She pads across the room, her breasts bouncing gently. I can’t wait to get my hands and mouth on them.

Reaching the bed, she climbs onto her knees and meets me in the middle of the bed.

“Hi,” she whispers.

“Hi yourself.” I reach out and stroke my fingers over her bare shoulder before moving them down to her chest. I run my fingertips over the tops of her breasts through the soft fabric.

“You like?” she asks quietly.

“I like.”

I circle her nipple with my finger. It hardens against my touch. Her breathing starts to change. I move my hand lower, smoothing my palm over her stomach. I cup her over her panties.

She’s soaking wet.

“You’re ready for me,” I groan.

“I’m always ready for you.”

I push her panties aside and slip a finger inside her.

“Ah,” she moans, throwing her head back.

My mouth finds her neck, and I lick a path upward. She lowers her head, bringing her mouth to mine, and she kisses me, deep and wet. Her hands clutch my hair as I fuck her with my finger, palming her with my hand, but I can’t get proper access to her clit, as these fucking panties are in the way.

“Are the panties new?” I ask.


“I’ll buy you a new pair.” Then, I tear them from her body.

“Oh God.” She shivers.

I don’t miss a beat. I keep fucking her with my finger, my palm now pressing against her clit.

She grinds down onto my hand. “Yes, Vaughn, yes,” she moans.

Her hand reaches out, taking my cock in it.

I hiss at the feel of her touching me. It always feels incredible when Charly touches me, each time seeming to get better.

She starts jacking me off. I push another finger inside her. She parts her legs wider, giving me more access. She’s absolutely soaking wet.

“I want you on my mouth,” I tell her. “Climb on my face, baby.”

I lie on my back, expecting her to crawl up, but instead, she turns around and straddles my body.

“Sixty-nine?” I say.

She grins back at me in answer.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.” I grab her ass and pull her toward my mouth. Lifting my head a little, I lick a path from her hole to her clit and then back again.

I plunge my tongue inside her at the exact same moment that she puts my cock in her mouth.

It’s like fucking heaven. Her sweet pussy in my mouth and her mouth on my cock. She sucks me hard, just like I like, jacking me with her hand as well, but then she moves her hand away and takes more of me in…nearly all of me in, deep-throating me.

“Jesus, fuck,” I groan, my eyes rolling back in my head.

I lick and tease her clit while she sucks me like a porn star.

Fuck, life is good.

I feel her legs start to tense around me, and I know she’s close.

“Come for me, baby,” I tell her.

She moans around my cock and starts to move against my tongue, grinding on my face. I grip ahold of her ass, licking her hard.

My cock falls from her mouth. “God, Vaughn…I’m gonna…I’m coming!” she cries, her trembling legs locking around my head as she comes against my mouth.

I keep licking her because I can’t stop. I can’t get enough of her.

She sags against me. “I don’t think I can again.”

“You can.” I lift her off me, putting her beside me on the bed. “I want this off.” I tug on her slip. “And then you on your back.”

I’m a bossy fuck.

But she obeys immediately.

She’s naked and waiting for me, and I am one lucky bastard.

I spread her lips open with my fingers and put my mouth back on her pussy. She moans loudly, her hips coming up off the bed. I hold her down with my hands on her thighs, and then I start fucking her with my tongue again.

I reach up, grabbing her tit in my hand. I tease her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand pushes two fingers inside her.

She’s moaning and writhing and panting beneath me, and I’m so hard, I could cut glass. My hips are pressed against the bed, trying to find some relief. I need to come so badly, but it’s more important that I get her off again. Getting Charly off is what turns me on the most.

“God, Vaughn!” she screams, coming without warning.

I ride through the orgasm with her, licking up everything she gives to me.

She sinks into the bed, her body looking relaxed, but I’m not giving her a reprieve. I need inside her tight body more than I need my next breath.

“On your knees. Now,” I command.

Her eyes open, looking at me. They’re heavy with desire.

She pushes up to a sitting position. Then, she takes hold of my face with both her hands and kisses me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Then, she lets go and turns away, getting on her hands and knees, giving me her ass.

She looks fucking perfect.

I reach for my nightstand to get a condom. I never had them in my house until Charly. I never needed them here until her.

“Wait,” she says just as I’ve gotten one from the box, staring back at me.

Wait? Is that even a word?

I look at her, confused. She moves across the bed to me.

Her hand curls around mine that has got the condom in it.

“I want to feel you inside me,” she says.

“That was the plan all along.” I grin.

“Bare,” she whispers.