“I pulled it from a satellite feed right after Meg left Saks Fifth Avenue,” Josh confirms. “She’s not running from the law. They already found her, and they were using her to pry information out of Amy.”

My brow furrows. “But isn’t this good, in some ways? We were afraid she knew information she could pass along about Chad’s secret. Clearly she hasn’t shared anything significant if she’s helping them dig for more information.”

“In a situation like this one,” Dante responds, “there was most likely a deal made for her freedom or a lesser sentence. And like a bank robber who has a stash of cash, a person in such a situation would keep that secret close to their chest, fully intending to use it when they’re free.”

“The question becomes,” Josh continues, “do we want to take a chance that she might end up talking?”

“No,” Liam says instantly. “We do not. So what are the options?”

“You call her and set up a meeting,” Dante answers. “I’ll do the rest.”

My throat goes dry. “What does ‘the rest’ mean?”

“Relocate her,” Dante says. “Monitor her.”

“Not kill her?” I blurt out.

He arches a brow. “Do you want me to kill her?”

“No,” I say instantly. “Would you if I said yes?”

“Would I kill someone?” he asks. “Yes, in an appropriate, necessary situation.”

It’s not a direct answer, but I’m not sure I really want one.

Josh pulls a phone from the envelope. “Call Meg. Set up a meeting.”

“She said I’d have to leave a message and she’ll call back,” I explain.

“So leave a message,” Dante replies.

“I’ll be monitoring the line,” Josh says. “So if she calls back, we’ll know.”

Dante eyes Liam. “You and I should talk once this job is done.”

Liam stands. “Let’s talk now.”

Dante gives him a hard stare before he rises, both men disappearing into the living room.

I glance at Tellar and Josh. “You both trust Dante?”

“I do,” Josh says without hesitation. “He can’t stand corruption, and he’s seen how power creates it and changes people. No one knows what that cylinder will do to this world like that man does.”

“I don’t know him like Josh does,” Tellar adds, “but I’ve read his résumé and I’ve checked up on him. He’s the ghost no one wants in their closet.”

“Just know this,” Josh adds. “I know and trust him, and Liam knows me and trusts me.”

“Chad knew and trusted Jared,” I counter.

“Jared’s a bastard,” Tellar comments, “but ultimately he’s CIA, and that can be a bumpy road to travel. Ask Coco. That’s why she left.”

“And Jared’s not going to out-hack me,” Josh promises. “I’ll find him, I’ll keep up with him, and I’ll know everything there is to know about him, down to how many times he goes to the bathroom.”

The kitchen door opens and Liam and Dante return. Liam places the piece of paper Meg had given me next to the phone. “Leave her a message to meet you at the address I wrote on the card, at ten tomorrow morning.”

I glance at the address—the middle of Times Square, and an easy place to disappear in the crush of people. “Do I say anything else? I would say something. That’s my personality, and Jared will listen to the message and know that.”

“Tell her you need to talk to her urgently,” Dante replies, his hands laced together in front of him, his demeanor formidable.

“Do I leave a number for her to call me?” I ask.

“No,” he instructs. “We want her to have no option but to take the meeting.”

I give a quick nod and dial, afraid she’ll answer, but the call goes straight to voice mail. “Hi, Meg,” I blurt out quickly. “It’s Amy. I have something urgent I need to talk to you about. Meet me, please.” I relay the address. “Tomorrow at ten a.m.” I end the call and set the phone down, and dang it, my hands are trembling all over again.

“Good,” Dante approves, stepping forward to take the phone. “Consider the problem handled.”

Josh and Tellar push to their feet and Josh gives me a salute. “See you soon, Amy.”

“Let’s hope I don’t see you again, Amy,” Dante says. He turns for the door, with Josh and Tellar following. Liam follows them and I stand and do the same, rounding the corner just in time to hear him murmur something to Tellar.

I reach the island at the same time Liam starts back in my direction, and we meet in the middle, our hands anchored to the edge. “What did you talk to Dante about?” I ask.

“I wanted to know if I passed his assessment, and when he said yes, I asked a few blunt questions. We scheduled a phone conference to work out the details of our future work relationship and avoid the risk of being seen together.”

“You said you hired him once before?”

“Yes. I did.”

“For what?”

“You won’t like the answer.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“He’s the assassin I threatened Sheridan with.”

For some reason, that doesn’t appall me. I think I knew the answer when I’d asked him about killing Meg. “What does it say about our life, that Tellar being a sniper and that man being capable of murder is comforting to me?”

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