“No need. You’re perfect as you are.”

“Even when I’m being an ass?”

I slide my hands to his butt and give his cheeks a squeeze. “Even then.”

He smiles and leans down to give me a minty kiss.


“Can I have pancakes on our breakfast date?” I ask him.

“You can have whatever you want.”

He gives me one more kiss and then goes and turns the shower on.

I brush my teeth while he takes off the boot and his boxer shorts, and then he climbs under the spray.

I finish brushing and put my toothbrush back. “I’m going to get a shower,” I tell him.

“Get in here with me.”

“No way.” I laugh. “I get in there with you, and I know what’ll happen. And I am definitely not having sex with you while the cleaners are here.”

He laughs and pokes his head around the shower screen. “Come on, baby. Get in the shower with me.”


“I’ve got something for you. It’s about nine inches, and it loves your pussy a whole lot.” He palms his cock, knowing I can see through the glass.

“You’re a deviant.”

He grins seductively at me.

My clit throbs.

“I’m going!”

I bolt out the door to the sound of his laughter.

I walk out of Gabe’s bedroom and straight into Sadie.

“Oh, hey, I was looking for you,” she says.

And those are the most words she’s said to me since I first met her.

“You were?”

“Yeah. My boss has implemented this new form we have to get signed by each job that we do. It’s just to prove that we’ve been here and done the work.”

“Oh, right. Do you need me to get Gabe to sign it? ’Cause he’s in the shower at the minute.”

“No. It’ll be fine if you do it, as you live here.” She smiles and holds out a pen and a sheet of paper to me.

It’s the first time she’s ever smiled at me as well.

I take the pen and paper from her.

My eyes drift over it. The cleaning company logo is at the top.

“Just print and sign your name and date it at the bottom.” She points to the dotted line.

I scribble my name down. And then I sign and date it. I hand the pen and paper back to her.

She folds up the paper and puts it along with the pen in the pocket of her dustcoat.

“Thanks,” she says. Then, she turns and walks off.

I head into my bedroom to get showered and ready for my breakfast date with Gabe.

I’m ready for breakfast. My hair is down and straight. Makeup light. And I’m wearing my Zara paisley-print maxi dress and jeweled white flip-flops.

I look good for our first official date.

And he loves me.

I just need to keep reminding myself of that because it’s so amazing.

I grab my bag and head for my bedroom door.

“Come on, Gucci.”

She jumps down from her spot on the bed. She kept me company while I got ready. I hate to leave her behind, but I can’t take her to a restaurant with us. I’ll leave her in the kitchen with her favorite food—sliced apples and pears.

Gabe is sitting in the living room when I appear. He puts out the cigarette he was smoking and lets out a low whistle that makes me smile from ear to ear.

“You look gorgeous.”

“Right back at ya, handsome.”

He’s wearing a pair of navy-blue cargo shorts and a light-blue button-up shirt.

“You ready?”

“I just need to feed Gucci, and I’m good to go.”

“She’s coming with us,” he says.

“Oh. I didn’t think I’d be able to take her to a food place.”

“We can take her where we’re going.”

“Okay. I’ll just grab her harness and lead.”

I grab her stuff from the kitchen, go back to the living room, and put them on her.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Yep. I’ll just grab your car keys.”

“No need. I’ve got a car waiting downstairs.”

“Oh. Well, okay. Lead the way then.”

He takes hold of my free hand, and he leads me and Gucci into the elevator.

A town car is waiting for us outside his building. The driver is standing by the car. He opens the door for us.

I get in first with Gucci, and then Gabe slides in next to me.

I fasten the seat belt through her harness and put my seat belt on. She climbs into my lap, and I stroke her head.

“So, where are we going?” I ask Gabe.

“Not far.” He smiles.

Twenty minutes later, in Beverly Glen, we pull up outside his field—or his piece of land, as I should probably call it.

“What are we doing here?” I ask him.

“Having breakfast.”

The driver opens the door, and Gabe takes his seat belt off and climbs out. I take my seat belt off and unclip Gucci. With her in my arms, I take the hand that Gabe offers to me.

“I’ll call you when I need you,” Gabe tells the driver.

Keeping hold of my hand, Gabe walks us across the field. We veer off a little to the left where there’s a big old oak tree. And underneath the oak tree, laid out, is a huge dark blue picnic blanket with a light-blue wooden block in the middle, like a makeshift table. On the table are plates and cutlery. Flowers in a small vase. Candles. Champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne in a wine bucket. And beside it is one of those old-fashioned wicker picnic baskets.

I turn to him, smiling from ear to ear. “You did this?”

“I paid for someone to do this, but, yeah. You like?”

“I love.” I reach up on my toes and kiss him. “It’s so romantic. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Neither did I.”

We sit on the blanket. Gucci sits next to me. Poor Gabe doesn’t look the most comfortable with his booted leg stretched out.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“I’m fine. Just can’t wait to get this fucking thing off.”

“Not long now.”

“No. And then I can fuck my girl with all four working limbs.”

A thrill shoots through me at the thought.

“I’ve been more than satisfied with what you can do with three working limbs, so I can’t wait to see what you can do with four.”

“You won’t be able to walk straight for a week,” he says, the words a sexy growl.

I take him at his word because I know he means it. And I can’t freaking wait.

He opens the champagne with a pop that makes Gucci jump, so I stroke her to soothe her. Gabe pours the champagne into two glasses.

I pick mine up and hold it out. “Toast?”

“To us.” He taps his glass against mine.

“And to my bad driving that brought us together.”

“So, you finally admit that you’re a shitty driver.”

“I admit nothing.” I grin and take a sip of my champagne. The bubbles go straight to my head.

Gabe opens up the picnic basket. “I hope you’re hungry ’cause there’s a fuckload of food in here.”

“I’m starving,” I tell him.

“I got some food for Gucci, too.” He pulls out a Tupperware container and pulls the lid off. “Chopped apples, pears, grapes, and strawberries. That okay for her?”

The fact that he brought food for her warms my insides.

“That’s more than okay.” I beam at him.

“What?” His brows push together as he hands her container of food over to me.

“You love her.”


“Gucci. She’s grown on you. Go on, you can admit it. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Fine,” he huffs. “I like her. But I don’t fucking love her. She’s a goat, for fuck’s sake.”

I’ll take that. It’s the best I’m going to get from him.

“I love you,” I tell him.

His eyes meet mine. “Love you, too. Now, feed your damn goat, so we can eat.”

I blow him a kiss and put Gucci’s food out for her while Gabe serves up our breakfast.

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