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“Fine, but if your water breaks while I’m fucking you and spanking your cunt, you can explain it to everyone.”

I thrust hard and pull out all the way, smacking her pussy with the flat of my hand. Quickly, I thrust back inside her, fucking her hard a few times before pulling out and smacking it again. After the third smack I pull out and move down her body, sucking her cunt and tasting her sweetness.

“More, Sir. More. Fuck me.”

Her pregnancy hormones have been off the charts, and her body is always ready. When we fuck, she wants it all, and I let her have what she wants like always.

Moving back up, I press my cock to her opening and thrust hard while I rub her clit. “You know I need the taste of pussy on my face when I cum.”

“Kiss me,” she says, wanting to taste it too.

I lean over her swollen belly and press my lips to hers, sharing her honey. “Your pussy is sweeter when you’re pregnant. I think we should keep you this way.” Mandy throws her head back, moaning at my words, and I sit up, rubbing her clit until she starts pulsing around my cock. “That’s it, kitten. Give me everything.”

Her body tenses and she pulls at her cuffs, cumming hard and long. She shouts out my name, and seeing her in all her beauty sends me over the edge. As I cum with her, I can’t help but think about how gorgeous she is right now, round with my child and lost in pleasure. She gets more beautiful with every day that passes, and seeing her like this is pure paradise.

She lies there, trying to catch her breath, and she looks up at me and smiles. “Again, Sir.”

Goddamn, I’m a lucky devil.