Page 69 of Bang (Club Deep #3)

But of course, we’re finally alone now, and neither of us really want to end the day. Not yet.

Farrow crosses the room to catch me in his arms and kiss me hard, and I kiss him back, arms around his neck.

“What are you thinking about?” he murmurs, trailing his lips down the side of my neck.

“How much I’m going to miss you in between visits,” I admit, biting my lip.

He leans back to catch my eye, tsking. “I told you, Pamona, I’ll be here every weekend. And if there’s ever an emergency, and you need me sooner…” He kisses the corner of my mouth, my cheek, my jawline. “In the meantime, I have your drawing to keep me company in my office.”

I sigh and relax into his embrace. “How long until the condo purchase goes through, you think?”

He laughs low in his throat. “If you’re worried about me, you can always send me some naughty photos on the weekdays. Keep me distracted.” He catches my eye with a knowing grin.

I nip at his lower lip, then kiss him harder. “What about you? Are you going to keep me busy with dirty pics too?”

In response, he scoops me up in his arms and carries me into the living room. “And to think, just a month ago you were my innocent little virgin. Now you’re asking me for nude photos.” He tosses me onto the couch, and I squeal as I land. But he’s already leaping on top of me, pinning me down.

“I’m not your virgin anymore,” I point out, squirming beneath him. Arching my hips up to press my hips against his, feeling the hard press of his cock between us.

He groans a little, low in his throat, and I grin and wrap my legs around his waist, arching against him harder. “I disagree,” he says, leaning down to bite my neck. “You might not be innocent anymore, but you’ll always be my naughty virgin.”

I sigh and run my hands through his hair. Tug him against me, and kiss his cheek, his jawline, nipping at his earlobe. “And you’ll always be trouble. My dark savior.”

He chuckles and runs his hands down my sides, gripping me tight. “I always planned to be your first, Pamona.” He leans back to catch my eye. Both of us are grinning, and when he kisses me again, it’s long and slow and sets my whole body on fire. I arch against him, feeling his muscles pressed against my body, his cock between my legs, rubbing across my clit, making me gasp and wrap my legs tighter around him, grinding against him.

He leans back to catch my eye, a slow fire burning in his, and I still, stunned all over again by the feelings I have for him, how intensely I want him.

“One thing I never expected, though,” he says, and I run my hands through his hair as he gazes into my eyes. “I never expected to be your last.”


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Seven Days With Her Boss

Want another hot and dirty read? Check out the first chapter of my other book, SEVEN DAYS WITH HER BOSS! Available on Amazon now!

Chapter 1

When my boss told me to treat this presentation with the utmost care, I somehow doubt he meant for me to soak the pages in coffee and blur the ink while trying to blot up the spill.

“He’s going to kill me,” I mutter as I try to salvage even a single page of his presentation. The charts are illegible by the time I can get them remotely dry enough to handle. I don’t know what I’m going to do! This project is a necessity for us to land a multi-million-dollar contract with a new client.

All I wanted to do was make Mr. Lamant some coffee, to make him happy. He’s been working non-stop to land this deal--when I left last night at seven he was working, and he was back at it this morning when I arrived at seven. I wonder if he even left. I’ve been at this job for four years now, and he’s never pulled hours this insane for a client.

My hands shake as I try to reorganize the pages and slip them back into the folder, but if I print them out again, I’ll never get them inside the meeting in time. The pages are soggy but holding together. I don’t know what I’m going to say to him. Under the best of times, I find him intimidating and provocative, but this is a catastrophe. Mr. Lamant spent a considerable amount of time and money preparing this for one of the company’s largest potential clients. This deal alone could provide enough to cover a year’s salary for all the employees. Maybe more.