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I’m not sure what Charles is playing at, but what does it hurt to enjoy it for a little while? I want to take something for myself. I’ve spent a large chunk of my life meeting other people's needs and doing what needed to be done for others. I put myself to the back of the line, but right now, if I let myself, I could taste something I really want.

“Open your legs, kitten.”

I spread my legs wide, and I watch as Charles removes my heels, placing them on the floor. Circling to the back of the bed, his eyes never leave my body. I feel like he’s devouring me as he stares at me hungrily.

He reaches for one of the cuffs and secures my wrists to the bed. “When I’m not in the bed with you, you’ll be cuffed to it. If for some reason we go to bed at different times, I want to know your body is ready and waiting for me when I join you. Once I’m in the bed with you, you won't need to be cuffed because you’ll have me locked around you.” I feel moisture flood my pussy as he spreads my legs further apart, cuffing them too. He hasn't even really touched me yet. I think he could send me over with the slightest tap.

When he starts to walk away from the bed, I bite my tongue from calling out his name. Is he leaving me like this? I shift, trying to ease the pulse I feel in my clit, but it seems like the longer my legs are spread, the worse it gets. I have no way to stop it—only Charles can. His words about me begging for it flash through my mind, and I’m reminded of how wrong I really was.

I hear shuffling around, and then he’s back in my view, holding a black box in his hand. He stands beside the bed and opens the box to reveal a delicate necklace. It looks like a chain of rubies with a small cluster of diamonds set along every inch. There’s a large diamond set in a buckle at the front, and the clasp at the rear looks to be almost sturdy. He takes the necklace out of the box and crawls onto the bed. Straddling me, he leans over and puts it around my neck, leaving the buckle lying against my throat. I feel the weight of it around my neck, and I hear a click as he stares into my eyes. It’s a powerful moment. I can almost feel tension leave his body at the sound of the click.

“Your collar is now locked around your neck, and the only thing that can unlock it is the key I have around mine.” He reaches into his shirt and pulls a small key on a long platinum chain. I watch as he kisses it and puts it back under his shirt. “Now, kitten, it’s time for me to play with my prize.”



“I think it’s time for a kiss, don’t you?”

She looks at me and raises an eyebrow, like she can’t believe I’m serious. I give her a wicked smile and move down her body.

“Where are you going?” Her voice sounds almost panicked. When I said I wanted a kiss, I didn’t say where.

Reaching up, I take off my devil horns and throw them to the floor. I’m still fully dressed, so I back off the end of the bed and get undressed. I slowly remove my suit jacket and throw it on the chaise beside the bed. She watches me with wide eyes as I unbutton my dress shirt and remove it. I unbuckle my belt. I see her lick her lips again and it makes my cock ache for her mouth. I take off my shoes, socks, and slacks, I’m left standing in a white undershirt and black boxer briefs. My cock is so fucking hard, it’s nearly creeping out of the bottom of my underwear and down my thigh. I reach behind my neck, grabbing my undershirt and pulling it off in one quick move. I think for just a second about taking off my boxers, but if I do that, this will all be over. Fast.

Mandy never takes her eyes off me as I stand at the end of the bed, staring at her body. She’s stretched out perfectly on the king-size bed, allowing me to see every inch of her gorgeous body. I want to climb on top of her and fuck her so hard, but more than that, I want her to beg.

The cool chain of her key around my neck is a gentle reminder that she’s mine. She may think it’s only for the next thirty days, but I don’t plan on ever releasing her. One thing Mandy doesn’t know is that this isn’t a sprint for me, it’s a marathon. I plan on taking my time with her and savoring every minute we are together, and right now, there is something very sweet on her body I need to savor.

Climbing onto the bed, I move between her legs, leaning down slowly. I don’t break eye contact with her as I pull her panties to the side and press an open-mouthed kiss on her pussy lips. Her eyes close tightly at the contact, and that just won’t do.

“Eyes on me, kitten.” When she opens her beautiful dark eyes, I can see the need in them. She’s already close to the edge after everything that’s happened tonight. “I want you to lie back and look up. Watch me love this sweet pussy.”

I see her eyes travel up to the mirror on the ceiling, and I watch as she takes a breath and moans slightly. I had this installed so she could see me on top of her body. I want her eyes always focused on us. I want her to see our bodies intertwined, and I want to show her how fucking beautiful she is as she comes undone. I want the images of us burned into her brain so that every time the idea of leaving me crosses her mind, a picture of her cuffed to our bed while I eat her pussy comes to mind.

I lick my lips and lean back down, roughly kissing her sweet cunt. I don’t want to tease her too much right now. I’ll save that for later when she’s being punished, because at some point she’s going to need to be punished.

Her pussy is warm and sugary and she tastes like honey. I moan at the flavor, my mouth watering with every lick. It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted, and the more I have of her, the more I want her. I close my eyes as I savor it, keeping my lips close to her cunt. It’s better than I dreamed possible.