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“I just wanted to catch you before you knocked off for the day. The Cortez brothers have requested a meeting with you and Miss Burch to check on things.”

I grit my teeth. After a moment I take a breath and answer evenly. “They can see her at the end of the thirty days. I want the time I paid for. She’s exclusively mine until that period is up. They should know better than anyone how important that is.”

“I’ll inform them.”

The elevator doors open, and I exit. Before the doors close, I turn back to Cupid. “I’m taking the rest of the day and tomorrow off. See that we aren’t disturbed.”

“Yes, Mr. Townsend.” I see his head bow slightly, and just as the doors close I catch his grin. I don’t care if the whole world knows I’m about to fuck Mandy. She’s mine, and the more people who know it, the better.

I punch in my code and enter. I go over to the kitchen and pull a bottle of champagne out of the chiller and grab a few things from the fridge. I want to make this moment with her special.

I bring them with me to the bedroom and set everything up quietly while Mandy sleeps. The cuff I put on her wrist was loose enough that she could roll around in bed but not leave it. I wanted her to be comfortable, but also recognize that she is bound to what I want.

After getting everything in place, I go to the bed and take off her cuff. Crawling over her, I start kissing her neck. She moans slightly at the warm contact, and I kiss lower down her chest, down to her breasts. I give one nipple a long lick, and then suck it into my mouth, trying to get as much of her into my mouth as possible. When I’ve feasted on one, I move to the other, loving it the same way.

I feel one of Mandy’s hands tunnel through my hair and hold me to her. She moving under me, and I can feel how her warm soft body searches for mine. Releasing her nipple with a pop, I look up and see her sleepy eyes staring at me. She’s got a smile on her face that looks so content and happy I want it to be there forever.

“I believe you’re naked, Sir.” She moves her long legs, wrapping them around my waist, pulling me closer to her warmth.

Hearing her call me that makes everything in me want to explode. Especially my dick. I’m pressed against her wet heat, and all I want to do is to thrust inside her, hard and deep. But I want her begging me.

“I wanted to feel you under me, kitten. Skin on skin.”

I know she’s on the pill and has a clean bill of health. Every auction participant is tested, no exceptions. Something inside me ticks at her being on the pill. It’s not that I want kids right this minute, but I would like to have them someday. I already know that I’m never letting her go, and I want a family with Mandy. I want to make a life and babies with her, but I can’t tell her this because right now I’m trying to play it cool. I’m doing a terrible job at it, but I’m sure confessing my need to impregnate her might scare her off.

She reaches up, putting her arms around my neck, so her whole body is wrapped around mine. Looking up to me with big eyes, she whispers, “Please.”

“Not good enough,” I whisper back, burying my face in her neck and licking her there. I make my point clearer by thrusting against her, rubbing my naked cock across her clit.

She moans loudly, and I lick down her chest again. I thrust against her once more, my slide slick with her cream. She’s turned on from all our teasing and I can feel her heat begging me to enter.

I slide back down and move my hips so that the tip of my cock rests at her opening. I leave it there and just kiss her cunt with the cum-covered tip.

I’ve been without an orgasm for so long that it takes everything in me not to cum just from this gentle touch. But I fight my body and hold off, not wanting to let it go yet. Feeling her pussy greedily pulsing around my head, I stay still and let her squirm under me as I bite her nipple.

“Please!” Mandy shouts, and I smile against her breast.

Moving to her other nipple, I leave my cock in place and hold her hips as she tries to take more of me inside her. I give her other nipple the same treatment, licking her, and then biting.

“Please, Sir. Please, I need you. I’ll beg, I’ll do anything. I’m sorry. Please.”

I grab her wrists, pinning them above her head and hold them there with one hand. “Oh, kitten. You beg so prettily.” I kiss her lips gently, and then smile down at her. “If this is what you want, then this is what you’ll have.”

I thrust hard inside her, giving her all ten inches of me at once. I’m all the way in, buried to the root, when Mandy lets out a cry of pain, and I start to cum.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.” I choke out the words as my cock empties inside of her. I feel my body shaking as my orgasm starts, and I can’t pull out of her.

She has a pained look on her face, and I see a tear slip down her cheek. I hold her face as I try to catch my breath. I can’t control my body, and I just keep cumming inside her. Months of pent-up longing is released, and my body isn’t my own as it goes on and on. I can’t move out of her, and I can’t stop, so she just lies there and tries to breathe through the pain.

“So. Sorry.” My words are said through gritted teeth, and I feel myself starting to cum again. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m having another orgasm. Her pussy is the tightest thing I’ve ever felt, and it’s pulling every drop inside me into her body.

Mandy bites her bottom lip and closes her eyes tightly. I lean down, kissing her tears away as my body finally seems to come down from another peak.