He’s here. What’s he doing here? And why did he just smile at me and walk away?

“Was that Vaughn?” Ava asks in my ear.

Dragging my eyes from where he was, I turn back to her. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Makes sense with all the squealing that went on. Is it sad that I’m not excited he’s here?” She giggles. I think the drinks are going to her head. “I mean, I see him at work every day, so it’s not as exciting anymore.”

“No,” I say. “I get what you mean.”

But it’s a lie because I am excited that he’s here. I could never tire of seeing Vaughn.

“I wonder who he’s with,” Logan says.

“We should find out,” Ava says. “He could be with Julian Jacob and Gabriel Evans.” Her voice goes all dreamy while saying Gabriel’s name, making my ears perk up. “They’re who he parties with now since Cain shit all over him with Piper. We should go up there, see if we can get in. You should go first, Charly.”

“Me? Why?” I feel a whip of paranoia that she knows I slept with Vaughn last night, but I quickly scrub that off, knowing I’m being stupid.

“Because you’re his dresser. You know him better than we do.”

“Um, I know him exactly the same as you do. Less because I’ve been working on set less time than you guys.”

Liar, liar pants on fire.

“Ah, come on, Charly. You’re braver than we are. There’s no way I can go up there and ask to go in, but stuff like that doesn’t bother you.”

Doesn’t it?

No, she’s right. I’m not afraid to do stuff like that usually. I’m just feeling weird that he’s here, and I’m here.

Maybe he thinks I followed him here. I mean, surely, he doesn’t because I didn’t even know he would be out tonight. But he knew I would be, and…

Hang on, when he asked, I didn’t exactly tell him the name of which bar I was going to, but I did tell him I was going to the new bar on Sunset. This is the only new bar on Sunset.

Did he come here because he knew I’d be here?

Now, I want to go up there because I want to know the answer to that question.

“Fine. I’ll see if I can get us in.” I slip off my stool, grabbing my purse and drink. I tuck my purse under my arm.

I head for the stairway, which is unsurprisingly crowded, with Ava and Logan at my heels. I have to push my way through to get up to the top, which is now roped off. It wasn’t earlier.

The power of celebrity.

There are two security men at the top, and nearby, I spot Aiden, but he’s just a little too far away for me to call to.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I smile at the security man. The huge guy makes me feel like I’m the size of a toddler.

I decide to just go with the direct approach. “Hey, I work for Vaughn West. Can you let us through?”

He stares down at me, his eyes hard. “Yeah, and I’m Barack Obama. Michelle will be along any minute now.”

I do laugh at that. “You’re a funny guy. But, seriously, I do work for Vaughn. Indirectly. On the set of his new movie. I’m his dresser.”

“She really is,” Ava pipes up behind me.

“I dress Natasha Warner,” Logan chimes in.

“Well, that’s real nice for you all. I dressed myself tonight.” He sweeps a hand down himself. “And this area is still closed off to the general public. I can’t let you through.”

He turns his back on me, which pisses me off. I’m actually considering pulling my cell out and just calling Vaughn, but then I realize, to Ava and Logan, that might look like I’m a little too familiar with him.

And, anyway, Vaughn knows I’m here. If he wanted to see me, he would have come and gotten me.

It’s not like we’re dating. He just wants to fuck me.

God, he probably doesn’t even want me up here.

Not wanting to look like a stage five clinger, I turn, ready to tell Ava and Logan that we should go back downstairs, when I hear a voice that sends tingles running through me.

“Let them through.”

I spin back around, and I’m greeted by the sight of Vaughn. Then, immediately after, there’s the deafening sound of screaming behind me.

I smile at him. He doesn’t smile back. Just looks at me like he wants to devour me whole.

I have to stop myself from visibly shivering.

The security guy unclips the rope and lets the three of us through.

“Hi,” I say to Vaughn. “Thanks for letting us in.”

He finally smiles, but it’s a secret smile. One that says he’s seen me naked and he’s thinking about getting me naked again real soon.

My stomach starts flipping around like a fish out of water.

“Yeah, thanks, Vaughn,” Ava says, glancing around like she’s looking for someone.

“Thanks, man,” Logan says to him.

“No problem,” Vaughn says, eyes on me.

“Is that Gabriel Evans?” Ava asks in that weird voice again, making me stare at her.

“Yeah, it is. You want to meet him?”

“Really? He won’t mind?” she squeaks, her face brightening.

I laugh to myself. I’ve never seen her get all fangirl over a celebrity like this before. I think someone has herself a crush.

Vaughn starts walking toward Gabriel, and we follow behind.

It’s like stepping into a whole other world.

There are quite a few people up here, some cast members and some people I don’t recognize.

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