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She laughs, swatting my hand away from her breast. “Let’s see if you have it in you to make it twenty.”

AN HOUR LATER, I’ve got her right on the edge of her third orgasm. She’s sprawled across my bed, her body glistening with sweat. I’m on my stomach between her thighs, pressing my dick into the mattress in an attempt to calm myself down. In my line of work, patience and control are critical, and it’s taken every vestige I have of both not to drag her down the bed and f**k her so hard we both pass out, but I have something else in mind. I’ve been thinking about our phone sex conversation a week ago and I want her as ready and pliant as she can be.

Pulling my fingers out of her, I slide them into my mouth and clean her wetness off them with my tongue. She’s up on her elbows watching me, her hips lifting slightly in an unconscious request for more. Moving out from between her thighs, I slide up the length of her body, rolling her onto her side so I can curl myself behind her. I pull her hair away from the back of her neck and nip at the skin there while I reach back and grab the bottle of lube I bought the day before.

Placing it on the bed behind me, I slide my hand over the front of her thigh, grabbing her leg and pulling it back over my hip so she’s open to me. Her head is resting on her arm and I scoot closer, lifting myself up on my elbow so I can stare down at her body.

I slowly slide my hand up the inside of her thigh and ghost my fingers through her folds, pulling the wetness pooling there up with me to circle it around her clit. She’s so wet that I’m not even sure I’ll need the lube for what I have in mind, but I’m still going to use it. I want this to be as pleasurable as possible for her.

Her hips shift back and she grinds her ass against my c**k as it slips between her cheeks. I move myself against her, sliding my c**k through her as my fingers continue playing with her clit.

“I want to f**k you here, baby,” I whisper in her ear, emphasizing what I mean by thrusting hard against her ass.

My fingers easily slide through her pu**y as she gets even wetter at my words.

“Oh, God, yes,” she mumbles, her hips moving against my fingers as I push two of them deep inside of her, my thumb flicking over her clit.

I pump my fingers in and out of her, moving my thumb faster until she’s gasping and moaning with need.

“Fuck, I’m going to come. Oh, my God,” she whispers.

I quickly pull my fingers out of her and move my thumb away from her clit, smiling to myself when I hear her whimper.

“Not yet, baby. You’re not coming again until my c**k is inside your ass.”

She groans and I move my hand back between her legs, just barely skimming my fingers over her clit. She’s so swollen and wet that I know just the right amount of pressure will have her exploding against my fingers, but I want to prolong this. I want her shaking with need and ready to take every inch of me inside her.

Her hand moves over top of mine and she tries to add pressure to my fingers as I slide them around and around her clit. I remove my fingers from her slit, grabbing her hand and bringing it up to rest on her breast.

“You can play with your ni**les, baby, but this,” I tell her as I cup her sex in my hand, “is mine. Even when I’m taking your ass, Lee, it’ll still be my fingers f**king your pu**y. You don’t get to touch.”

I hear her sharp intake of breath as my fingers resume the light, teasing circles around her clit and I watch in rapt fascination as she lightly tugs at her ni**les. When her hips start moving faster and I know she’s seconds away from coming, I quickly move my hand down and thrust three fingers inside of her, holding them as deep as they’ll go as I feel her pulse around me and her orgasm slowly ebbs back down to a simmer.

Her thigh quivers around my hip and, as much as I want to continue torturing her, I can’t hold off any longer. I need to be inside of her. I need her to give me that last bit of trust so I can show her I would never hurt her, that everything I do is to bring her pleasure.

Pulling my fingers out of her, I reach behind me and grab the bottle of lube. As I move my c**k away from her ass, I flip the lid on the tube and squirt a generous amount of the silky gel up and down my length. Tossing the tube to the side, I, spread the lube over my c**k until it’s glistening.

“Get up on your knees.”

I palm my cock, stroking it as I watch Finnley roll to her stomach and push herself up on her hands and knees, her ass in the air waiting and ready for me. Getting up behind her, I grab the bottle of lube again and squeeze, letting it slide down the crack of her ass. Using the fingers of my left hand, I rub the slippery wetness around, pushing my fingers gently inside of her to spread the lube there, as well.

She shivers with a combination of excitement and shock at the cold feel of the lube sliding down her body and my fingers pushing inside her ass. I continue slowly pumping them in and out of her, readying her for my cock. When she starts pushing back against my fingers, I know it’s time. Sliding them out of her, I grab onto her hips and pull her towards me until the tip of my c**k rubs against the spot my fingers just vacated.

“Fuck,” she mutters, dropping her head down between her shoulders.

I wrap my hand around the base of my cock, holding myself still as I push just the head inside of her. As much as I want to slide the rest of the way in with one hard thrust, I know I need to make sure she’s ready.

I move my right hand away from her hip and slide it around the front of her body, between her legs, finding her clit and working it between my fingers.