“Oh, yes, Zee, right there.”

He brushed his thumb right over the swollen nub of her pleasure and she squirmed and squealed. “Right there, ne?”

“Is this where the Greek endearments start?” she gasped out.

“They never stopped, yineka mou.”

“What does that one mean? Cass seems to like it a lot.”

“If you can think about Cass right now, I’m doing something wrong,” he mock-growled.

Piper rode his hand with jerky movements. “Just tell me.”

“My woman. Literally, now, my wife.”

“You’ve always been more possessive than you wanted to admit.”

“It’s my Mediterranean blood.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning up for a kiss that he didn’t hesitate to give her. After several seconds spent in that pleasant pastime, she nuzzled his neck. “Make love to me, husband.”

Chapter Ten

LEAVING their wedding finery in piles on the floor, he swept her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom with long, rapid strides. Once there, he changed his mind about using the bed and detoured to the armchair in the corner.

He sat down and then maneuvered her so she straddled his thighs.

She looked at him with passion-glazed eyes as she rubbed her wet, swollen nether lips against his achingly hard length. “Mmm…”

“Put your hands on the arms of the chair and don’t let go,” he instructed.


“You said anything I wanted.”

A sensual little laugh from her sent shivers of sensation through him. “I did.”

When her hands were where he wanted them, he pushed up on her hips until she was spread open for him and completely accessible to his touch, but unable to pleasure herself without his cooperation. The fact she allowed him to control their lovemaking like this had his heart rate in the stratosphere and his sex harder than steel.

Her trust awed him, but all he wanted was to give her the maximum amount of pleasure possible. He began with her face, first trailing his fingertips along her cheekbones, jawline and then her lips. “Gorgeous.”

She smiled, her lips parted on short panting breaths.

He kissed her, not deeply, just to let her know how much he loved that pretty curve of her mouth. Then he traced over where his fingertips had touched with his lips, then the barely there scrape of his teeth and finally laving each sensitized bit of flesh with the tip of his tongue.

He moved to her neck, caressing every susceptible spot on her nape, shoulders, upper back and chest he had spent so many hours discovering over the past months. She shivered as his fingertips skated over a particularly vulnerable spot between her shoulder blades.

“You play my body better than Cass plays the piano,” Piper said on a low moan.

“I am obsessed.”

“I believe you.” She moaned again as his thumbs slid down inside the corselet and swept back and forth over her turgid nipples.

He kept up the caress, until they were such hard points they felt like pebbles against the pads of his thumbs. “Did it excite you to wear this under your demure little wedding dress?” he growled.

“You know it did.” She loved wearing sexy things just for him, things no one else could see or know about but that he would discover when they were alone together.

“I remember the first time you left your panties off during the workday.”

“You went ape-crazy when you realized that night in the hotel room.”

He had and she’d laughed at him, at both his shock and his excitement, but not meanly. Only in pleasure of a secret shared, a bit of joke for his amusement.

This delectable outfit outdid the panty-free escapade by leaps and bounds.

She moaned and nodded as his mouth found that spot where her shoulder and neck joined that turned her into mush. “I was ready to make love long before the surprise reception was over.”

“How did I get so lucky to end up with such a naughty woman?” he wondered out loud.

“I was never like this before.” Her breath hitched as he gently bit down on the spot he enjoyed tormenting so much.

He lifted his head and looked at her. “No, this side of you is all mine.”

“You’re so possessive.” She took a deep breath, clearly trying to gain control on her rampaging emotions. “Are you sure you don’t have any dragons in your ancestry?”

“No mythical creatures, but maybe a conqueror or two. I am Greek.” He had continued the caress of her nipples and breasts with his thumbs. It was enough stimulation to arouse, but not enough to satisfy and he knew it.

“You are incredible. Now, please…just…please, stop teasing me.”

“I am not teasing you.” No, he had every intention of following through on the promise of his touch. “I am driving you to the same frenzy of need roiling inside me.”

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