“So, if you wanted it so bad, why stay away so long?”

“Because when I got what I thought I wanted, I pictured a lifetime of being married to a man who is not in love with me and it terrified me.”

“You have been so unhappy these past months?”


“Then, why should you be unhappy as my wife?” he demanded. Didn’t she see how illogical she was being?

“I’m hoping I won’t be.”

“I’ll make sure of it.” She was going to accuse him of arrogance again, but before she got a chance, he decided to offer his own truth. “I also wanted you to be pregnant and I am very glad you have decided to marry me.”

He could not resist the expression his words brought to her face, he kissed her and they spent several minutes lost in a very pleasant joint effort to leave an indelible mark on the other’s lips.

“Do you think our mutual selfishness negates itself?” she asked as if the answer really mattered to her.

“I think that as long as we are both pleased with the outcome, it does not matter.”

“I think maybe you’re right.” She looked up at him through her lashes. “Can we make love now?”

“Is it safe for the baby?”


“You asked?”

“Of course I did. I know what we’re like together and we are going to be together a lot now.”

He liked the sound of that, though a tiny voice inside warned him not to get too used to it as it could all be taken away. After all, she had cut herself off from him while making her decision, showing she did not need him even if she loved him. “You’ll move in with me?”

“This weekend.”

“We are not sleeping apart again meantime.”

“No, but I need to work and won’t have time to pack for the move until the weekend.”

“I’ll hire movers.”

“I’ll still need to be there to supervise.”

He could not argue that. “Do you want a big wedding?”

“No.” She gave him a nervous look complete with a bitten bottom lip. “I just want our families there.”

“I don’t have any family.”

“Oh, yes you do. I know your secrets now. Besides Neo, who is your brother in everything but genetics, there is your mother, her husband and your half siblings, et al. And I want them at our wedding.”


“Because someday, I think it’s going to matter to you that they were there. Besides, it will hurt your sister’s feelings if we don’t invite her.”

“Why do you think so?” Piper saw things so differently than he did; he didn’t always understand what made her say the things she did.

“She insisted on you meeting her children, didn’t she? She considers you her brother and she’d be devastated if she discovered you didn’t feel the same.”

“I do. For good, or ill, she is my sister.”

“It’s all to the good.”

“So you say.”

“I’m almost a mother. I’m practically an oracle now. It comes with the territory,” she said, tongue firmly in cheek.

And he laughed like he was supposed to before sweeping her into his arms. Making love sounded better than talking about his family. “What you are now, is mine.”

“You seem pretty pleased about that.” She didn’t sound too disappointed by the prospect herself.

“I am.” He carried her down the hall to his…to their bedroom.

“Are we really moving to Greece?” she asked between baby kisses smattered along his jaw.

“The island would be a good place to raise children.”

“Yes, but I’d marry you regardless.”

“You said you wanted it.”

“I do.” She grabbed his face, making him look her in the eye. “This isn’t a business transaction. I don’t love your money, or what it can buy for me. I love you, Zephyr.”

She said so, but she’d still left him and not called for almost a week. Maybe Zephyr did not understand love, but he did not think it should be so easy to hurt someone if you loved them. He wasn’t about to dwell on that now though, no more than he’d spent time pining over his mother’s defection once he’d learned he had to accept it. Piper had agreed to marry him, even though, technically, he had not asked.

That was all that mattered right now.

Without answering her assertion, Zephyr carried Piper into the bedroom and laid her on the bed oh, so carefully. She smiled up at him, but he put his finger up with the gesture to wait a minute.

He leaned over and grabbed the phone from beside the bed, then pressed two buttons.

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