He looked unconvinced, but he did not argue. “Did your dress arrive?”


“Who is the designer?”

“I’m not telling.” His curiosity was cute, but if she told him that, he would be so offended. “You’ll have to wait until our wedding blessing in Greece before you get to see me in all my glory.”

“You aren’t going to wear it for the civil ceremony?”

“Nope.” She enjoyed teasing him about it. Who would have thought Zephyr Nikos would be so naff that he wanted to know what her wedding dress looked like? And he said he wasn’t sentimental.


“I suppose you’ll wear one of your work outfits to the courthouse, it being a weekday morning.”

“I suppose you’ll see when you get there.” She adjusted the angle of the silk and bamboo screen she’d put in the corner.

“I don’t plan to wear a blindfold on the way there.”

“And I don’t plan to spend the night in our apartment on Thursday.”

That got his attention, and not in the fun way. “What? Why not?”


“But…” He let his voice trail off, thought for a second and then gave her an immovable look. “Fine, but that tradition only gets one airing, do not think you are going to sleep anywhere but in our bed every night thereafter.”

“Duly noted.”

“I mean it, even the night before the wedding blessing in Greece.”

She laughed. “Fine, but I’m leaving our bed early in the morning and you’re not going to see me until I walk down the aisle of the church again later that day.”

“That is acceptable.”

“I’m glad you approve.” She sashayed over to him and wound her arms around his neck. “I know we’re in a rush but I want to observe all the traditions that are important to you and me.”

He pulled her in close. “No problem, just remember, no doubling up on traditions because we’re having two ceremonies.”

“But some traditions are worth doing twice, like the part where the officiant says, ‘You may kiss the bride.’ And I think having two wedding nights could be earthshaking. I even bought two different sets of sexy lingerie.” She gave him her best fake disinterested look. “I suppose I could take one of them back.”

Over her dead body.

“Let’s not get hasty.”

“So, you think—”

“That two wedding nights are worth two wedding ceremonies and all that entails.”

She grinned up at him triumphantly.

“Except the sleeping apart thing. That’s a one-time event.”

“Agreed.” It wouldn’t be the same after the civil ceremony anyway.

Her family and his might not know they were already legally wed when they arrived in Greece, but she would.

“So, where are you going the night before our ceremony?”

“Cass invited me to stay with her and Neo. We’re taking the limo to the courthouse. Neo is driving you.”

“You’ve got it all planned, do you?”

“Any objections?”

“I could do without a night alone in an empty bed.”

“You’ll survive just fine.” She gave him a small peck on the lips.

He returned it with interest before saying, “So you say. I probably won’t sweep a wink.”

“You’d better. I expect a wedding night to remember.” As if he could give her anything but.

“Every night we spend together is one to remember.”

“You know, for a man who staunchly denies any sense of romance, you do mushy awfully well.”

Chapter Nine

“THE truth is not sentimental.” Zephyr tried to look offended, but he was obviously pleased. Even if he didn’t want to be.

“Whatever you say. I’m just glad I’m getting such a romantic guy to spend the rest of my life with.”

Now, he was looking worried. “I don’t do hearts and flowers, Piper. You know me better than that.”

“Sometimes, I think I know you better than you know yourself.” She could tell right away she shouldn’t have said that aloud.

If Zephyr were a dog, his hackles would be at full attention. For a billionaire tycoon, he did a pretty fair imitation. “Like you knew Art?”

She understood where the question came from, but it still hurt. “I thought I knew my ex, but it turned out I only saw the man he wanted me to, until his whole facade came crashing down.”

And she felt pretty gullible acknowledging that, but seeing Art again in person had made her realize just how much of who she thought he was had been a result of her imagination and his acting ability.

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