His sense of justice was a little overdeveloped, but that was better than being a man who not only lied to others, but also to himself. Like Art.

Thinking how to best handle the emotionless vibes coming off her sexy fiancé, she sighed and stopped in front of her door. “We forgot something when you came into my shop earlier.”

“What was that?” he asked with a weariness she did not understand.

“To kiss.”

“You want me to kiss you?”

He really had to ask? “Yes.”

“I can do that.”

“It wouldn’t say much for our upcoming nuptials if you couldn’t,” she sassed.

Morphing into a sensual predator before her eyes, he pushed her against the apartment door with his body, one hand on either side of her head. “You know what I’ve noticed lately?”

“No, what?” Was that breathless voice hers?

“You’ve got a real thing for getting the last word.”

She would have answered that, but his lips were in the way.

Chapter Eight

AND very nicely, too. She loved this side of him and didn’t really care what that said about her.

He didn’t rush the kiss and neither did she. Of one accord, they broke apart to turn together to unlock and open the door. Once through, Zephyr made sure it was shut and locked again before leaning back against it with her in front of him.

His hold said one thing. Talking could wait. Everything but this intense pleasure between them would wait.

He leaned down and sucked up a pleasure mark on her neck while his hands skimmed down the front of her body, only to sweep up again, bringing the hem of her shirt along the way. His fingertips brushed against the smooth skin of her torso.

She writhed against his hard body, reveling in the feel of his erection pressing into her back. “Yes, Zee, touch me.”

His hands cupped her breasts, squeezing lightly in nothing short of a tease.

“More, you know I want more.” And he loved it when she told him so. She’d discovered that fact early in their relationship.

“Do you, yineka mou?”

“You know.”

He kissed all around her ear and whispered, “Oh, yes, I do know.”

His hands slid inside her bra to play with her nipples as he nibbled on the supersensitive spot behind her ear, laving shimmering nerve endings with his tongue.

She pressed back against him harder, her feminine center aching for the attention he was showing to the rest of her body.

Proving he was really adept at reading her mind, one of his hands moved down to undo her trousers. Her body knew what that meant and hot liquid gushed between her legs as her entire body thrummed with a new level of nascent desire. He pushed fabric down her hips without ceremony along with her panties. She stepped out of the pile of blue linens and silk, not caring that she still wore the high-heeled sandals she’d had died blue to match this particular outfit.

His rogue hand slid right over her mound and then long, knowing fingers were playing a symphony on her clitoris, drawing it into swollen sensitivity.

She arched toward the touch, a mewling sound that would have embarrassed her if she was not so turned on coming from her throat. He played her right through to a shocking, intense, early orgasm.

Only then did he start taking his own clothes off. It all got really hectic then and somehow she ended up leaning, with her hands on the back of the couch, her legs spread, and still wearing her heels.

He pushed his big sex into her now pulsing depths, eliciting moans and groans from her as well as unrestrained pleas for more, more and more.

So darn good. “How can it always get better?”

“I don’t know. I don’t care.” He started a driving rhythm that would have sent her right over the back of the couch if he didn’t have both arms around her.

One hand continued to toy with her breasts and stomach while the other kept up constant stimulation to her clitoris.

She was screaming with her second orgasm as he roared out his climax inside her, long, sweaty, strenuous minutes later.

Afterward, he cajoled her into the shower, where they washed each other with as much pleasure as making love. She adored the domestic intimacy of showering together. It was one of the things that said most clearly to her that they were a couple.

They were making dinner together in her small kitchen when he said, “I thought you were going to back out of marrying me.”

So, that was what had him behaving strangely earlier. “For heaven’s sake, why?”

“You have seen my ruthless side and what it can lead to.”

“I always knew you could be ruthless, but I have to admit I have a hard time reconciling the man I’ve come to love with one who would set out destroy someone else’s reputation.” She leaned up to kiss his jaw.

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