“See you soon.”

Piper didn’t know about that. She rarely visited her doctor between physicals. Of course, if she was pregnant, that would have to change, wouldn’t it?

Chapter Six

ZEPHYR was waiting for her when she came out. “How did it go?”

“A little prick, a bandage and we were done.” It seemed like something awfully innocuous to find out something so momentous.

“They’ll know tomorrow?”

“That’s what the nurse said.” Piper had tried to dissuade Zephyr from coming to the doctor’s office with her.

It wasn’t as if she was having a difficult procedure, or something. But he’d insisted and now, she was kind of glad.

He put his hand out to take hers and led her outside. It was one of Seattle’s rare sunny days. Not so uncommon in the summer, but not something to be taken for granted, either.

“I’m glad I’m not alone, which makes me feel like a real wuss,” she admitted.

“You are facing the possibility of a major life change. That cannot help but be disconcerting. You are no weakling.”

She smiled up at him and squeezed his hand. “Well, I’m glad you’re here.” Even if she hadn’t wanted it that way at first.

“I am glad to be here.”

“Do you have to go into the office today?” she asked as they settled into his Mercedes.

“No, but I did promise to have dinner with Cass and Neo tonight.”

“Oh, okay.” She pasted a bright smile on her face. “If you could just drop me at my apartment. I’ll drive to the office from there.”

Or close her shades, put in the Coco Chanel biography she’d been meaning to watch and eat that pint of triple chocolate decadence hiding in the back corner of her freezer. It wasn’t as if she had to go to work. She was her own boss. If she wanted a day off to wallow in worry, she could take it.

“Dinner isn’t until this evening, and I was hoping you would come with me.”


“I have no intention of leaving you alone to dwell.”

He knew her too well. “Who said anything about dwelling?”

“We have been friends for years.”

“Are you implying that makes you a mind reader?”

“I only wish—” he smiled “—but I do know you.”

“Yes, you do.”

“So, dinner with Cass and Neo?”

“Sure.” She bit her lip and looked out the window. “You know Cass and I have never actually met.”

“I know. It is time.”

“Because I might be pregnant.”

“Because you are my close friend and so are they,” he explained.

“So we should all know each other?”


“Your arrogance is showing again,” she teased.

“But remember, you find it charming.”

“It’s a good thing for you that I do.”

“Do you need to work today?” he asked this time.

“I have a few small jobs I could work on finishing up before your project swallows all my time.” But she really didn’t want to deal with any of them.

“Is that what you want to do?”


“Well, then?”

“There’s a pint of chocolate ice cream in my freezer with my name on it.” Piper clung on to her original plans.

“Really? I was unaware your name was triple chocolate decadence.”

“You’ve been snooping in my cold storage?” She tried to sound outraged, but only managed mildly amused.

“Business tycoons crave ice cream, too. Even Greek ones.”

“You ate my triple chocolate decadence?” The outrage came through bright and clear this time.

“Of course not. I ate the single-serving cherries jubilee buried behind the vegetarian meals you never eat but buy to make yourself feel better about your food purchasing habits.”

She ignored the jab about her sadly ignored healthier food options. “I like cherries jubilee.”

“With a healthy dose of hot fudge perhaps.”

“Okay, so, I’m a chocoholic. Is that a crime?”

“Not in Seattle, home to more chocolate-flavored coffees than most small countries.” He sounded indulgent. She loved him in this mood.

“Oooh, an iced mocha latte sounds good.” Could she have caffeine if she was pregnant? “Maybe decaffeinated.”

“We’ll go through a coffee-shop drive thru.”

“Why not stop somewhere?” she asked.

“Because I indulged your museum obsession in Athens, today is your day to indulge mine.”

“You want to go to museums?”

“I have other obsessions,” he said as he pulled up next to a coffee shack.

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