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I bring my hands to the back of his head and pull him in closer, thrusting my hips against his face as he works me over with his lips and tongue and his fingers curl inside of me. Our eyes meet as he looks up from what he’s doing, his mouth moving away from me but his fingers continuing their deep push and pull.

“Lee,” he moans my name, the hot breath from his words tickling against my sex. “You taste so f**king sweet, baby. Like sugar and honey.”

I’ve never been much for dirty talk. Jordan and I were both virgins, so our initial attempts at sex were awkward and fumbling at best. Once we learned each other’s bodies and figured out what worked and what didn’t, we had a pretty good sex life for the better part of our marriage. I’ve always been a little on the shy side, so Jordan was usually the aggressor when it came to our sex life. When he attempted a little dirty talk, it always felt weird and it never turned me on. I was satisfied with our routine and, even though we experimented here and there with different positions and toys, I’m realizing now just how much I’ve been missing. The strength of the response this man wrings from me with only his tongue and his fingers and a handful of words borders on cataclysmic.

As Collin dives back between my thighs, sliding his tongue inside me with his fingers, a part of me wonders if I’m reacting so strongly because I’m with someone new and different or because Collin instinctively knows my body like the back of his hand. Even though what’s happening right now is new territory for us, he knows the exact pressure I need from his mouth and he knows the perfect way to curl his fingers inside of me as pulls them out. Even after over a decade of marriage, Jordan still needed instruction when it came to giving me pleasure. I moved his fingers when they rubbed in the wrong direction or grasped onto his hips to slow him down when he f**ked me too fast. The man worshipping my pu**y has no such problem. Collin works my body like he’s spent years getting intimately acquainted with it.

His mouth is hot and wet on my clit and he continues the motion and pressure of his tongue as it circles me, realizing that if he changes up what he’s doing too quickly the orgasm that’s hovering right there, waiting for me to fall over the edge into oblivion, will slip out of my reach. He pushes his fingers so deep inside of me that I feel his knuckles pressing against the sensitive skin of my inner lips. My hips roll against his mouth, his tongue never slowing its assault on my clit and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. When the tips of his fingers brush against my g-spot seconds later, his demand to keep my eyes open is forgotten as the first wave of my orgasm washes over me. I squeeze my eyes closed, my fingers clutching so tightly to the hair on his head that I’m afraid he’ll have bald spots when I’m done as my legs shake and my hips thrust frantically against his hand. I come against his lips and tongue and he drinks me in, sucking down every last drop and prolonging my orgasm with little flicks of his tongue until my body feels like jelly.

I lean heavily against the wall, attempting to recover as he climbs to his feet, unbuckling his jeans and pushing them down just enough to free his c**k from behind the zipper. I stare down at the thick, long length of him as he glides his hand from base to tip, my eyes widening in surprise at his size. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I’m certain the dick I delivered awkward handjobs and clumsy blowjobs to as a teenager was never this big.

Damn. He grew all over.

I realize I must’ve said that out loud when he chuckles. I tear my eyes away from the vision of him stroking himself to gaze up at him through my lashes. “I want to touch you, Collin,” I whisper in deference to the intimacy of the moment, my hand inching forward to join his.

A noise somewhere between a growl and a groan escapes his throat as he leans down until his lips are pressed against my ear. “I won’t last a minute if you touch me right now and I f**king need to be inside of you.”

He raises his head and I nod in agreement before he bends his knees and uses his hand to guide his c**k through my slit, coating the tip with my wetness. I remember the vision I had earlier of looking down between our bodies and watching as his c**k disappeared inside of me, glistening with my juices. I feel another clench of arousal thrum between my legs, completely shocked that I’m ready for another orgasm while I’m still reeling from the aftershocks of the first one.

“You’re killing me, Lee,” Collin says with a groan as he continues to slide the tip of his c**k up and down and around my clit. “I’ve never f**ked anyone without a condom but I can’t stand the thought of not feeling every inch of you on my cock.”

If it were possible to come from words alone, that right there would have done it.

“I’m on the pill and I’ve only been with him,” I whisper, not wanting to say his name out loud and break the spell that’s crackling in the air between us.

“I swear to f**k I’m clean. I would never do anything to hurt you, you know that, right?” he asks, looking up from what he’s doing between us to stare into my eyes.

I realize trusting a man I hadn’t spoken to in seventeen years until just a few days ago probably isn’t the best idea in this day and age. I used to know everything about Collin and I trusted him wholeheartedly, but that was a long time ago and we’re both different people. I don’t know where he’s been or who he’s slept with, but something about the conviction in his voice and the way he looks at me lets me know I can still trust him. Even though he’s not the boy I once knew and I know very little about the man he’s become, I know with everything inside of me that he’s telling me the truth. He would never do anything to hurt me.