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There’s a pause between us, and I see something pass over her eyes. But she pushes it away and then brushes her fingers across my cheek.

“This is perfect. I absolutely love it.”

“We’ll figure it out, sunshine. But for now, I want to show you the rest of the house.”

I carry her through the place, showing her all the rooms. Most of them I left unfurnished, wanting Maggie to decorate the place how she wanted. I did have some basic furniture delivered, like couches and tables. But most importantly I had the master bedroom taken care of.

When I get to the back of the house, I push open the door to our suite. The bed is gigantic and piled high with fluffy pillows and blankets. The master bath has a big shower and soaking tub for two. I wanted to be able to be with her every second, and that included tub time.

“Jesus, Eli. This is beautiful. How did you do all of this?”

“I’ve been waiting for you a long time. I had to keep myself busy.” I give her a soft kiss, but it’s Maggie who pushes for more.

Suddenly the kiss turns deeper, and she swiftly jumps and wraps her legs around my waist. I walk over to the bed, not breaking our connection, and lay her down in the middle as I climb on top of her.

“We were supposed to make dinner,” I say against her lips as I feel her hands run under my shirt.

“We’ve spent enough time in the kitchen, Eli. I want to stay in bed with you.”

The look in her eyes is hungry, and I think it may almost match my own. I want her like I’ve never wanted anything, and I’m finally able to take the forbidden fruit that’s been hanging in front of me.

“Let me love you, sunshine,” I say, taking her hands and pressing them down on the mattress. “I want to memorize every single inch of your body so when I go to sleep tonight I can dream of it while I hold you in my arms.”

“God, that’s so hot,” she says, smiling up at me. “Keep talking. I like it.”

She closes her eyes and settles into the covers like I’m about to read her a bedtime story.

“You want dirty talk or just a description?” I tease, kissing down her neck. She moans a little and leans back, giving me more of her exposed skin.

“Mmmm. Dirty,” she says, her voice turning husky with desire.

I slip my hands under her top and push it up, removing it from her body. Then my fingers go to the waistband of her shorts, and I undo them, sliding them slowly down her hips and thighs.

“I’ve waited so long to see you like this, Maggie. To have you under me in your panties, so innocent and sweet.”

I reach behind her back and undo her simple cotton bra, pulling it off her and tossing it on the floor. She’s nearly naked below me, and I can the faint tan lines around her breasts. Her pale skin is creamy and chilled with goosebumps. Her nipples are hard peaks pointing up at me and begging for my mouth to suck on them. I lean down, running my nose along the tender skin around the heavy swell of her breasts. I inhale her sweet scent and trace my tongue slowly up between them.

“Fuck, how I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” I confess, pushing her breasts together and rubbing my face between them, feeling the soft flesh against mine before taking one of her hard peaks in my mouth.

I give her one long lick and then suck on them, soft at first and then harder until she’s moaning with pleasure.

“That’s it, sweet sunshine. Let me hear those moans. Soak those little panties for me.”

I turn to her other breast and give it the same treatment—licking her first and then sucking her until she arches off the bed. Back and forth. I love her beautiful tits, and I want to make them sensitive to the touch.

“When I make love to you, I want your nipples to rub against my chest and for them to ache for me. I want you so far gone that you want me everywhere all at once.”

Her hands grip my fingers tighter as she cries out with pleasure. Her body is moving under mine more and more, and I know her arousal is heightened and building.

I move down her body slowly, kissing her stomach and sides as I go. I lick a trail to her belly button and kiss just a bit lower for a few moments. I’m savoring her skin where it’s softest, nuzzling her curves. She’s absolutely perfect, and I’m so fucking turned on by the feel of her, I’m close to losing my mind.

“One day, I’ll put my baby right here,” I say, kissing the lower part of her belly right where the top of her panties are. “One day, when I make love to you, I’ll give you my seed, and you’ll let it take root. You’ll let me breed you. Won’t you, sunshine?”

I look up at her as I slip my shirt off. Her eyes are wide with desire as she looks over my naked chest, and she nods.


Her answer is breathy and nearly choked as her hips move under me. I unbutton my jeans and kick them off, leaving me in only my boxer briefs. I reach down inside them and give my cock a few strokes before I move down between her legs and lick my lips.

“I want to kiss this sweet pussy I’ve been dreaming about for longer than I should have been. You want me to?”

“Oh God, Eli. I’m so… No. Yes. Wait. I don’t know.” Her hands go to her pussy, and she tries to cover her panties.

“Shhh. Just relax. I’ll make sure you like it.” I kiss her fingers and slowly push them to the side.

I press my mouth to her panty-covered pussy and lick the wet spot there. The taste of her arousal hits my tongue, and I can only imagine it’s like when a shark can smell blood. The immediate need I have for her pushes through every sane thought in my head, and I pull her panties to the side and cover her cunt with my mouth.

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