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I pull my mouth away from her and quickly stand, unbuttoning my pants just enough to free my erection. She lifts her head and stares at my c**k through hooded eyes, licking her lips. I’ve waited almost half of my life to feel her mouth wrapped around my c**k again, but right now, I want to be inside of that sweet pu**y more. I take a minute to stroke myself while she watches, visions of bringing myself to release with my own hand and coming on her tits clouding my thoughts until I’m so sensitive I need to stop before I do just that.

Pushing that little fantasy into the back of my mind for another time, I grab onto her hands, pulling her to her feet as I switch places with her. When I’m seated, she quickly slides her thong off her body and, placing one knee on either side of my thighs on top of the speaker, she straddles me, rubbing her slit against my c**k while the music of Trent Reznor plays on repeat around us. I reach between us, wrapping my hand around the base of my c**k as she grabs onto my shoulders and positions her body. When her wet pu**y makes contact with the tip, she slowly starts to move down on me, inch by sweet inch until the torture is too much to take.

I smack my hands down on the soft globes of her ass and bring her completely down on top of me, burying my c**k in her pu**y in one hard pull. Her arms fly around my shoulders, the nails of one hand scraping down the skin of my back as the other slides up into my hair, clenching it roughly in her fist.

She immediately starts to move, lifting herself up on her knees until my c**k slides almost completely out before slamming herself back down on top of me. Her eyes never leave mine as she continues to ride my c**k so hard I almost see stars. I keep my hands on her ass and help her move faster and harder, her body taking all of me of me inside of her in a pounding rhythm until I’m so lost in the warmth of her pu**y that I never want to leave.

She’s so tight and hot wrapped around me that all I can think about is f**king her until we both die from exhaustion. Lifting my hips to thrust up into her, our thighs smack together so hard the speaker starts to shake not only from the music blasting out of it but from the frantic f**king that is currently happening on top of it. I’m never going to be able to walk into this room again without seeing her on top of this thing. I’m never going to be able to run a couple of miles on the treadmill without feeling her bouncing up and down on my cock.

I keep one hand on her ass and move the other up to her head, threading my fingers in her long hair and tugging on it hard enough that she tilts her head back so her neck is right in front of my mouth. I latch my lips against her throat and bite down gently, the salty taste of her sweaty skin sliding against my tongue as I continue to pull her up and down on my c**k until I feel my balls start to swell with my release.

Her thighs tighten around mine and she hugs me as close to her body as possible while I continue to suck and nip at her throat. When I feel the noises she’s making vibrating against my lips and the sudden gush of fluid from her pu**y, there’s nothing I can do to slow down my orgasm. With one last roll of my hips, I explode inside her body, feeling the walls of her pu**y lock down on me like a vise as her own orgasm takes hold, feeding off of mine. She keeps sliding up and down my c**k as she comes, her body milking me and prolonging my orgasm until I’m sure I’m going to pass out from pleasure. My c**k jerks and pulses inside of her until I can feel my come spilling out of her and dripping down between our thighs.

When my release finally subsides, I flop back on top of the speaker, bringing Finnley with me until she’s sprawled across me, our chests rising and falling in the same hurried tempo as we come down from our high.

After a few minutes, she shifts her body and I feel her pu**y clench around my c**k one last time. I grab her hips and hold her in place, afraid if she moves again I’m going to lose my mind. My dick should be softening, completely satisfied by now, but I’m still hard. I can’t seem to get enough of her and I’m pretty sure if she moves her hips in the slightest way, I’m going to flip her over and start pounding into her all over again. I’d like nothing more than to do just that, but we need to talk. She said her piece, and now it’s my turn.

She told me she was afraid—and I can only pray that what I have to say won’t scare her even more.

Chapter 15—Line of Fire

EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE and bone in my body has turned to jelly. Somehow I find the energy to get up off of Collin’s chest, leaning down to pick up my discarded clothing while he walks over to the corner of the room and turns off the stereo.

Collin’s eyes follow my every movement as I step back into my panties and slide them up my legs, stopping when I see the look of undisguised misery on his face.

Immediately concerned that he’s having second thoughts about what happened between us, I feel my eyes tear up as I ask, “Everything ok?”

He crosses his arms across his chest, shaking his head as he growls out, “Fuck, no, everything is not ok. Baby, it’s sacrilege to cover that body up.”

I can’t help but smile at him. He just spent nearly an hour working me over, but I’m suddenly ready to go again. I’ve never felt this sexy or wanted in my entire life and it’s a heady feeling.

I’ve finish getting dressed and Collin has pulled his shirt back on and buttoned his pants when I hear the faint sound of men’s voices on the other side of the door.

“Shit. I have to get back to work. I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes,” he tells me, regret heavy in his voice as he walks over and wraps me in his arms.