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He leans forward and my thighs clench in anticipation of his warm, wet mouth on my ni**les. I feel his breath skate over my skin but I don’t feel his lips on me just yet. His other hand reaches for the remote he left sitting on top of the speaker and he brings it between us.

I look down and watch as his thumb presses one of the buttons. The speaker beneath me slowly rumbles to life and the soft, faint strings of music that surrounded us begin to grow louder and louder.

He presses another button and the familiar drumbeat to the opening bars of the song “Closer” begin to thump through the room.

With another quick press of his thumb, the bass on the speaker is turned up until I can feel the pounding pulse of the music vibrating through my body.

I remember listening to the words of this song back in high school and thinking they were so dirty and hardcore. I remember how Trent Reznor’s voice shouting ‘I want to f**k you like an animal’ made me wish I wasn’t so afraid and that one day I’d be brave enough to allow Collin to do just that.

Seeing him kneeling between my thighs, the heat of his body burning against mine while the beat of the song thrums through my core, I realize my silly teenage fantasies completely paled to the reality.

The look in Collin’s eyes as he continues to turn up the bass tells me that he is definitely going to f**k me like an animal right now.

And he’ll make me love every dirty minute of it.

Chapter 14—Just a Little Heat

I CAN FEEL the beat of the music vibrating through her body as I set the remote down and grab her hips, pulling her to the edge of the speaker.

Placing one soft kiss on her lips, I move to her cheek, then to her neck and down the front of her body, leaving a wet trail with my tongue as I go. I press my palms to the inside of her thighs and push them wide apart until she has to lean slightly forward to maintain her balance. Her pu**y is now pressed against the hard plastic of the subwoofer and I can tell by one look at her face that she can feel the vibrations of the music thumping against her core. She bites down on her bottom lip as I clutch tightly to her thighs, rocking her slowly back and forth, her pu**y bumping against the top of the speaker with each forced tilt of her hips. I tease her, giving her a touch of the vibrating bass before rocking her back away from it, over and over.

Using the tip of my thumb, I pull the scrap of lace, wet from her arousal, away from her body until her bare sex is on full display. Keeping my hands wrapped tightly around the tops of her thighs, I continue rocking her back and forth, reaching over and gently rub her clit with the pad of my thumb.

I move my thumb in time with the beat of the music as I drag it up and down over her clit. I continue the rocking motion with my hands, pulling the lower half of her body forward and watching as her pu**y brushes against the top of the speaker. I feel the muscles of her thighs tighten beneath my hands and watch her hips begin to sway as Finnley starts rocking her lower body, helping me move her. As the momentum of the song picks up, I can feel the tremor of the bass through my tight grip on her thighs and I can only imagine how that vibration feels against her bare pu**y.

I start rocking her hips harder and moving my thumb faster. Her hands come up to my shoulders and she clutches them so tightly I’m sure she’s going to leave little crescent marks behind from her nails digging into my skin.

Leaning forward, I press my lips against hers, not kissing her, just breathing her in as she pants with need against my mouth. I watch her pupils dilate and her eyes glaze over as I push her closer and closer to the release she needs. Even through the loud blaring of music, I hear her scream when her orgasm washes through her moments later. I keep my thumb on her clit and rub out every single drop of her release until she finally eases up on the hold she has of my shoulders.

I don’t give her one second to recover. Using the palm of one hand, I press it against her sternum and push her backwards until she’s lying flat on top of the speaker. Her head falls off the back of it and her hands smack down to the edge to hold herself steady as I stare down at the sight before me. Her skin is flushed from her release, her chest is heaving as she tries to breathe and the lips of her pu**y are plump and wet, just begging for me to take them in my mouth. It’s the most beautiful f**king thing I’ve ever seen.

Dragging my hand down her body until it covers her sex, I use the heel of my hand to press into her. She arches her back and spreads her legs wider for me.

I’m a little sad that the music blaring through the speakers drowns out her soft moans of pleasure and the sound of my name on her lips when she comes, but I let it pass because all I can think about right now is burying my face between her legs and tasting her on my lips again.

I don’t even hesitate. Still keeping her thong pulled to the side with my fingers, I dive forward and wrap my mouth around her clit, sucking her hard and letting my tongue swirl around the swollen bud.

The sweet, musky taste of her explodes on my tongue and I attack her pu**y like a starving man, licking and sucking every bit of her. I push my tongue inside of her, swirling it around and coating it with her arousal before sliding two of my fingers away from their hold on her thong to rub circles around her clit. Over and over, I push inside of her body, f**king her with my tongue, while my fingers massage her until her entire body is shaking, on the edge of another release.

Flattening my tongue, I slide it through her slit and continue moving up until I can suck that little jewel filled with nerve endings back into my mouth. She moves her hips frantically, f**king my face while I flick my tongue back and forth until I can feel her pulsing against my lips. I look up the length of her body and see her lift her head just enough to watch what I’m doing. With her eyes boring into mine, I move my face away from her pu**y just long enough to let her watch me slide two of my fingers into my mouth. Her lips part with a silent gasp when I pull them out, wet with my saliva, before immediately plunging them inside her as deep as they’ll go. Her head falls back again as the tips of my fingers curl against her g-spot and I lean back in, sucking her clit into my mouth and grazing it with my teeth. Her hips come off the speaker, and remain suspended in the air as she comes for a second time. I feel a rush of liquid seep from her body as her muscles clamp down on my fingers while I continue to lap at her. I know I’m not going to be able to wait a second longer to feel her tight, wet pu**y squeezing around my c**k like that.