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Leaning towards him, I rest my forehead against his and speak the words I know to be true. “I know. I trust you. Please, Collin. I need you.”

With one hand still holding his c**k right at my entrance, he uses his other hand to slide down my hip and grasp the back of my thigh, pulling my leg up around his waist.

“Do you want me to f**k you up against this wall, Finnley?” he whispers, running his hand back up my thigh until he’s clutching my bare ass.

I’m at a loss for words when he speaks, pushing just the head of his c**k into me and holding still. I try to push myself forward and bring him inside my body, but he holds himself away from me, teasing me with a swirl of his hips while he denies me the pleasure of his complete penetration.

I clasp my hands together behind his neck, my forehead still pressed against his as I look down between us and see just how much hard length of him there is that still needs to fit inside me. I briefly wonder if it’s even going to work, but Collin speaks again and all semblance of worry flees from my mind. The wetness he’s creating between my thighs with his words alone is certain to ease his passage.

“Tell me what you want, Finnley. Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

He makes the tiniest of movements, easing forward just enough to push a little more of his c**k into me and have me panting for all of it, begging him for more.

“Fuck me, Collin. Jesus, just f**k me,” I whisper harshly.

He lets out a guttural groan and slams into me with one hard thrust, filling me so completely that I shout in pleasure, tossing my head back. His other hand smacks down on my ass and the sting of his palm is a surprising blend of pleasure and pain. He grips the cheeks of my ass tightly with both hands and lifts, forcing me to curl both of my legs around him and hang on for dear life. He begins a pounding rhythm against me, f**king me so hard and so deep that I hear the photos on the wall behind me rattle in their frames each time his hips slam into mine. Just like the other night at the bar, he clutches my ass and moves me against him, lifting me almost completely off his c**k when he glides out and slamming me back down when he thrusts inside me.

I feel his teeth at the skin of my neck, lightly nipping as his hips piston against me over and over until I’m pretty sure he’s going to push both of us right through the wall. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve had back to back orgasms, a feat Jordan only accomplished with the assistance of a vibrator, so I’m caught off-guard by the telltale tingle of pending release that courses through me each time Collin’s groin slams against my clit.

“Come for me, Finnley. I need to feel you coming around my cock,” Collin whispers against my neck as he picks up the pace, slamming into me so hard I’m sure I’m going to have bruises on my back. His hands tighten on my ass, gripping almost to the point of pain as he impales me over and over again on his cock. My body goes rigid, preparing for release, at the thought of wearing the marks from this man’s hands on my ass tomorrow.

Everything in the lower half of my body ignites and I hook my ankles together behind his back, using the muscles of my thighs to move against him faster and harder until I feel the rush of my second orgasm explode through my sex, shouting his name as I shatter around him.

“Fuck, baby, I can feel you coming. Goddammit, you feel so good,” Collin mutters, kissing his way up my neck until he gets to my lips, where he plunges his tongue inside my mouth with the same, deep thrusting motion as his c**k inside me.

His thrusts lose their rhythm and his breathing becomes more erratic as he f**ks me faster and faster, breaking the seal of our lips so he can draw in air. I feel his ass clench beneath my ankles as he slams deeply into me one last time, holding himself still as he comes inside of me.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” he shouts against my lips as he grinds his pelvis against me. I feel his c**k pulse inside me with each spurt of his release and I squeeze my kegel muscles, milking him and pulling each and every drop into my body.

His grinding abruptly ceases as his body slumps against mine and he buries his face into the side of my neck. I take a deep breath in and hold it, trying unsuccessfully to slow my racing heart. I can still feel his c**k inside of me, twitching with the last remnants of his orgasm and I wait once again for guilt to overwhelm me, for the rush of shame over what I’ve just done to take hold and the tears start to fall.

I’ve just taken another man inside my body. I let him come inside me and it was better than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I’ve only allowed one other man to do this to me and it should feel like a betrayal of everything we meant to each other. I should be ashamed that I just tarnished the one and only perfect thing that was left between us. I can no longer say that Jordan is the only man I’ve ever had sex with. I can no longer hold my head up with pride knowing that, no matter what went wrong between us, there was one thing that neither of us would ever dare damage.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, the regret I’ve braced myself to deal with never comes.

I feel nothing right now but exhaustion and satisfaction…

And the slow stirrings of arousal when I think about repeating what just happened between us as soon as possible.

Chapter 9—Fuel the Fire

I STARE AT myself in the full-length mirror behind my bedroom door, gazing in open fascination at the flush that colors the skin that runs from my br**sts up to my cheeks and the wild tangle of chestnut curls that hangs around my face. Twisting my body and turning my head to look back over my shoulder, I see red marks along my upper back, a stark reminder of the force of Collin’s thrusts as he pummeled me into the wall. Dropping my gaze lower, I’m confronted with further evidence of his possession in the form of his fingerprints dotting both cheeks of my ass, and I find myself unable to stop the satisfied smile that takes over my face as I recall the way he dug his fingers into me and slammed my body against him