I can’t get enough of her. And it’s not just the sex. It’s her. She’s smart and funny—no one has ever made me laugh like she does—and she’s just so fucking gorgeous. I love spending time with her. She’s like no woman I’ve ever known before.

She sleeps in my bed every night, and of course, with her comes Gucci, who has set up a permanent sleeping residence on the chair in my bedroom.

But I don’t care. The goat has surprisingly started to grow on me. And, to have Speedy, I’ll take anything. Even a head-butting goat.

Speedy just got back from having an early dinner with her friend Logan. He’s gay. And, yes, I checked. Not that I don’t trust her. I just don’t trust other guys. I mean, look at her; she’s fucking beautiful.

She brought back take-out dessert. My favorite, raspberry cheesecake, because my girlfriend is awesome like that.

Hold the fuck up.


Is she?

We fuck. She spends every night in my bed. We live together.

So, yeah, I guess I’d say she’s my girlfriend.

Well, fuck me sideways. I have a girlfriend.

Not that we’ve actually put a verbal label on this thing between us, but she must know that she’s my girl.

And, right at this moment, my girl is in the kitchen, making me pizza for dinner.

Homemade pizza and cheesecake for dessert. A beer in my hand and the Lakers game about to start soon.

I’m the luckiest bastard on the planet.

Life isn’t just great. It’s fucking amazing.

My cell starts to ring, so I grab it from the coffee table.

It’s my buddy Julian. Julian’s one of my closest friends. I don’t have many, mainly because I don’t trust people. Just Julian and Vaughn.

Aside from Tate, Julian’s one of the best people I know. But I’d never tell the fucker that. His ego’s big enough as it is.

“Hey, asshole. Long time no speak,” I answer.

“Aw, you missed me?”

“Like a hole in the head.”

He chuckles. “So, I’m back in town. Heard you broke your foot, you clumsy fuck. How’d you manage that?”

“Long story.” I smile, thinking of what brought Speedy and me together.

“Well, I saw that the Lakers are playing tonight. Figured you’d be watching.”

“Of course.”

“I’m gonna come round with pizza, and we can catch up over the game.”

“If it’s to talk about the dicks you sucked while you were in Vancouver, I’d rather not hear about it.”

Julian’s gay. But he’s in the closet, so to say. His closest friends know he’s gay but not the rest of the world. He’s an actor on a hit TV show, and the studio wants him in the closet.

He laughs again. “Spoilsport. Fine, no dirt on the dicks I sucked while I was away. But, FYI, it was a lot.”

“For fuck’s sake!” I sigh.

He laughs louder. “I’ll be round in twenty.”

“Fine. But don’t worry about bringing pizza. Speedy’s in the kitchen, making homemade pizza.”


“Who the fuck is Speedy?”

“Ava. She’s living here. Taking care of me.”

“You have a woman living with you?”

“That’s another long story.”

“And it’s definitely one I want to hear. I’ll be there in ten.”

I laugh and hang up my cell. I get to my feet and hobble to the kitchen.

God, I can’t wait to get this fucking boot off. One more week to go, Tate said, and then I’m back to normal.

I walk into the kitchen, and she’s standing there, wearing an apron and rolling out pizza dough. She looks like a domestic goddess. And I want to fuck her right now. I wonder if we could slip in a quickie before Julian arrives.

“Hey, babe.” I move toward her.

She looks up at me and smiles.

Every time she smiles at me, it feels like a punch to the chest. And it’s a punch I want to receive.

“My buddy Julian just called. He’s back in town. He’s gonna come over in ten to watch the game.”

“You want me to make extra pizza for him?”

“That’d be great.”

“Anything he doesn’t like?”

I pause. “I don’t have a fucking clue. But he definitely likes meat.”

I laugh, and she looks at me funny.

“Never mind.”

I don’t share Julian’s sexual preferences with anyone. If he wants someone to know, then he’ll tell them himself.

“Okay, so I’ll make a meat feast and a barbeque chicken and garlic bread.”

“You’re amazing. I ever tell you that?” I move behind her, slide my arms around her waist, and press a kiss to her neck.

“Nope. I don’t think you ever have.”

I hear the smile in her voice as she starts to spread tomato puree on the pizza dough.

“You’re amazing and sexy, and I want you all the damn time.” I slip my hand up her skirt and into her panties. I run my finger between her folds and slide it inside her.

“Gabe.” She drops the spoon that she was spreading the puree with. “I thought your friend was coming?”

“He is. But I want you to come first.”

“Where’s Gucci?”

I still my hand. “Um, why?”

“Because I don’t want her watching as you finger me in the kitchen.”

“Speedy, she’s a fucking goat. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what day of the week it is.”

She tilts her head back, looking up at me. “Yes, she does. She’s smart. And I don’t want her seeing us going at it.”

I give her a look. “She sleeps in my bedroom with us every night while we fuck.”

“Yeah, but she’s asleep then.”

“Babe, a deaf person couldn’t sleep through our screwing. You’re not exactly quiet. And Gucci’s out on the terrace, sunbathing, so stop talking and let me make you come.”

I start fucking her with my finger, my palm pressing against her clit. And she closes her eyes on a soft moan, her back falling against my chest.

With my other hand, I pull her top down. She’s wearing a bra, which is annoying. I’m going to have to remind her of the no-bra rule but not right now. Right this second, I have more important things to do.

I shove her bra out of the way and start to tease her nipple between my thumb and finger.

She moans a hot, breathy sound. Her legs are trembling. My dick is rock hard against her back.

I fucking love the sounds she makes when she’s turned on. The way she says my name with a mindless need.

I push another finger inside her, thrusting them in and out.

“God, Gabe.”

“That’s it, baby. Come on my hand. I wanna hear you scream my name.”

I suck her earlobe into my mouth, and her hips jerk against my hand, seeking more pressure.

I press my palm to her pussy, rubbing it hard against her clit.

“Gabe…please…I need…”

I pinch her nipple, and it sets her off like a rocket.

She screams my name, her pussy grinding against my hand, while she rides out her orgasm.

Making her come satisfies me in a way nothing ever has before. I don’t care if I don’t come—well, of course I care, but I care more about getting her off.

She goes slack in my arms. I put my arm around her waist, holding her up.

She turns her dazed eyes to me.

I love that just-come look in them that’s there because of me.


Her mouth reaches up and softly kisses me.

I’m crazy about her.

The buzzer goes on the intercom, telling me that security is calling. Meaning Julian’s here.

Jesus, that was quick. What did the fucker do? Run here?

“It’ll be Julian,” I tell her.

I carefully pull my fingers from inside her and remove my hand from her panties. She pulls her bra and top back up, and I smooth her skirt down.

“He got here quick.”

“No kidding.”

“You might want to get rid of that before you let Julian up.” She grins down at my visible erection. She goes over to the sink, pumps some soap onto her hands, and turns on the tap. “And you might want to wash your hands.”

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