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And that’s badly.

For me.

Without any words between us, I slowly tear myself out of his arms before climbing unsteadily to my feet. Even though my heart is racing and my breathing hasn’t quite evened out, I know I’m doing the smart thing. I can’t do a hook up situation which is the only thing Roan is capable of right now. And that’s fine. I’m not judging him for it. I’m just not interested in being a one night stand.


His eyes have cleared but he hasn’t moved from where he’s sitting on my bed.

Wrapping my arms around my middle, I finally say in a voice that sounds surprisingly husky, “I think you should probably leave now.”

Something snaps in his eyes before he slowly rises to his feet. Our eyes lock and hold as he deliberately moves towards me. My breath catches because if he takes me into his arms again, I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to push him away. It feels as if it took everything I had inside to do it the first time. When our faces aren’t more than a scant inch apart, I feel his lips ghost over mine and my breath catches in my throat.

“Admit it, Ivy, it was a damn good kiss.”

Oh, there’s definitely no question about it. And I would look like a huge liar if I even tried to say differently.

“It was,” I agree softly.

Looking slightly surprised by my easy capitulation, his eyes fall to my lips. “Don’t you want more?”

The husky cadence of his voice has me biting down on my lower lip in an attempt to stifle the small whimper that is trying almost desperately to escape.

Because yeah, I do…

“Yes,” I finally admit.

Something hot flashes within those gorgeous eyes of his.

“So do I,” he pauses before saying in a gravelly voice that sounds as if it’s been roughed up with sandpaper, “and I want more than just your mouth.”

Pulling away, one hand rises so the pad of his thumb can gently caress my lower lip. His heated gaze is fixated on the leisure movement of his finger. I feel as if I’m being burned alive by the fire in his eyes.

Then his hand simply falls away. I can’t help but suck in a ragged breath hoping that maybe he’ll finally put a little distance between us and allow me some breathing room to collect my scattered thoughts, but he doesn’t. Instead, he wraps a large hand around the back of my neck before spreading his fingers wide and bringing my head forward until his lips are fused to mine.

If I were smart, I would step away from him, but I don’t. Oh no. I’m practically melting in his arms as his lips rove over mine before his tongue once again slips inside my mouth. That soft little mewling noise I was trying so very hard not to make, finally escapes. This only spurs him on because his mouth moves with more intensity as he deepens the kiss.

My fingers are just curling into the soft material of his t-shirt when he finally draws away from me. His heavy lidded eyes hold mine for just a moment before he whispers thickly, “I’ll be seeing you, Ivy.”

Releasing me, he walks out of my room without a backwards glance. I hear a few murmured words exchanged between Dylan, Lexie and him before the front door opens and closes. Then I do the only thing I can- I sink to my knees on the carpeted floor wondering how in the hell I’m going to avoid what would most likely be the hottest sex of my life.

Chapter Fifteen

There are parties going on, but no Roan King. He’s been inconspicuously absent from all the festivities. I’m starting to have withdrawals. Does anyone know where RK has been hiding himself? Update ASAP!

“So, are you going to tell me what the deal is with your family?” He slants a look in my direction before his eyes arrow back to the road in front of him.

Yeah… I probably should. I mean, in less than an hour, we’re going to be there. It’s just that… well, I’m feeling sort of conflicted. Not about my family, but about Roan. The guy has totally knocked me off balance. After sharing that totally hot kiss Monday night, I was prepared for him to come at me hard. It’s not exactly a secret that he wants to sleep with me.

But he hasn’t.

Like at all.

Here’s the bad part- I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed by his lack of pursuit. I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s not relief coursing through me.

Sure, I saw him in class on both Wednesday and Friday. And we spoke briefly. We worked together at the library on Tuesday night and then again on Friday afternoon. Our project on Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme is coming along quite nicely. The more research I pour over, the worse I feel for all those people who were scammed out of their life savings. Some of them lost everything they had, all of their retirement money.