Page 9 of Burned (Ignite #1)

I am such an idiot.

I’ve been out of the game for far too long. Hell, I was never even really in the game. After Collin, I jumped right into a relationship with Jordan and I eventually married him. With a disgusted shake of my head, I quickly rinse my hands and head back out into the hallway.

I stop short when I see Collin leaning against the wall across from the bathroom with his hands in his pockets. He looked up as soon as I opened the door and now we’re both just standing here staring at each other. I jump when the bathroom door pulls shut behind me with a bang.

“You didn’t have to wait for me. I’m drunk, but I’m pretty sure I can still walk,” I tell him with an uncomfortable laugh as I lean back against the closed door.

He pushes himself off the wall and closes the distance between us in two steps, his arms coming up on either side of my head and caging me in.

“I need to ask you something,” he tells me seriously, his eyes staring down at my lips as he speaks.

My tongue darts out to wet my bottom lip that suddenly became bone dry when he moved in close to me and I hear him groan softly.

“Okay,” I whisper, not really sure if I’m telling him ‘Okay you can ask me a question’ or ‘Okay you can f**king kiss me already.’

Collin moves forward until his hips are pressed up against mine. I keep my hands down by my sides, flattened against the cold steel of the door to try and cool down the heat flowing through my body at his nearness.

“Are you still married?” he asks with a raise of one eyebrow.

Of all the things I thought he’d ask me, this definitely wasn’t one of them. How in the hell does he even know that I was married?

“I’m… I… we’re separated,” I stutter.

I thought saying the words out loud would make my heart hurt, but I still feel nothing. If anything, saying them has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and helped to drive home the reality that my marriage is over.

Collin doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, just continues to stare down at me while I watch a muscle tick in his jaw.

Standing this close to him has turned me into an idiot and I feel like if I don’t say something, this silence is going to stretch between us until it’s uncomfortable. I open my mouth to say who-the-hell-knows-what, but before I can utter a word, Collin nods his head slightly and smiles down at me. “Good.”

I start to ask him what’s so good about me being separated when his hands suddenly drop from the door, wrap around my waist and pull me tight against his chest. He halts my gasp of surprise when his lips crash against mine. I immediately open my mouth to him and it’s my turn to groan when I feel his tongue slide into my mouth and tangle with my own. My hands immediately fly up to his head and I slide my fingers through his short, black hair, pulling his mouth harder against mine. In all the years I thought about kissing him again, I pictured it exactly like it was in high school—clashing teeth, sloppy tongues and wiping the drool away from our chins when it was over. This kiss is nothing like that. His lips are firm and his tongue moves boldly as it swirls around mine. He tastes like peppermint and beer as he gently sucks my tongue into his mouth. His hips press harder against me and I slide one of my legs around the back of his thigh until I can feel his erection rubbing against the thin material of my shorts between my legs. His tongue begins to move through my mouth in tune with the motion of his hips against me.




He pushes his tongue deeper and slowly grinds himself between my thighs. He takes his time exploring my mouth and, with each jerk of his hips against me, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, the throbbing in my clit growing stronger every time the rough denim of his jeans rubs against my bare thighs and his tongue circles mine. His hands glide down my back to cup my ass and help move my lower body against him. He continues to roll his hips into me as he uses his grip on my ass to slide me up and down over his hardness. I’m moving jerkily against him, not caring how desperate I seem or how needy I sound each time I whimper when I feel another burst of arousal shoot through my core. There isn’t an inch of space between us, our bodies pressed so tightly together that I’m surprised I even have the ability to move against him. My body shakes with the need for release and Collin instinctively knows how close I am to coming, kneading his hands harder into the cheeks of my ass and moving me faster against him. I don’t know how many times we did things like this when we were dating, but it was never this intense and it never had me close to coming this quickly. I can feel my orgasm tingling just beyond my reach…

“Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.”

A female voice right beside us pulls me out of my hormone-induced stupor and I break off the mind-numbing kiss. When I try to push myself away, Collin tightens his hold on me, maintaining the contact in the lower halves of our bodies as he moves us away from the door. The woman gives us a dirty look before disappearing inside the bathroom.

With as much strength as I can muster in my lust and alcohol fueled high, I bring my hands up to Collin’s chest and push him away. I look down at my feet, trying not to let the embarrassment I’m currently feeling show on my face. I’m suddenly very conscious of the fact that I was dry humping a guy I haven’t spoken to in seventeen years in a public hallway, a guy I kind of thought I hated until I saw him again tonight. Bringing my hands up to my cheeks and holding them there to cover up the redness I know is prominent, I struggle to calm my racing heart as it threatens to burst out of my chest.