Page 18 of Burned (Ignite #1)

He bends his knees behind me and I see the tip of his c**k between my legs as I stare into the mirror, our fingers continuing to move in a blindingly fast pace.

In one perfectly executed move, he pulls our fingers out of my body and immediately replaces them with his cock, sliding deep inside of me with one slow push.

His hand stops its ministrations on my nipple and instead, bands tightly around my ribs right below my br**sts to hold me up. Thank God for that because I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to stand on my own. As he works himself in and out of me, using two fingers to rub my clit, I reach behind me to grasp his hips, curling my nails into his flesh as he slowly f**ks me. He takes his time with me, each plunge deep and precise and so completely unlike our earlier encounter. Being taken up against the wall in a rush of slapping bodies and bruised skin was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, but this slow burn with its sensual intensity is just as good.

The fingers circling my clit move maddeningly fast while his c**k plunges into me deep and slow, the opposing sensations melting together until I’m nothing but a burning pile of need. It’s a struggle simply to stand here and try to help him keep my body upright when my thighs start to shake as my body hovers at the brink of orgasm. My hands clench his hips tighter and I lock down my muscles, afraid to move for fear of losing my hold on the feelings coursing through my body—

The need to scream.

The need to come.

The need to keep him here so he can do this to me every single day.


That thought should scare the hell out of me, but it doesn’t. This time is impossibly better than the first and I can only imagine that it will continue to get better every single time.

My release comes swiftly and without warning, my pu**y clamping down on his c**k as I continue to watch what he’s doing to me in the mirror, my mouth open on a silent scream of pleasure. I gasp and pant through my orgasm until my throat is so dry it feels like it will crack. As I come down from my high, Collin turns us away from the mirror, grabs my hands from his hips and places them on top of the dresser in front of me.

“Hold on, baby,” he warns.

I have just enough time to brace myself against the smooth surface of my dresser before he pulls his c**k completely out of me and immediately slams it back in to the hilt. I cry out in pleasure as he resumes the same pounding rhythm as earlier, his hips slapping into my ass as he grips my hips tightly and uses my body to find his release.

I lift myself up on my toes and arch my back, giving him easier access and allowing him to drive himself inside me, as deep as he can go, again and again. I feel the heat of him behind me and the length of him inside me and I’ve never felt more completely overwhelmed. I love the sound of him losing control, growls and curses that are rough and foul and so f**king sexy that I feel my pu**y tighten down on his c**k in an involuntary spasm. I love that I can already tell when he’s getting ready to come just by the way his movements become jerky, like he can’t control what he’s doing and his only thought is of coming inside me.

“Fuck, Lee. FUCK!” he shouts, slamming deep one last time before he lets go, his hips grinding against my ass as he comes.

We both collapse on top of the dresser, my br**sts flattening against the cool wood and his warm chest pressing against my back. He shifts his hips, slipping out of me and I feel his come drip down the inside of my thighs.

Collin wraps both of his arms around my waist and peppers my back with kisses while I try and catch my breath, wondering if I’ll ever get enough of this man.

“Jesus, I can’t get enough of you,” he mutters against me, voicing my own thoughts. “I’m already thinking about f**king you again.”

I smile to myself as he runs his hands over the skin of my upper back.

“Fuck, the things I want to do to your body should be illegal.”

Lifting my head, I look over my shoulder at him. “I’m perfectly fine with that. As soon as I recover, you can do anything you want to my body.”

His eyes darken and I know he’s contemplating all the things he wants to do to me. I’m fairly certain that most, if not all of them, will be new experiences for me and I shiver in anticipation.

The distant sound of the front door opening and slamming shut brings me out of my orgasm-induced euphoria and I jerk up from the dresser, pushing Collin away from me in the process. He gives me a strange look, clearly confused for a moment, and I realize he must not have heard what I did.

There’s only one person who has a key to this house, one person who would be walking through that front door right now.

I shouldn’t have ignored his calls. I should have acted like an adult and talked to him. I knew that going radio silent would piss him off and eventually he’d ignore everything I said to him the day he left about how I couldn’t stand to look at him and I never wanted to see him again.

The separation papers obviously weren’t enough for him. Seeing me freshly f**ked from another man and that man still in our home, a man who he’s always hated for the simple fact that I dated him first, is going to be one big wake-up call for him. Part of me wants to grab Collin’s hand and drag him out into the living room without a care about our nakedness and shove it right down Jordan’s throat. The other part of me, the more logical, less bitchy side, wants to hide Collin in the closet and keep what we just did a secret. Not because I’m ashamed, or I feel guilty, but because bringing this out in the open will make it real. Making it real means it can be taken away at any moment and I’m not ready to let this go just yet. I don’t know if this is rebound sex, a way to get back at Jordan sex or something more than sex. It’s too new and too fresh and I haven’t had time to process it yet. I’m still in a little bubble of bliss and I’m not ready for that bubble to be popped.