Blair knelt over him. Her fingers touching, yet almost not, as they traced a line up from his ankles to the backs of his knees and then higher. Blood surged to his groin as her touch coasted up the inside of his thighs. Up and down and back again, each time moving a little higher, until goose bumps raised all over his skin anticipating her next move.

He felt the mattress shift, ever so slightly, as she moved, straddling his legs, keeping him captive, prone. He could feel her firm buttocks on the backs of his thighs, feel the heat of her core against his bare skin. It was both a torment and a pleasure.

Her touch strengthened now, deepened as she stroked the long line of muscles on either side of his spine, stopping every now and then to change her touch to that feather-soft caress that threatened to drive him crazy with want. His hands, shoved deep under his pillow, clenched into fists as he fought not to reach for her, to spin her beneath him and torture her as she now did him.

“Are you awake yet?”

The teasing note in her voice made his lips pull into a smile.

“Yes, I am awake,” he ground out through clenched teeth as her fingers tracked his spine—down, down, until she skimmed the crease of his buttocks.

He felt her weight lift from his legs.

“You’d better turn over then,” she instructed.

Draco rolled over, hissing in a breath as she wrapped her fingers around his hardened length and caressed him, her other hand reaching for the packet she’d already removed from the bedside cabinet. He nearly lost it as he watched her tear the foil open with her teeth and slide the condom from its wrapper, then meticulously slide it over him.

He reached for her hips as she rose above him, poised at his tip.

“Let me,” she whispered, placing her hands over his. “Let me look after you this time.”

He was unused to surrendering control, whether it was in the boardroom or the bedroom, but for Blair he would do this. Her heat threatened to consume him as she lowered herself to take only his tip within her body. Every instinct within him demanded he take charge, insisted he drive into her and bring them both to the shattering pleasure he knew lay in store, but he beat back the urge and forced himself to concede.

A groan broke from his throat as she tilted her hips, taking a little more of him, then more, until finally he was exactly where he wanted to be, needed to be. She clenched her inner muscles around him, holding him tight then releasing him, shifting her hips back and forth ever so slightly with each clench and release, increasing in tempo until a sheen of sweat broke out on his body and hers.

He could keep his hands from her no longer. He reached for her, his fingers closing over the small globes of her breasts, squeezing them as she thrust forward, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. And then he was lost, pleasure unleashed in waves through his body. Beyond control, he thrust upwards and was rewarded with her cry as he felt her spasm around him, again and again, her body shaking.

He supported her against his hands as she climaxed, eventually lowering her to lie over his body. Lazily he rubbed one hand up and down her back, savoring the boneless sense of completion that permeated every part of his body.

Eventually, Blair lifted herself off him and took care of the condom. A simple thing, but one no woman had ever done for him before. When she came back into the bedroom she climbed back into bed beside him and curled up against his body and Draco allowed himself to sink into sleep, secure in the knowledge she wanted him now as much as he wanted her.


Blair woke to the sound of Draco moving about the room. She kept her eyes closed and focused on keeping her breathing even. She didn’t want to face him. Not now. Not in the cold light of day. She’d agreed to one night, but, if she knew him, he’d want more. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She listened to the gentle slide of a drawer closing and then the soft sound of his bare feet on the thickly carpeted floor. She waited until the door to the bathroom was closed before opening her eyes. She wanted out of here, right now.

Yes, they’d had the most spectacular night of lovemaking of her life, but Draco would never let it stop there. Men like him wanted more. Needed more. With his position back at home he was expected to marry, to raise a family. He could never do that with someone like Blair, and she didn’t want to be that someone anyway. She didn’t have that kind of person inside her to give.

The failure with Rhys was categorical proof of that, and with her family track history—no, best not to go down that route. Besides, where would a girl like her fit in with the centuries-old traditions of Draco’s life? No, it was far, far better that she make a silent retreat here and now, before he could tempt her into wanting more—wanting him—again.