Liam punches in a code and then directs us to the top floor. “Yes, 107.”

“That’s an intimidating elevator ride.”

He molds me close. “I’ll protect you,” he vows, and I’m not sure he’s talking about the elevator ride. I’m not sure anything is what it seems ever in my world.

“Why 107?”

“105 had been done and seven is lucky.”

“You believe in luck?”

“You don’t?”

“Not really.”

“We ended up seated together on a plane. I’d say that’s pretty lucky.”

I soften inside, and more of that warmth he stirs in me pools low in my belly and slides hotly between my thighs. “I think my luck is changing.” The car jumps a little and I jump with it.

“Or not. What was that?”

“The car stops at floor one hundred and shifts to the right slightly.”

“I don’t think I want to know why.”

“It’s part of the sway built into the top of the tower.” The elevator stops. “And just that quick, we’re here.” The doors slide open and I’m more than a little glad to get the heck off the car after that jump, planned or not.

We exit into a hallway and Liam indicates another elevator. “The last two floors require another ride up, but I want to show you something first.”

“Aren’t we going to be late to dinner?”

“I told you 7:00 and them 7:30.”

We travel a narrow hallway with glass windows from floor to ceiling and I feel a bit dizzy and unsteady. Liam opens a huge wooden door and motions me inside. I step into an oval-shaped room that is nothing but windows and random pairs of leather chairs split by small tables.

Liam takes my hand and I always have this sense he is worried I am about to run away.

But I’m not running from him. It’s time he knows I’m running to him. He leads me to the far side of the room and it is like I am standing on a cloud staring down at buildings twinkling like stars.

“It’s beautiful.”

“So are you,” he murmurs, his body framing mine from behind.

“You know,” I say, turning in his arms, “Mike might have some merit with the whole ‘tallest building’ idea. He knows you won’t make it just another tall building.”

“He knows he wants the tallest building. Period. The end.”

He turns me and sets me down in a chair, going down on a knee in front of me and sliding my skirt up my thighs. I look over my shoulder. “No one is going to catch us,” he assures me. “I locked the door.”

He cups my sex and suddenly jerks on my panties, ripping them away. I gasp. “Liam!”

He laughs and shoves them in his pant pocket. “Now I have something to think about while ol’ Mike runs his mouth.” His hands stroke back up my thighs. “It’s been too long since I’ve been inside you.”

My cheeks heat at his boldness, but I agree. “Yes.”

“Did you take a pregnancy test?”

I’m taken aback by the unexpected question. “I told them I might be at the hospital.”

His lips curve. “I did, too.”

“You did?”

“Yes. Did they test you?”

“Yes. But they said it was too soon to be accurate.”

“When can you tell?”

“I think another week.”

“Call the doctor and ask.”

I nod. “I will.”


“Yes. Tomorrow.”

“I’m going to give us both something else to think about over dinner.” He slips two fingers into the V of my body.

“Liam,” I gasp. “Not here.”

“Yes. Here.” And before I can object again, his head is between my thighs and his tongue laps at my clit. I mean to object. Really I do, but his fingers slide inside me and he is licking me in that way he does that drives me insane.

I grab the arms of the chair and Liam pushes the skirt of my dress higher, lifting one of my legs to his shoulder. For a moment, I drink in the image of me sitting in the chair with this gorgeous man between my legs and me spread wide for him, and it is erotic and exciting, like everything with Liam. Pleasure spikes, already building in some deep spot in my sex and I swear I just keep on being the easiest orgasms this man has ever given anyone. He touches me and I shudder. He licks and I moan. And that is just what happens. He licks me again, I moan, and then my sex clenches around his fingers. I shatter like glass thrown to the ground, instantly, and in tiny little pieces, pleasure splintering through every nerve ending in my body, until I am limp in the chair.

I blink the image of my leg over his shoulder into view and blush furiously. I try to pull it down and he leans in and licks me one last time. I shudder with the impact and he chuckles, then settles my leg on the ground. I quickly try to shimmy my skirt down my legs, and can’t get it.

Liam pushes to his feet and pulls me with him, caressing my dress back into place.

“I can’t believe we just did that here.”

He leans in and kisses me, pressing his tongue into my mouth, before he whispers, “And now we can both have a taste of what the rest of the night will hold. Mike be damned.”

Chapter Twenty-One

The restaurant is a circle that rotates and has a bar in the center with spectacular views of the city. Liam and I join our group of what will be six, including us, and Mike, Mr. A-Hole himself, greets me with a handshake. Mike is as Liam has described: rather short for a man, no taller than my five feet, four inches, forty-something, and otherwise quite decent looking. I say a quick hello to the others attending the dinner and we all are seated. Mike to my left. Liam to my right. Derek on the opposite side of Mike, and two other investors on the far side of the table.

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