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I stare up into the mirror above the bed, watching his big body move over mine. I’m sprawled out for the taking, just how we both like it.

“You’d never stop fucking me. I don’t think that thing goes down.”

“You’re right. I’d fuck my little kitten to death.” He nibbles at my neck as his thrusts grow more forceful. I can’t stop staring at him in the mirror. His ass clenches with each full thrust, like he can’t get himself deep enough inside me.

“You’re going to come for me again.” My body seems to do whatever he commands, something I’ve come to accept over the past few weeks. He has more control over my body than I do— it does whatever he wants it to, even if I try to fight it.

“I don’t think I can.”

“You’ll do as you’re told.” He slips one hand between us and strokes my clit in time with his thrusts. Using his other hand, he braces himself over me, drawing my eyes to his. The intensity of his gaze throws me over, and once again my body is a slave to his demands. I toss my head back, moaning out his name and giving him the orgasm he craves.

“Gets me every time,” he grunts, still staring down at me while thrusting his warm cum into me. “Nothing is hotter than watching you get off.” He takes my mouth in a slow sweet kiss before he pulls out of me, letting his cum slip from my body.

“How about the time I stripped naked and crawled over to you and gave you a blowjob when you were on that Skype conference call?” I smile just thinking about that day. I had met up with Tiffany for lunch and she taught me some of her moves.

When I was done I sneaked into Charles’s office when I knew he was going to be on a call. I did a little striptease before crawling over to him and maneuvering myself under his desk. I sucked his cock until he came, hearing the laptop slam closed at the same time he filled my mouth. Needless to say I learned what a spanking was that day. I also noticed he seemed more excited about my lunch dates with Tiffany after that.

“You want another spanking?” he teases, biting one of my nipples, making me jerk against the cuffs.

Reaching up, he uncuffs my arms and legs. Before I can get my bearings, he lifts me, throwing me over his shoulder and heads to the bathroom.

I learned to stop protesting his carrying me around about a week into our relationship. Relationship. This is what we are. I’m here under contract, but what will happen after that? I know it won’t be the end. He said everything was about me, that he has wanted me for so long.

I push the stupid thoughts from my head. It just a matter of figuring out where we go from here, not if we are going to be together. I know for him I’m different than anyone else. He hasn’t told me he loves me, but it shows in everything he does for me. He was right when he said I might be at his knees, but I’m the one in control.

After he places me in the shower, we start washing each other like we do most mornings.

I go to reach for his cock, and he grabs my wrist, bringing it to his mouth and kissing it. “Hands, kitten. I have plans for us today, and I already put us behind.”

“No work today?” I ask, a little surprised. Most mornings Charles still goes to work, but he doesn’t spend long hours there like he used to before. We go out together or hole up in our room together. But one thing I’ve noticed is, I don’t hate going to work with him.

Somedays I do odd things around the casino, or hang out with Tiff, or go to the spa. Other days I spend in his office, helping him with stuff or just lying around reading. I love this. It’s like I’ve slowed down and started to enjoy life. I’m no longer pushing through each day, trying to get as much done as possible, only to get up the next morning and do it again. This was the never-ending cycle I had let myself fall into when I worked for the Cortez brothers. I never thought I was unhappy there, but now I’m starting to think that maybe I was just content. I didn’t know any better.

“Nope, I have a special day planned for us.”

I make quick work of my morning routine, excited to see what he has planned today.

I pick up the clothes he has laid out for me on the bed and hold them up questioningly.

“Don’t these count at some kind of underwear?” I swing a pair of bikini bottoms around on one finger.

“You won’t be wearing them for long.”

I smile at his words. I slip on the skimpy garment and tie on the matching top. Charles comes over and helps me tie it around the neck, and then hands me a sundress.

“You aren’t walking around in just a bikini.”

I roll my eyes behind his back, even though I eat up his jealously about me. I put on some cream wedges to match the blue dress and I’m ready to go.

“Hair,” he says from behind me, reaching around me to give me a hair tie. I make a little huffing noise like I’m irritated, but he just nibbles and bites my earlobe softly, making me yelp out.

I’m used to my hair being up, and I mostly like it that way. At first I didn’t question why Charles would randomly ask me to pull up my hair. One day, when I finally asked, he told me he didn’t like others seeing it down. It was just for him. Enticing was the word he used. It was too enticing. How could I say no to that? That he was worried that someone would want to steal me from him because of my hair.

Pulling it up, I grab my phone off the table, but he grabs it from me, putting it back and dropping his next to it.

“No phones today. It’s just you and me.”