“Vanilla,” I pant. “Raspberry shampoo. Vanilla body wash.”

“Mmm. I like it.” He moves down my body, giving a kiss to the valley of my breasts and then one on the skin of my stomach where my tank has ridden up.

On his knees, he puts his hands on my thighs. Then, he puts his face between my legs and inhales, making me squirm. “But you smell even better here.”

Holy God.

He runs his nose up and down the seam of my boy shorts before pressing it against my clit, making me gasp with need.

“You like that?”

“God, yes.” I slide my fingers into his hair, gripping the strands. My legs are shifting restlessly on the bed. I need him to touch me.

He climbs up my body and kisses me, deep and hard. He pulls back and looks into my eyes.

I know I must look wild-eyed and wanton. I’m so turned on, it’s not even funny.

“You’re so fucking hot, Pins.”

He touches his thumb to my mouth, rubbing it over my lips. I catch hold of it with my teeth. Then, I suck it into my mouth, not breaking eye contact with him. His eyes flare with lust, and I see the exact moment when his patience snaps.

“I need to taste you. Now.”

He’s moving back down my body, and I’m shivering with need.

He gets to his knees, fingers hooking into my shorts and panties. I lift my ass, and he pulls them off together. Then, I move my legs, so he can get them off. He tosses them aside and stares down at me.

He looks like a god up there. An impossibly beautiful god that no woman could ever deserve.

And he’s about to go down on me.

Whatever I did in a former life or this one to deserve this, thank you, Jesus. Thank you!

I’m also thanking the heavens that I shaved yesterday, leaving a little landing strip, and showered before getting ready for bed.

But what if Vaughn likes his women completely bare down there?

“I haven’t seen this in a long time.”

My vagina? When has he seen it previously?

He runs his finger over the little bit of hair on my folds.


“You don’t like?” I ask, feeling a little self-conscious.

That vanishes when his eyes meet mine. The desire in them is evident, and it makes my belly clench tight.

“Oh, I like it all right. I like it a lot. It’s good to see a real woman for once.”

I have no idea what that means, but he likes it. I lose all train of thought when he goes down, parting me with his fingers and running his tongue up my pussy to my clit.

“Ohmigod!” My legs try to come up, but he holds my thighs down with his hands, and then his tongue goes to town on me.

He’s licking my clit, fucking me with his tongue, and it’s amazing. Otherworldly. Like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

My hands are curled into the bedsheet, my toes digging into the mattress.

It’s been so long since I came at the hands—well, in this case, at the mouth of a man. And this is Vaughn West in between my legs. The chances of me not coming in less than thirty seconds will be a fucking miracle.

“Oh, Jesus…Vaughn…that’s so good. God, don’t stop. I’m so close…so close…fuuck!”

And I come like a rocket shooting off into space. And then I come some more, his tongue relentlessly licking me, wringing me dry, until I sag into the bed, spent.

He promised oblivion. Oblivion, he gave.

I’m dying. And I’m dying a happy girl.

Vaughn kisses his way up my body, his hand pushing up my tank. I feel his mouth come down and suck around my nipple.

“Mmm,” I moan, sliding my fingers into his hair, opening my eyes.

Okay, so apparently, I’m easily brought back to life.

He gets to his knees, straddling my stomach, and pulls my tank up. I lift myself to allow it over my head.

I lie back down and get a good view of his erection straining against his jeans. I reach out and press my hand to it. Curling my fingers around, I squeeze gently.

Vaughn moans, his eyes closing.

“You’re still fully dressed,” I say, moving my hand up and down.

His eyes flash open. His sweater is off a second later.

My hands go to his button and zipper, pulling it down. I tug on the waistband.

Vaughn gets to his feet, which are nicely bare.

Is it odd that I like the fact that he doesn’t wear socks with his sneakers?

Standing between my legs, he puts his hands in his jeans pockets, takes his phone and wallet out, and tosses them on the nightstand.

He takes his jeans off.

And then he’s naked.

Of course I’ve seen Vaughn naked before. Earlier today, on set.

But this is different. One thing, I’m getting an unprecedented view of his cock. And what a cock it is. Thick and long, straining upward. And so ready for me.

I get a thrill, knowing that I’ve made him this hard. That he wants me this badly.

He’s so ripped. A six-pack and that deep-cut V that makes girls like me lose their panties.

I sit up and run my fingers over his abs. Then, lower, I run them over his stomach, not far from his cock.

I hear him suck in a breath, and it makes me smile.

Moving my fingers down his stomach, I trail them over his cock, tracing the veins running through it with my fingertips.

His hand goes to the back of my head. Fingers gripping my hair, he tips my head back, so I’m staring up into his blazing eyes.

“Which one did I get?” I ask, running a finger over his balls.

His lips lift at the corner. “The right one.”

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