And, now, I’m hard.

Just fucking great.

I curl my hand around my cock, squeezing it through my boxer shorts.

I deserve a fucking medal for stepping away from her in that moment.

Knowing that she would have let me kiss her if I’d made a move only makes it so much harder to stay away from her.

But I don’t get involved with people I work with. And I definitely do not fuck people I pay a salary to.

And I never will.

But I can fuck her in my head.

I push my boxer shorts down my ass and take hold of my aching cock.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I let my mind flood with the images of Speedy that I’ve been trying to ignore all night.

I stroke up my cock, thinking of her bending over earlier, when I could see her tits down her top.

I let that play into fantasy.

I tell her to come to me. She does willingly. She climbs onto my lap. I take her mouth in a rough kiss, tangling my fingers into her hair. Then, I pull her back and yank the front of her dress down, revealing those gorgeous tits of hers.

“Fuck,” I groan. My grip on my shaft tightens, and I start jacking it with determined strokes.

I take her tit in my mouth, sucking and biting the nipple, while I slide my hand up her thigh, reaching her pussy. She’s not wearing panties. And she’s fucking soaked.

My hand is flying up and down my cock. Harder. Faster.

I push a finger inside her, rubbing her clit with my thumb.

She moans my name.

“Get my cock out,” I tell her.

She quickly unzips me, freeing my dick. Wasting no time, I lift her up and impale her with my cock. She screams.

I start jackhammering her from beneath.


My hand can’t go fast enough.

I need to come.

Her nails dig into my shoulders. “Fuck me harder, Gabe.”


I’m fucking my fist, desperately chasing relief.

My balls tighten up, telling me I’m close.

Her tits bounce as I fuck her. She’s so fucking hot.

I grab her head and pull her mouth down onto mine.

My other hand grips my balls as I squeeze my fist tighter around my cock.

Ava. Ava. Fuck.

My cock is buried in her tight pussy, my tongue thrusting deep in her mouth.

“Mine,” I tell her.

Pleasure surges down my spine, my muscles contracting, and—

Fuck! My fucking foot!

And I’m coming in my hand. Pleasure and pain rack my body.

“Fuck,” I groan.

My foot is killing me. But, God, it was so worth it.

I take a minute to catch my breath, and then I pull my boxer shorts up and slide out of bed.

Using one crutch, I go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

I need a smoke. I always do after sex or a good jacking off. And my foot is throbbing, so I’ll grab a drink to take the edge off the pain.

Still using the one crutch, I hobble toward the kitchen.

When I push the door open, I see the utility room light is on, and the door is ajar.


I know Gucci is sleeping in there tonight, but I’m surprised that Speedy left the door open.

I flick the kitchen light on and go over to the utility room. I push the door open wider.

And there, asleep on my floor, with her head on the goat’s fluffy pink fucking bed and the goat curled up against her, is the object of my jacking-off desire.

And she’s wearing barely there pajama shorts and a tank top.

My dick instantly goes hard at the sight.

Jesus fucking Christ.

I close my eyes, pinch the bridge of my nose, and count to ten until my dick gets the message and goes down.

Then, I say her name, but she doesn’t rouse.

So, I move closer.

“Speedy,” I say a little louder.


“Why are you asleep on the floor?”

“Huh?” She blinks open her eyes and looks up at me.

I stare down at her, amused. “Do you not like the bed I gave you to sleep in?”

“Oh. No. I mean, yes, of course I do.” She sits up and rubs her eyes, and the goat is immediately awake. “Gucci wouldn’t settle when I tried to put her to bed. So, I came to lie down with her to get her to sleep. She’s used to sleeping with me. I must have fallen asleep.”

“You let the goat sleep in your bed?”

“Yeah. Of course I do.”

I have nothing. So, I say nothing.

And then my eyes make the mistake of going lower, and, Christ al-fucking-mighty, I can see her nipples through her top.

“Well, you can’t sleep here. Let’s get you to bed.”

I put my hand out to her, but she ignores it.

“If I leave her, she’ll cry.”

“And then she’ll go to sleep when she’s done crying.”

She narrows her eyes at me. “I’m not doing that. That would be cruel.”

“No, it would be called the goat doing as it’s told.”

“Stop being horrible. And she’s not called goat; she’s called Gucci.”

She folds her arms over her tits, and for once, I’m relieved because she’s covering those goddamn nipples up.

“Anyway, how does where I sleep affect you?”

My stare darkens. “It doesn’t. Sleep there for all I care. But, when you wake up, stiff as fuck, don’t come crying to me.”

I make it as far as the door before the guilt hits, and I stop and growl out, “For fuck’s sake! Fine! Take the goddamn goat in your bedroom with you. But, if it wrecks anything—”

“The money comes out of my wages. I got it. You’re the freaking best, Gabe.”

And then do you know what she fucking does?

She presses herself up against my back and wraps her slender arms around my stomach, and she motherfucking hugs me.

Great. Now, I’m gonna have to go jack off again. There’s no doubt about it.

“Go on then. Get to bed.” My tone is testy, but I’m too wired to care.

“Come on, Gucci,” she coos, moving past me and into the kitchen.

And the goat trots on after her.

I shut the utility room light off and move through the kitchen.

She’s holding the door open for me.

I shut the kitchen light off, plunging us into darkness.

“You need me to do anything before I hit the hay?”

Suck me off. Show me your tits. Let me fuck you seven ways till Sunday.

“No. I’m good.”

I see her smile in the darkness.

“Thanks again, Gabe. I really do appreciate you.” Then, she puts her hand on my shoulder, reaches up, and kisses me on the cheek.

Her lips are soft against my rough stubble.

She smells like apples and sex. Really great fucking sex.

“Sleep well,” she whispers, withdrawing. Then, she’s walking down the hallway, disappearing into her room.

And I’m left with another raging hard-on.

“Jesus Christ,” I mutter, dragging a hand through my hair.

I stomp back to my bedroom—well, stomp as best as I can with a broken foot and boner. I drop down onto my bed, tossing my crutch across the room in frustration.

Goddamn hot chick in my house, driving me fucking crazy.

Why did I have to say she could stay here and that I’d pay her for taking care of me?

I could be balls deep in her right now if I’d kept my big fucking mouth shut.

Goddamn it!

I need a drink.

Ah, fuck!

I forgot to get a whiskey because of her sexy ass sleeping on my floor, and I didn’t even get to have a smoke.

I swear, she’s doing this shit on purpose just to torture me.

I grab the pillow from under my head and cover my face with it.

“For fuck’s sake!” I growl into it.

A few days ago, this woman wasn’t even on my radar, and now, she’s invading my headspace and my home.

I take hold of my throbbing dick and squeeze hard.

Speedy is going to be the death of me. I swear it.




“Baaahhh! Baaahhh!”

I blink open my heavy eyes to see that fucking goat inches from my face, staring at me.

“Jesus fucking Christ. Go away, goat. I’m trying to sleep.” I shut my eyes, ignoring it.