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She makes some sort of sound that I think is supposed to be “okay”, and then she drifts off to sleep. I sit there watching her for just another minute before I head to the bathroom.

This is going to have to be a fucking cold shower to get my cock to go down.



A soft ding pulls me from a deep sleep. Rolling over, I open one eye and see a phone lying on the bed next to me. Picking it up, I see a text notification. I slide my finger across the screen to see a text from ‘Sir’ is there.

Sir: Rise and shine, little kitten. Cupid is waiting in the living room. Dress before leaving the room, and make sure your hair is up. See you soon. Yours.

Biting my lip, I stare at the screen, debating whether or not to respond. Before I can decide, another message pops up.

Sir: Always respond to my messages or I'll punish you.

Hmm. If he has to punish me, does that mean he’ll come back to the room? While I’m still unsure about Charles, I’m very sure I like what he does to my body. Looking through the emojis, I find one of a cat sticking its tongue out, and I send it.

I find myself just staring at the phone, waiting for him to respond. When it dings, I feel my heart jump in my chest.

Sir: You’ll be using your tongue soon enough. Out of bed.

I smile and drop the phone down next to me. Looking up, I stare at myself in the mirror above the bed. My body warms when I think of the last time I looked up into the mirror. Charles’s head was between my legs, giving me the greatest pleasure I’d ever felt in my life.

He went at my pussy like he’d gone at my mouth that night in the bar. Like he was starved for me, as if he couldn't get the taste of me deep enough into his mouth.

I open my legs wider and slide my hand down between them. Closing my eyes, I think about last night, his tongue between my folds, sucking me into his mouth. My wet pussy clenches, and I feel my clit grow harder.

I stroke myself faster, right on the edge. I hear Charles’s voice saying “say my name, kitten”, and I cum. His name slips from my mouth like he's really here commanding me. My orgasm pulses through my body, and it feels almost as if he’s here with me. I’ve never been able to get myself off, and it’s not for lack of trying, but it seems Charles has opened up another part of me. It’s frightening how quickly he’s getting my walls to crumble, like they’re nothing more than a house of cards.

Opening my eyes, I stare up at myself. I look well used. I’ve never studied myself before, but laid out on Charles’s bed I see myself as I am now: naked, lipstick smudges around my mouth, my hair tumbling free, a collar decorating my neck, showing his possession of me…I look wild and sexy. Against the red sheets, I can’t help but think that the devil did get me to succumb to him last night. My innocence might still be intact, but I don’t think that will last much longer.

Pulling myself from the bed, I make quick work of showering and performing my normal routine. I notice the bathroom is stocked to accommodate my needs. It makes me smile, but then the thought that he does this with all his submissives makes a cramp hit my stomach.

“Get it together, Mandy,” I say to myself in the mirror. After last night I told myself I was done fighting this. I’m not sure why Charles bought me, but I entered the auction for me. I loved last night, and I want to do it again and again. I want to spend the next twenty-nine days in an orgasm-filled haze. It’s clear Charles has opened up something inside me that wants out, and even more importantly, I want it out too.

I told myself this adventure would be about me. Whatever is going on between Charles and the Cortez brothers is between them. Maybe he’s using me for something, but why can't I use him back? I want to open up the floodgates to all my desires and let my sex-starved body loose on him. Last night he made me crave things I had no idea my body wanted. I wonder how much more he could show me while I’m here.

I could walk away from this with a better understanding of who I am and what I want. It’s already clear that I like him taking charge of me and telling me what to do. The idea of not having anything to be in charge of, not having to make sure people stay on schedule, is new to me. I have a rare opportunity to just let it all go.

Pulling my wet hair up into a tight bun, I make my way back to the bedroom. I find my bag sitting next to the bedroom door. I locate my white halter dress inside, and I slip it on, working the zipper up in the back the best I can. I can't help myself; I picked this dress so I could wear the heels from last night. I wonder when I have to return them. Maybe Samantha will let me buy them.

Strapping them on, I look around the room for my purse. When I have no luck, I grab the phone off the bed, and a twinge of disappointment hits me when I see I don’t have a message.

Me: Do you know where my purse is?

Charles responded instantly.

Sir: You don’t need it.

Me: Half my life is in that purse.

Sir: That’s strange because I’m your whole life, and I’m pretty sure half of me isn't in your purse.

I can’t help but roll my eyes, even though my stomach flutters as I read it.

Sir: Don’t roll your eyes at me, kitten. You’re already in trouble as it is.

“What the hell?” Does he really know me that well? I guess I did spend a big portion of the time I worked for him rolling my eyes. It was a lucky guess.

Me: What did I do? Besides be a perfect angel, that is.

Sir: You know.

I can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong. When he left me he had the biggest smile on his face. And I responded to his text message like he asked.