“You going back to Vancouver?”

“Day after tomorrow. Got a meeting with the studio heads first thing. I’ll catch you before I head back to Vancouver though.”

“Sure thing.”

I stub my cigarette out and go to get up to see him out, but he pats me on the shoulder.

“Don’t get up. I’ll see myself out.”

“Okay. Later, man.”

He gives Gucci a stroke and then leaves.

I light up another cigarette and stare out at the night sky and the city moving below me.

I can’t believe Julian thinks I’m in love with Speedy.

I’ve never loved a woman in my life, and I don’t intend to change that.

The only person I’ve ever loved in my life is Tate. Well, I loved my parents once, but that died a long time ago.

But do I love Speedy? No. No way.

I like her, sure. But not love.

Fucking Julian, winding me up.

I finish my cigarette and make sure that Gucci has done her pissing and shitting for the night. Then, I take her inside with me.

She follows me to my bedroom. I push the door open, and Gucci runs in and jumps on her chair.

Speedy is asleep. The lamp is on, and her Kindle is facedown on her chest. She must have fallen asleep while reading.

She looks beautiful.

My heart starts to beat faster.

But I don’t love her.

I’m just in like with her.

I go over, pick the Kindle up, and put it on the nightstand. Then, I turn the lamp off and go into the bathroom to take a piss and brush my teeth.

When I’m done, I climb in bed. Speedy rolls toward me in her sleep, her arm sliding over my waist, and it makes me smile.



“You awake?”


I scoot down the bed, so my face is closer to hers.

“I need to tell you something.”

One of her eyes pops open.

“I lied to you. The day you ran me over, I said I didn’t remember you from the club. I lied. I did remember you.”

She opens her other eye. “Why did you lie?”

“Because I’m a jackass.”

“Yeah, I think we’ve already established that.”

She’s silent a moment.

“You mad at me?”

“No, of course not. I just…” She exhales. “You don’t have to say you remembered me to make me feel better. I know Julian remembered me, but—”

“You were wearing a red dress that showed off your gorgeous legs. Your lips were painted red to match. I remember thinking how much I’d like to see that red lipstick smeared all over my cock. Your hair was down and curled. And you were the most beautiful girl in the room.”

The expression that my words put on her face makes me feel like a fucking king.

“So, why didn’t you hit on me that night?” she asks softly.

“Because you had a boyfriend.”

“I told you that?” She screws her face up.

“Yeah, you did.”

“It must have been to remind myself that you were off-limits because I wanted you so bad that night.”

“I wanted you, too, Speedy. And I wanted you when you ran over my foot even though I wanted to strangle you.”

She laughs the sweetest sound.

“And I want you now. I always want you.”

“Me, too,” she whispers.

She moves in closer, hugging me. I wrap my arms around her and press a kiss to her hair.

“Thank you for telling me. I’m glad that you were honest with me. I don’t want any secrets between us.”

I roughly swallow down.

There are secrets. Things I can’t tell her.

Things that, if she knew, she’d never look at me the same again. And she sure as hell wouldn’t want me anymore.


“Oh God, yeah.” I open my eyes to the sight of Speedy’s head bobbing up and down, my cock in her mouth.

She looks up at me and smiles. Her lips are painted red, and that red is smeared all over my cock.

Fuck, she’s amazing.

“Thank God you finally woke up,” she says. “I was starting to feel like a creeper.”

“Babe, feel free to wake me up with your lips wrapped around my cock whenever you want. And this”—I reach down and rub my thumb over the corner of her mouth, smearing the lipstick onto her skin—“I like a lot.”

She smiles shyly. “You said last night, about the first time we met, that you wanted my red lipstick on your cock, so I thought I’d make it a reality for you.”

Something squeezes my chest.

But it’s definitely not love.

Nope, no way.

“You’re the best girlfriend ever. Now, put my cock back in your mouth, and deep-throat me just how I like.”

“Bossy,” she murmurs.

“And you love it.”

Love. There I go with that fucking word again.

Her eyes meet mine. “Yeah, I do.”

I grab a handful of her hair and move her back down to my cock. “So, show me how much you like my bossy ways with that sexy mouth of yours.”

Like. See? I do know how to use that word.

She licks the tip of my cock, and it sends a thrill shooting up my spine. Then, she starts kissing up and down my cock, teasing.

“Speedy…” I warn. “Don’t tease me. Give me what I want.”

“And what do you want?” She grins and runs her tongue up the length of my cock.

“Suck it. Now.”

She opens up her mouth, and I push her head down onto my cock, sliding in between those sexy red lips.

“Fuck yeah,” I groan.

Her hand goes to cup my balls, rolling them, as she relaxes her throat and moves further onto my cock, taking over two-thirds of it in.

And I’m big, so it’s a lot of cock for her to take.

She’s fucking incredible. She deep-throats like a champ.

Knowing where her limit is, after doing this a good few times now, I start to fuck her mouth, my hands holding either side of her head.

“Shit, that’s good, baby. So fucking good.”

She wraps her fingers around the base of my cock, gripping it just like I love, and continues teasing my balls.

Again with that fucking word love!

But, Jesus, fuck, this is good. Too good.

I could yell out right now that I loved her, and I don’t think I’d give a shit. Especially not while she’s working my dick over like a porn star.

Dots start to dance in front of my eyes. I close them, my hips jacking up and down, as I fuck her mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot and dirty, and you suck me so good, Ava.”

Heat licks up my spine, and my quad muscles start to tighten.

Fuck, I’m close. I don’t normally come this quick from a blow job, but when she puts her mouth around my cock, I shoot like a teenage boy.

She pulls off my cock, needing a breather, and she starts jacking me with her hand. Then, she’s back on my cock, taking me in deep again, and I let her do her thing.

She sucks hard, fingers squeezing the base of my cock.

“Fuck yeah, keep doing that. Shit, yeah, that’s good.” I press my head back into the pillow.

She runs her fingernail over that sensitive part of skin right at the base of my cock at the same time as she takes my cock all the way in. I blow like a rocket, coming in her mouth.

And I keep coming.

And coming.

And she takes it all. Finishing me off with a kiss on the tip of my cock.

I lift my heavy arm over my eyes.

“You okay?” She giggles.

I move my arm. “Come here.”

She climbs on top of me, and I wrap my arms around her.

“That was astro-fucking-nomical.” I kiss her forehead.

She giggles. “I figured I owed you after last night, in the kitchen.”

“Babe, you didn’t owe me anything. I love making you come.”

Like! For fuck’s sake, Evans! You like making her come.

“I know. I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“Well, you definitely did that.”

“I bet I look like a clown right now.”

I tip her face up to me. She’s got red lipstick smeared around her mouth.

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