Waffles, pancakes, and fresh fruit. Fresh bread rolls and a selection of cheeses.

This man knows the way to my heart.

When I’m stuffed to the brim and I can’t fit in another thing, I move over to Gabe’s side and lie down, resting my head on his good leg. Gucci is wandering nearby, sniffing some flowers.

“I love it here,” I tell him, looking up at him.

He brushes my hair off my forehead. “I’ve been in touch with an architect.”

“You have?”

He nods. “I told him what I’m looking for here. He came to scope it out the other day. Said he’s going to draw some plans up and come back to me with them next week.”

“Wow. That’s exciting. You’re finally going to build your home.”

“Yeah.” He runs his fingers through the strands of my hair as he stares out at the stunning view of the reservoir.

“Well, I’m super happy for you. What did you tell him you wanted?”

His eyes come down to mine. “A ranch-style house. With a paddock. And a swimming pool.”

That’s what I said I’d put here if I were building a house.

“You stealing my ideas?” I tease.

“No. Just kinda hoping, if I build your dream house, it will give you a reason to stay.”

My mouth dries, and my heart starts to hammer in my chest.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying? No, surely not.

I sit up and turn to face him. “You could build a shack, and I’d stay. I’m here for you, Gabe. Nothing else.”

His fingers trace a line along my jaw. “Speedy, I want to build you a house because I want you to live in it with me.”



“I know that it might seem soon, but we’ve been living together from the start. Before I was even in love with you. Living with you, spending all that time with you, is what made me fall in love with you. So, why wait? Don’t look for an apartment. Stay with me at my apartment. Live with me permanently. And, when the house is built, move there with me. You and Gucci.”

“Gabe, I…” I’m struggling for words for the first time in my life.

“Don’t think about it. Just say yes.”

I stare at him, thinking this is crazy but knowing it feels right.

I press my hands to his face and kiss his mouth hard.

“Yes,” I whisper against his lips. “Yes, you beautiful, crazy man. Of course I’ll live with you.”


We’re on the way to the hospital, so I can finally have this fucking boot taken off. I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since Speedy literally crashed into my life.

And, now, I’m in love with her, and she loves me back. And we’re going to build a future together.

It’s nuts but amazing. I’ve never been happier than I am with her now.

No one gets me like she does. No one makes me laugh harder or turns me on like she does.

She knows the worst things about me, and she still loves me.

She’s incredible. And I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

With a smile on my face, I roll my window down and light up a cigarette. Then, I reach across the console and take hold of her hand.

She glances at me and smiles, and my insides light up.

I’m like a lovesick puppy over her, and I don’t care.

She’s mine, and I’m never letting her go.

She drops me off at the front of the hospital and insists I go inside while she parks the car.

Instead of going upstairs, I grab some coffees and wait for her.

Her face brightens when she sees me. “I thought I told you to go upstairs.”

I hand her the black coffee and kiss her mouth. “Since when do I ever listen to you?”

“True dat.”

Chuckling, I catch hold of her hand, and we ride the elevator up to the X-ray department.

Tate said he’d meet us there, as he wants to run an X-ray after he’s taken the boot off just to make sure everything’s okay. But I’m sure it is because my foot feels fine. I just want this fucking thing off for good.

Tate is waiting for us in reception when we get there.

“Hey, brother.” I hug him. In a manly way, of course.

“Hey, Ava.” Tate kisses her on the cheek.

My brother is fully up to speed on the status of my and Speedy’s relationship.

When I told him we were together, his response was, “About time.”

I don’t know whether that was meant in reference to the time it took Speedy and me to get together, which wasn’t that long, or that I finally got myself a girlfriend.

And that’s not as pathetic as it sounds. I could have had a girlfriend anytime I wanted. I just never did.

Not until Speedy.

“Right. Come on then. Let’s go take this boot off and make sure you’re all healed.”

“I’ll wait here,” Speedy says. Taking a seat in the reception area, she picks up a magazine from the table.

“Won’t be long, babe.” I kiss her.

“Oh, here. Don’t forget your other shoe.” She pulls it from her bag.

I brought my other shoe with me, so I won’t have to walk around with one bare foot and look like a cunt.

I take the shoe, grab another kiss, and then head to the X-ray department with Tate.

Forty-five minutes, and I’m boot-free and all healed.

About fucking time.

Tate walks back with me to reception. “So, things are going well with you and Ava.”

“Really well. I’ve asked her to live with me permanently.”

“Wow. That’s great, Gabe. I’m really happy for you. You, more than anyone, deserve to be happy. I hope Ava knows how lucky she is to have you.”

“She knows. I make sure to remind her every day.” I grin.

He stops me with a hand on my arm before we reach the reception area. “Look, I know I don’t say this often enough, but I am grateful for everything you did for me after Mom and Dad—”

“Tate, you don’t have to thank me for anything. I’m your big brother. It’s my job to take care of you. There isn’t a single thing that I wouldn’t do for you. I’ve always got your back.”

“Goes both ways, you know that?”

“I know. Now, stop with the sappy shit ’cause my girl is waiting out there for me, and I intend to take her home and fuck her good and proper now that I have my leg back.”

Tate’s cell goes off. He checks it. “I have to go. I’m needed upstairs. I’ll call you later.”


I leave Tate, and Speedy’s right where I left her.

“Well, look at you.” She gets to her feet, smiling and looking sexy as fuck.

“No more boot, baby. You know what that means?”

“That you’re driving the car home?”

I chuckle and grab hold of her hand. “Half right. Yes, I’m driving my car home, and as soon as we get there, I’m fucking you up against the living room wall. How does that sound?”

“Let’s go.”

It’s a race for who can get to the car faster. It feels good to drive my car again. But I have us back home in record time.

I’m on her the second the elevator doors close, pinning her to the wall and thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

We reach my apartment. The elevator doors open, and we stumble out, still kissing.

She drops her bag to the floor and kicks off her shoes.

I kick mine off, ignoring the slight pain in my foot.

She grabs my T-shirt and yanks it up. I break our kiss to grab the back of my shirt and pull it over my head, tossing it to the floor.

Her mouth immediately goes to my chest, and she starts kissing her way down, lowering to her knees.

She unzips my shorts and pulls them down along with my boxers. I kick them aside.

She presses a kiss to the tip of my cock.

I reach down and take her chin in my hand. “Don’t tease me, Ava. I’m a man close to the edge.”

Lust sparks in those gorgeous eyes of hers. She takes my cock in her mouth, and my head drops back, thudding against the wall.

This feels way too fucking good, and if she keeps at it, I’ll be coming way too soon.

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