“Vaughn, this is Ed. Ed, this is my grandson, Vaughn.”

“Nice to meet you.” He gets to his feet and shakes my hand.

Weak handshake.

I sit on the chair by my grandma.

“So, your grandmother told me that you’re an actor.”

I glance at my gran, and she’s just smiling at Ed.

I look back to Ed. “Yeah, I’m an actor.”

“What kind of actor? Theater? I used to do a little amateur theater when I was younger.”

Is he taking the piss?

“Ed doesn’t watch movies,” Gran tells me.

“Not unless they’ve got Frank Sinatra in ’em.” Ed chuckles.

Ah, okay. He doesn’t know who I am, and my gran clearly hasn’t enlightened him. I love her a little bit more in this moment. I relax a little toward him.

“So, you do movies then?”


“Interesting.” He nods and then looks off across the room.

And that’s the end of that conversation for Ed.

“So, how did you two meet?” I ask him.

“On Tinder,” my Gran says.


“Yeah, you know, the dating app that you swipe left or right on. Well, let’s just say Ed didn’t get swiped left.” She winks at him.

And I want to vomit.

Aside from the fact that my gran just winked, she’s on Tinder. I have no clue what swiping left or right has to do with anything, and I’m not sure I want to know.

But my gran is on a dating site.

What the fucking fuck?

“Gran, I know what Tinder is. But what I mean is…” I scratch my head. “Why were you on there?”

“Gosh, Vaughn, you do ask some silly questions sometimes. I was trying to find a man, of course.” She gives me a knowing look. “So, I downloaded the app onto my phone. Your mom helped me set it up. And that’s how I met Ed.”

Mom helped her set up a dating app on her phone. What planet am I on right now?


The sound of Charly’s voice from behind me is a welcome reprieve. I get to my feet.

“Ed, this is Charly, my grandson’s girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you, Ed.” Charly gives him a smile.

“You, too,” he says.

“Drink,” I say. “We’re going to the bar. You want anything?” I ask them both.

They shake their heads.

I steer Charly over to the bar.

“Ed seems nice,” Charly comments.

“He’s on Tinder,” I say.


I turn to face her. “My gran met him on Tinder. And my mom helped her set up her profile.”

She smiles wide. “Go, Grandma! Tinder, eh?”

“You know how it works?”

“Not really. Why?”

“Because my gran said something about swiping left, and then she winked, and—actually, forget it. I don’t want to know. Bartender, whiskey. Now.”


“I still can’t believe Gran is on Tinder,” I grumble as I pull my tie off, tossing it to my bedroom floor.

Charly comes over to me, pressing her hands to my chest. “I think it’s nice that she’s got someone. And she’s not on Tinder any more now that she has Ed.”

“Semantics,” I sigh.

“Your protectiveness over your gran is looking really attractive to me right now.”

“You always look attractive to me.” I take her face in my hands. “You’re beautiful,” I tell her.

Then, I do what I’ve wanted to do all night. I kiss her red lips.

One hand pushes into her hair, and the other slides down her back to her ass, pulling her toward me.

“Let me get out of this dress,” she whispers against my mouth.

“That was kind of the plan. Not that you don’t look gorgeous in that dress, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing it on my bedroom floor all day.”

She laughs softly and eases back from me. “Five minutes,” she says.

“Four, and it’s a deal.”

“Four.” She smiles, kisses me one more time, and disappears off into the bathroom.

I undress, stripping all my clothes off. I switch off the light and climb into bed to wait for her. I sit with my back against the headboard and rest my eyes.

It was a long day but a good day. I realize that I’m the only one left of my siblings who is not married and doesn’t have kids.

I think about that for a moment. What would it be like to be married and have kids? What would it be like with Charly?

I reckon it would be awesome.

And, apparently, I’ve turned into a chick, thinking about kids and marriage with the woman I’ve barely known two months.

I hear the bathroom door click open, and I open my eyes to see Charly standing in the doorway. The light from the bathroom spills out into the bedroom, shining around her.

She looks like an angel.

A purely hot-as-fuck angel that I’m going to dirty right up.

She’s wearing a white sheer lace tunic-style slip that falls off her shoulders. It barely skims the tops of her thighs, showing off those gorgeous long legs of hers. Beneath it, she’s wearing white lace panties that I plan on tearing off with my teeth. And I know for a fact that she’s not wearing a bra because I can see her nipples through the fabric.

I’m instantly as hard as a rock.

I sit up on my knees. “Come here,” I tell her.

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