“We can make all of this work,” he said, “but I think it’s gonna take the two of us.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Never have.”

That’s when she started to weep in earnest. And Zach stood right there with her, supporting her through the storm.

“I love you, Sadie,” he said when she finally quieted.

“Oh, Zach, I love you, too.”

For long minutes neither of them spoke. They simply held each other and let their bodies confirm what they had known all along.

“Just promise me one thing,” Sadie finally murmured.

“What’s that?”

“That you will never do anything for me or my family that you don’t feel completely comfortable doing,” she insisted.

“The same here,” he said.

After she nodded, he added, “And never walk away without letting me know where you’re going.”

“It’s a deal.”

* * * * *

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Claimed by the Cowboy

by Sarah M. Anderson


“May I help you?”

Josh Calhoun whipped off his Hollister-Whitney trucker hat and beamed a grin at the receptionist. “I sure hope so,” he said, unconsciously letting his country accent bleed through a little more. He couldn’t help it. This was the first time he’d been back in Chicago in five years and so much had changed.

Once, he’d tried to hide his accent. He’d tried to blend in with the big city.

Not anymore.

“I’m looking for the Newport boys,” he went on, leaning his head toward the receptionist. Her eyes widened and he thought he saw a little bit of color come to her cheeks. He wasn’t flirting—not intentionally—but Sydney, God rest her soul, had said that this was just his way. His down-home charm was what had attracted her to him in the first place.

Damn it. He hadn’t been in Chicago proper for more than thirty minutes and he was already thinking about Sydney again.

He hated this town.

“I’m Josh Calhoun,” he went on. “They asked me to stop by.”

Which was the only reason he had bothered to come back to Chicago. Brooks, Graham and Carson Newport were old college friends, and all three men had called him recently—apparently, without the others knowing that they were making the same call. Brooks Newport had asked for Josh’s help in dealing with a rather stunning set of revelations about Sutton Winchester—Josh was still having trouble putting it all in order.

Apparently, Sutton Winchester was Carson’s father and for a couple of months, Brooks and Graham had suspected that maybe the old real estate baron was their father, as well. But the paternity results had been conclusive—Brooks and Graham didn’t share a father with Carson.

Tags: Dani Wade Billionaire Romance
Source: www.StudyNovels.com