And wasn’t that revelation earlier just a little shocker?

Since realizing how I felt about her, I kept sneaking looks at her all night to see if she looked different to me. But she just looks the same, and it makes me wonder if I’ve been in love with her all along.

“I thought we talked about this, Pins,” I say in a mock-annoyed voice. “What you saw in my parents’ living room stays in my parents’ living room.”

She giggles softly. “Sorry, West.”

“You’re forgiven. Just don’t do it again.” I kiss the top of her head, breathing in her raspberry and vanilla scent.

I don’t really care about the embarrassing story and photographs because I saw how much fun she had while hearing them and seeing the pictures. I loved making her laugh. I want to make her happy.

And, honestly, this is what I love about being home. Here, I’m just me. My sisters’ kid brother who they take the piss out of.

That’s why I made the decision to build my house here and keep Oregon as my permanent home. When you live in a place like LA, a place where people call you special, tell you that you’re a star, that you’re important, it’s easy to believe it. It’s easy to forget that you’re the same kid who dressed up as Tallulah and acted out Bugsy Malone with your older sisters. It’s easy to believe your own hype. It’s easy to forget who you really are in Hollywood.

And it’s not that I’m ungrateful for the opportunities that my profession affords me.

But the person I want to be is the person this place keeps me being.

I have a great family who treats me the same as they always have. They are the reason my feet stay firmly on the ground, where they belong.

And, despite the shit I endured a few months ago, I’ve always thought of myself as a happy guy. But I didn’t know happiness until I met Charly.

And I’ve never been more myself than I am with her.

We reach my house, and I let us in. Jester shouldn’t need to pee. He took about twenty pisses on our way over here.

Charly kicks her flip-flops off. “Mind if I go straight up?” she asks. “I’m super tired after all that food.”

“Yeah, sure, babe. I’ll just get Jester settled for the night, and I’ll be up.”

She starts up the stairs, and Jester follows her.

“Jester,” I call after him.

He stops on the stairs.

“Back down here, buddy. You know the rules.”

“Sorry, Jester,” Charly says to him. “Not my house, not my rules. But, if it were my house, I’d totally let you upstairs.”

“You’re not helping,” I tell her.

She smiles at me and then crouches down on the stairs. “Night, Jester. See you in the morning, cutie.” She kisses the top of his head and then gets to her feet, turns, and goes upstairs.

Jester sighs and then comes back down. I swear to God, he gives me a dirty look.

Jester trots into the living room, hopping up onto the sofa.

“Don’t make yourself comfy there either. You’re in the kitchen,” I tell him as I head into the kitchen, through to the utility room to get out his bed and water bowl that I keep here for him.

I set them up for him and go back into the living room to get him. “Jester,” I call.

No sign of him.

I instantly know where he is.

“Little shit,” I mutter to myself. I jog upstairs and walk into my bedroom, stopping in the doorway.

Charly is passed out on my bed, fast asleep. She didn’t even get undressed. And Jester, the sneaky little bastard, is snuggled up beside her, his head on her shoulder.

Honestly, in this moment, I wish I had my cell phone, so I could take a picture.

“You,” I whisper, pointing at Jester, “downstairs.”

Fucking dog just ignores me.

I go over to pick him up, and Charly rouses.

“Can he stay?” she mumbles sleepily, hugging Jester to her.

I stare down at Jester, giving him the evil eye. He just smugly stares back.

“Sure thing, Pins. But let’s get you undressed.”

I lift her dress up her body, and she moves, helping me get it over her head. Jester grumbles because he has to move. I actually chuckle at the cheek of the dog.

My cock hardens at the sight of her in just her pale pink lacy underwear, but it looks like he’s not getting any action tonight.

“Where are your pajamas?” I ask her.

“Bag,” she mumbles.

I dig out a pair of shorts and a tank that she’s worn to bed before. I slip the shorts up her legs, and she lifts her butt, helping me get them on her. Then, I lift her head, slipping the tank over her.

“Bra,” she says. Then, she lazily undoes it and pulls it off, giving me a great view of her fantastic tits, making my dick painfully harder.

I’m considering tugging one out when I go in the bathroom.

I help her slip her arms through the armholes, and she’s done.

I pull the duvet down from underneath her and cover her. Jester is just about to get in with her.

“You. Floor.” I point in the direction of the floor.

Jester stares at me and then slowly gets off the bed, lying down on the floor at Charly’s side of the bed. He lets out a loud sigh.

“Fucking dog.” I chuckle to myself, hitting the light, plunging us into darkness.

I make a quick trip to the bathroom, take a piss, brush my teeth, and then come back into the bedroom. I strip my clothes off, leaving just my boxers on, and I climb into bed.

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