It was covered with a cotton spread in eggshell-white, decorated with intricate stitching a single shade darker. Gauze curtains draped the bed, the large picture window and the French doors leading out onto the second-story balcony that wrapped around the house. The armoire, dresser and matching bedside tables were heavy wooden pieces, stained dark. It was easy to tell that this had been a man’s room, but she still liked it. A lot.

Taking in the gorgeous view, she skimmed off the royalblue shortwaisted jacket she’d donned over a paler blue sheath dress that morning. She tossed it over the back of one of the twin oversized armchairs. They faced a large stone fireplace that was laid for a fire.

Interesting. If the weather leant itself toward doing so, she would want to talk to Jean-René about incorporating fireplaces in the main areas of the resort at least.

“Pardon me, but do you speak English?” she asked the maid, who was now sliding their cases under the huge bed and out of the way.


“Great, because my Greek is nonexistent.”

The young woman smiled. “You are American, yes?”

“Yes. I took Spanish in school.” It was the only language she knew she would find at any high school, no matter where her father had been stationed, so she could take it for the full four years. “Will it get cold enough in the evenings to light the fire?”

“Some, yes. Not so cold, but the fire, it is cozy.”

“I see.” Piper smiled. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

“When did Mr. Nikos give instructions for us to share a room?” She felt ridiculous asking, but needed the answer for some reason.

The maid gave her an odd look, but didn’t hesitate to answer. “I do not know. On Monday, the housekeeper, she tell me to ready the room for Kyrie Nikos and his guest.”

So, he’d planned to share a room all along. This was not altogether shocking. They did not take pains to hide their sexual relationship, but he was not usually so blatant in a work setting. Before his revelations over dinner in Athens, she would have taken this as a good sign for the future of their relationship.

Now, it just added to her confusion about the man she loved.

Prior to this morning, he had not considered her in the role of mother to his children. He had also made it clear he did not anticipate ever entering into a permanent relationship with her. All bets were off if she was pregnant, though. That was something she had no doubts about.

If she was carrying his baby, he would insist on marriage. His assertion he was nothing like his parents hadn’t been necessary for her to realize Zephyr Nikos would insist on being a major player in his child’s life.

She just wasn’t sure what she wanted to do about that.

Zephyr found Piper sitting on a cushioned wrought-iron lounger on the terrace outside their bedroom. “Tired, pethi mou?”

“What?” She looked up at him, eyes the same color as the sea they’d been gazing at vague. “No. I was just thinking, trying to work things out and getting more confused in the process.”

“Would you like a sounding board?”

“Not this time.”

He frowned; that was not the answer he wanted, he realized. “You like the house?”

“You know I do. But house? I don’t think so. Mansion more like. How many bedrooms does this place have anyway?”

“Twelve, four of them large suites like this one.”

“Then how can you tell this is the master?” she challenged him.

“How did you tell?”

“The maid was unpacking our cases.”

“Really, that was it?” One eyebrow raised knowingly.

“You know it wasn’t.”

He nodded. “The bed.”

“It couldn’t be in any room but the master.”

“Exactly.” He moved to stand in front of her and put a hand out, which she automatically took. “I’m glad we aren’t tearing it down.” Sometimes, they had no choice but to destroy in order to build something new. Thankfully, that was not necessary this time.

“Is it going to be part of the resort?” Piper asked, not looking all that pleased at the prospect.

He tugged her to stand, then took her place in the chair and pulled her into his lap. “At first, I thought it would, but every time I come, I grow more attached to the place. Neo likes it as well. I think we may keep it for our personal use, but he’ll have to find his own master-suite bed, I’m keeping this one.”


“Why so surprised? We agreed the bed is perfect.”

“That’s not what I meant.” She squirmed until she was comfortable against him, having a predictable effect on the blood-flow south of his waist. “I don’t see either of you relaxing enough to get any use out of it.”

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