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I hear Mandy moaning, and her hips move with the rhythm of my mouth. I look up and see her staring at the mirror, watching me. It turns me on even more. I grind my erection into the bed, but I won’t let myself cum. I’ve been saving it for over a month, since that night she was so frustrated and couldn’t get off. I’ll wait until I get inside her, and then I’ll let myself do it. Until then, this is all for her pleasure.

She’s pulling at her cuffs, and her cries of desire are growing louder. “That’s it, kitten. Let me hear how good it is.”

“Oh God, please.”

“Say my name, kitten.” I lean down, nibbling her clit, and she lets out a small cry.

“Charles!” she shouts, and I smile against her cunt.

I suck her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue over and over as she shouts into the empty room. Her hips buck off the bed, and I grab them with both hands, pinning her down as I continue to flick her sweet button.

“Yes, please, Charles, please!”

Just as she’s about to cum, I lean back, taking my mouth away, and slap her clit with the flat of my fingers. Her back bows off the bed, and she throws her head back, her mouth wide open as she screams her release.

Her orgasm is fierce as it grips her, and she pulls against all four cuffs, trying to somehow control the pleasure rocketing through her veins. As the echoes of her cries bounce off the wall, I put my mouth back on her and suck the rest of her orgasm from her. I taste her sweetness as it runs from her body, her pleasure hitting my tongue and making me fight to keep from cumming.

Feeling her cum against my face is pure heaven, and I lie there, enjoying it. I pull away just a little and rest my cheek on the inside of her thigh, rubbing my face on her soft skin there. I look at her pretty pink cunt and think about how badly I want to fuck her. But I’ll wait. Now she knows the orgasm I’m capable of giving her, and I want her addicted to that intensity. I want her to think about it non-stop, so that the next time she wants to get off, she remembers this and begs for it. Begs for my cock to give it to her.

Kissing her pussy one last time, I pull her tiny thong back over her cunt, covering her up as much as possible. I sit up and go to her ankles, taking the cuffs off and rubbing the skin there to make sure everything is okay.

“What about you?”

Mandy’s voice sounds exhausted, and I smile. I doubt she could do much right now but lie here. Although, at this point, I’m so fucking hard she could blow across the tip and I would cum.

“Not tonight, kitten.” Before I uncuff her wrists, I climb back on top of her and get close to her. She smiles shyly at me, and I see a blush creep across her cheeks. It’s so fucking innocent and adorable, and it makes our first real kiss that much sweeter. Leaning down, I close my eyes and press my lips to hers. She’s tentative at first, but when my tongue touches hers, the flavor of her pussy combines with the taste of her kiss. It’s then I know what heaven is.

I want our kiss to go on forever, but I want to hold her too. Reluctantly, I pull away and move to the head of the bed, uncuffing one wrist, and then the other. Rubbing the delicate skin there, I check to make sure she’s totally unmarked.

“That looks pretty painful.”

She looks down at my cock being strangled in my underwear. Normally they aren’t this tight, but the monster has nowhere to go. I crawl in beside her and pull her to me, spooning behind her, and letting her rest her head on my arm. She fits perfectly against me, every line of her body mirroring my own. It’s as if she was made for me.

“The next time I cum, kitten, it will be inside your little cunt.”

I lean down, kissing her neck and shoulder, and I feel her shiver with desire. My words are dirty, but I know she likes them. I run my tongue down her shoulder blade, kissing her gently. She pushes her ass against my cock, and I grip her hip tightly.

“Do I need to cuff you while you sleep to stop you teasing me?”

“I believe your mouth was the one starting trouble, Sir.”

Hearing her call me ‘sir’ has me flipping her onto her back. I crawl on top of her and grabbing both her wrists. I pin them above her head and push my covered cock hard against her pussy, letting her feel how hard I am.

“You use that name again, it better be when you beg me to fuck you. Are we clear, kitten?”

Her eyes are wide with shock, but she nods her head, letting me know she understands what I’m saying. I lean down and softly kiss her lips, tasting her sweetness once more.

‘Get some sleep. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

I roll off her and spoon her body once again, holding her close to me, thinking about how perfect this moment is. I don’t want it to end.

When I wake up, I’m nearly on top of Mandy, my arms and legs are wrapped around her so tightly. It’s as if my subconscious was afraid she would escape in the night so I made sure not to let her go. I detangle myself from her sleeping body as gently as possible. I want to let her sleep a little longer, and I want to take care of a couple of things before she wakes up.

Going to the kitchen, I open the fridge and see Cupid took care of stocking it. I take out everything I need to make a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs, and I get to work. As the breakfast is cooking, I go to the other room and make sure everything is set up, coming back to turn on the coffee pot. Once that’s finished I make it exactly how she likes it and set everything up at the table.

Going back to the bedroom, I walk in and see Mandy sitting up in bed, a sheet held to her chest, trying to cover herself up. Her look of confusion turns to a look of relief when she sees me. I go over to the side of the bed and sit on the edge beside her.