Page 91 of My Little Farm Girl

I felt him go deeper as he leaned over my back, then his fingers were there, playing in my pussy. My body relaxed with my thought of the word and I felt liberated, free. I worked my throat around his cock as he fingered me.

Next thing I knew my legs were being brought up and my back was facing his chest with his huge cock still in my throat. He licked into my pussy deep from this position, holding my legs splayed open and my whole body shook.

“Do not make me cum.” He continued licking me as his cock grew in my mouth. Where less than an hour ago I found it hard to say the words, now I wanted to shout them from the rooftop.

He pulled out of my mouth and pushed me to my back. Reaching over to the nightstand he withdrew some gel. He squirted some into my ass before filling my hand with more. “Rub it into my cock, make sure to get it nice and slick so we don’t hurt your little ass,”

I greased up his cock until he pushed my hand away, then with his eyes on mine, he pushed my legs all the way back to my ears. He rubbed his cockhead through my slit, round and round before slipping down to my ass.

I felt the head slip into me and flinched from the pressure. “Easy Kitten, you’ve taken me there before.” He stopped pushing and leaned over to share a sweet loving kiss with me. That helped to take my mind off the burning in my ass.

He slipped another couple inches in me as he teased my clit. My senses were being bombarded, his tongue in my mouth his fingers on my clit and his dock in my ass. It was the look in his eyes though once he lifted his head that had my body relaxing so he could slide his whole length into my bowels. Such heated love I couldn’t help but cry out at its intensity.

I was lost in a world of lust. Nothing had ever felt so good in my life. He pushed me to say those words, words that seemed to incite him farther. When I begged him to fuck me, he pounded my ass harder. He’d allowed me to cum once more while he was in my ass before he pulled out and went to the bathroom. I thought we were done though he hadn’t cum as yet but he came back out wiping his cock with a washcloth before dropping it to the floor beside the bed and coming back to me.

He pulled me beneath him and licked my face, a strange sensation but one I adored. He teased my folds with his cock as he looked down at me. “You’re beautiful.” He slid into me and I felt swollen. It wasn’t that easy for him to get back inside but her forged on not stopping until I’d taken all of him.

I was crying ten minutes later when he was fucking me nice and slow and the pleasure plain the whole evening just came crashing down on me. “Shh, be my big girl.” His soft words spoken with such caring, was my undoing. I would do anything for him.

“Are you my big girl?” His strokes were long and deep and reached my depths, I never wanted the sweet feeling to end as he fucked me like he cared, like I was the most precious thing in the world to him. How could he go so smoothly from one extreme to the next?

“Yes sir, I’m your big girl.” I smiled as he nailed me to the bed, fucking into me over and over until I begged for his seed. My words of lust set him off again and my poor pussy paid the price, my wild man was back and he let me have it.

Instead of the slow ride of the last half an hour, I was back to being pounded and pummeled until he ordered me to cum even as he flooded me once more with his potent seed that ran out around his cock and down my ass.

I actually covered my privates with my hands as I scooted away from him in desperation after he pulled out. He was still hard with a long string of cum oozing from his tip and hanging down to the bed. The smirk on his face told me he wasn’t done, not by a long shot.

Chapter 27


The next few days, I left her at home while I went off to work. She had some down time before her next photo shoot, but she was making me crazy. “But I’m bored why can’t I go to the park?”

“Because I said so, now I’ve given you something to do haven’t I? An hour before you call me I want you to practice your words before the camera while you play with yourself. I’ve set up the camcorder already it’s on a timer so you don’t have to do anything but lie back on the bed where I’ve marked. Do not leave this house under any circumstances do you understand me?”

“Yes sir.”

She’s such a grouch when she doesn’t get her way but it’s cute. At least she’d no longer afraid to speak up. I’m still trying to teach her that although my word is final that does not mean she doesn’t have a say, she’s not a fucking robot after all.

I’ve tried to control what she reads about the D/s lifestyle but I guess its’ inevitable that she came across some bad shit on the net. It’s a good thing she has to keep a record of everything she reads and discusses it with me, or who knows what the fuck she’d get stuck in her head.