I also knew it wouldn’t be forever.

Her breathing slowed, and she stilled, staring out the window. I straightened behind her and peeled off the T-shirt she was holding closed.

“Jax,” she whimpered, turning her face to me. “They can see us.”

Reaching around, I turned her chin back toward the window. “They can’t see you. The window’s tinted.” The shirt, sliced up the front, fell down her arms and spilled to the floor. “But you can see them, Juliet,” I pointed out, gently running my hands up her bare arms. “They drink. They laugh. They have meaningless conversations about what’s trending on Twitter.” I paused and dug my fingers into her hips, pulling her ass into me and breathing into her ear, “And I’m so jacked up I want you so bad.”

My cock grew and swelled with the feel of her. The silk of her skin in my hands, the shape of her ass pressed to my cock, and the reflection of her hands covering her tits. She was so sweet and timid.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was a virgin.

And she couldn’t take it any more than I could. Dropping her hands, she turned her head to nuzzle into my chest, and I was tempted to slice off her shorts, too.

But I didn’t. Instead I skimmed down her tight stomach and slid my hand into her bottoms, finding her hot, wet center.

I closed my eyes. She was fucking soaked. Her panties were wet, too. How long had she been like this? Since we got into the room?

Swirling my fingers around, I rubbed over her clit, feeling her body squirm against mine.

Slipping a finger inside her folds, I rubbed her small entrance in circles, alternating between that and massaging her clit.

“Jax,” she gasped, crashing the palms of her hands against the glass and breathing hard. She leaned forward, and I bit down, clenching my jaw with the pressure in my jeans as she stuck her hips back at me, inviting me in.

Jesus. “That’s it,” I encouraged, taking my hand out of the front of her shorts and slipping in at the back instead.

I rubbed her pussy, stroking my hand forward and backward, forward and backward, my groans mixing with hers.

So wet. And so smooth.

She was clean-shaven. Or maybe waxed, because she was softer than any other girl I’d ever touched. And with her wetness it was as if my finger was touching silk.

But if she’d broken up with her asswipe boyfriend more than two weeks ago, why was she still keeping that area waxed? I didn’t like the idea that she might be hooking up with someone else at all.

Arching her back, she moaned, “Yes.”

And I closed my eyes as I bent down to kiss her naked back, my teeth grazing her skin. Reaching around with my other hand, I cupped and massaged her breasts, smiling through my kisses as she squirmed against me. I rolled her clit between my fingers, and her back jerked against my mouth.

“Fuck, Juliet,” I breathed out. “No fucking way would you be a one-night stand.”

Circling my arm around her, I pulled her back up against my chest and growled into her ear, “I’d need a lot more than one night to do everything I want to do to you.”

I stuck my middle finger into her wet heat and held her tight as she gasped in sweet pain. Withdrawing it, I swirled her come over her clit and then dived back into her again, plunging the tip of my finger inside her.

Damn, she was tight. My finger wouldn’t slide out easily, and the friction of her folds and skin along with her wetness had my dick jerking with need. I reached down and adjusted myself, feeling too fucking uncomfortable right now. She had to be able to feel me pressed against her back.

But I couldn’t take her to bed now. Not with my house full of people.

We faced the window and saw everyone milling about the party, and it was such a turn-on to have Juliet reach behind and snake an arm around my neck and move her ass into my hand. She wanted this. She might even let me fuck her right now, but I couldn’t take the chance. Not yet.

It would be in a bed. And in a fucking empty house where she could make as much noise as she wanted. Not tonight, but it was definitely going to be soon. Real fucking soon.

My hand fell to her tit, and I continued pumping her pussy with my finger faster and faster.

“Jax,” she whimpered. “Jax, please. I can’t.”

I turned her around and pushed my body into hers against the wall perpendicular to the window. “Yes, you can,” I said, staring into her eyes and moving my hand to the front, continuing to finger her.

I could feel her nipples pressing through my T-shirt, and I looked down to admire her. Everything below my stomach swirled in a storm of raw energy.

Damn, she was nice to look at. Her breasts were slightly bigger than average, and on her frame they were probably bigger than they should be.

“No.” She shook her head, her eyes fluttering with what my finger was doing. “I can’t. I can never come, Jax. Not with someone else.”

I plastered my body to hers, forcing her mouth up to mine as I whispered against her lips, “I don’t give a fuck about your asshole ex. You hear me?” And then I narrowed my eyes, looking down on her. “Wait. What do you mean ‘someone else’? You can come by yourself. Is that what you meant?”

Oh, Jesus. Add that to the list of things I wanted her to do when we were in the bedroom.

She looked away out the window, but she didn’t stop fucking my hand.

“Look at me.” I pulled her head back to face me. “What do you think about when you touch yourself?”

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