“Well, just not with sharp instruments,” I add to pull us out of this moment.

“I didn’t stab you just now, did I?”

She pushes the shirt off my shoulders. I slip my arms out of it.

No, but I wish I could stick you with something long and hard.

I watch her walk to the table and pick up a vest.

“No, but the night’s still young,” I tease her with her earlier words.

She walks back over to me and hands me the vest. I slip it on.

I like this. I like getting along with her about as much as I like arguing with her.

The sick part of me wants to piss her off again though. I have visions of having angry sex with her. I bet angry sex with Pins would blow my mind.

She fits up the vest and then the jacket, and I stand there like a good boy while she does.

“There. All done.” She walks around behind me and slips the jacket off my shoulders.

I find I’m disappointed that we’re finished.

I’m just about to offer her a drink when my cell starts to ring. I walk over to get it and see it’s Brandon calling.

The guy is an amazing director, but fuck, he’s a needy bastard. Every I has to be dotted and every T crossed. I like things to be thorough, but he’s a step above me.

We spent all afternoon running lines for tomorrow. And, honestly, I’m tired. I just want to sleep, so I can be ready for filming tomorrow.

And I want to have a drink with Pins.

And not fuck her.

Or maybe fuck her.

“Hey, Brandon,” I answer.

“Vaughn, have you got a few minutes? I just need to go over some stuff for tomorrow.”

I hold back a sigh. “Sure, just hang on a minute.” I cover the phone with my hand and turn to Pins.

She already has the stuff packed up and in her hands, ready to go.

Can’t say I’m not disappointed.

“Sorry, it’s Brandon. I have to take this.”

“It’s fine. We’re done anyway.”

She’s heading for the door. I follow her.

She stops by the door and turns to me. “Thanks for letting me come here to finish up.”

“No problem. And, hey, you got through it without maiming me.” I grin.

“Shocking, I know.” She flashes her gorgeous eyes at me.

“How are you getting to your hotel?”

“Alex said something about a car, but I can take a cab.”

“No, take my car. I’ll just call to sort it out.”

“It’s fine, honestly,” she starts.

I wave her off.

“Brandon, give me a few, and I’ll call you back.” I hang up with him and call my driver, who is also my bodyguard. “Aiden,” I say when he picks up, “I need you to give someone a ride back to her hotel. Her name is Pins.”

I see her roll her eyes, and it sends a thrill through me.

“Pins? Are you serious?” he says in that deep voice of his.

“No, her name is Charly.”

“Cool. Is she leaving now?”


“Tell her I’ll be in front of the hotel in five.”

“Thanks, Aiden.” I hang up. “My driver, Aiden, will be up front in five to take you home.”

“Thanks.” She smiles. “It’s really nice of you.”

“I’m a nice guy.” I lean my shoulder against the wall.

“Yeah, sometimes.”

I give her an affronted look, and she laughs.

She opens the door, and I follow her through it.

“So”—she’s backing away—“I’ll see you later.”

“Are you on set tomorrow?”


“Then, I’ll probably see you tomorrow.”

She smiles, and my insides heat.

“See you, West.” She turns and starts to walk toward the elevator.

“See you, Pins.”

I see her head shake, and I laugh.

I step back inside and shut the door.

I like Pins. I really like her. She’s hot and cool and witty. And nothing like the women I usually spend time with. I should ask her to dinner…and then fuck her.

My phone starts to ring in my hand.


Jesus Christ. Can’t a guy get a minute’s peace while he thinks about the woman he wants to fuck but is trying not to?

I answer the call, putting the phone to my ear. “Jack, can I call you back? I’ve got to call Brandon.”

“What were you doing with a woman in your hotel room?”

“What the hell?” I suspiciously glance around the room. “Have you got a spy cam in my room?”

“No, you idiot. I just spoke to Alex, and he said you were busy with someone called Charly. And I’m guessing he didn’t mean a man.”

I sigh. “She’s the wardrobe assistant on the film. She came to fit some clothes for tomorrow. For fuck’s sake, Jack. I’m not a kid. I can keep my pecker in check.” Mostly.

“Yeah, well, it doesn’t hurt to remind you of it. You need to keep it zipped up while you’re making this film. You don’t need another scandal taking the attention of your career back to who you’re screwing.”

“We don’t need to have this conversation again, Jack. I’m going. I need to call Brandon back.” I hang up the phone and sigh.

Well, if that wasn’t just the motherfucking reminder that I need to stay away from Pins.

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