He bit into my neck and growled as I felt my insides pulling with his outward thrust, there was a kind of madness in the air now, something that hadn’t been part of our love making before.

It’s as though he had no control left, he’d been incited to such lust that he’d stopped being careful with me. His teeth already in my neck marking me, found another spot. I liked that best ever since he’d explained its meaning to me. His mark, his brand, and I’m the only one to wear it.

It sent thrills through me now, bolts of pleasure coursed through my body at that contact. I wanted to beg him to mark me all over like he had that first time but I didn’t, still too shy to voice my wants, my needs really.

“Please sir.”

“Quiet Kitten, you must learn to take me in all ways; this is your cock now remember, only you can service him, so it is only you who can give him what he wants and right now he needs to fuck you hard and deep.”