Karen would have had a field day with Russ.

“I want to tell you that I’ve got proof it exists.”


“I’m a success. I started out in foster care, just like you. I’m no different than you, and I just wouldn’t be beaten.”

Anna frowned. “That’s not exactly a happy ever after though, Russ. That’s just a success in business. Where’s your family? The woman you love? I’ve just been insulted because a club whore believes she has a right to you.”

“Tina shouldn’t have said that crap. She’s not mine, and she’s never going to be mine.” He grabbed her hand once again, locking their fingers together.

“You keep doing that,” she said.


“Holding my hand.”

“I like it.”

“Does it matter if I like it or not?”

“Do you hate it?”


“Then what’s the problem, Anna?”

“There’s no problem.”

And just like that, she didn’t have a clue what to say. Anna was starting to see that Russ had a way that made him have the last word.


Entering their apartment, Russ refused to let go of her hand.

“What are you doing?”

He’d been counting them all day, and he was going to add a couple for good measure. Part of him just knew she had put herself down in front of Richard.

“I promised you that when we got back to this apartment, I was going to make sure that you were punished for putting this beautiful body down. It’s not going to happen, not on my watch.”

Russ took a seat on the sofa, and pulled her down. He was careful not to hurt her arm in the cast, which made it a lot easier for him. Flipping her over his knee, he raised the silk red dress up over her ass, exposing the modest pair of black panties she wore. Russ couldn’t resist a touch, so he caressed her rounded rump.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this. I thought you were joking,” she said, screaming.

“I’m not joking, and it’s time for you to see and to take my threats seriously.”

Raising his hand, he brought it down with a lot of force, spanking her rounded ass. She gave a little scream, and wriggled on his lap. Wrapping an arm around her waist, and locking his legs in a ninety degree angle, he kept her on his lap.

“Damn you, let me go.”

He slapped her ass twice more, and gave the area a nice little rub. Anna of course kept on screaming at him. He found her colorful language cute.

“This is not even funny anymore. Stop it.”

Another three slaps, and he smoothed out the sting. He wanted to remove her panties to check out her ass.

Russ landed the last one on her ass, and then helped her up so that she was kneeling between his legs.

“I don’t want to hear you putting yourself down.” He cupped her cheek. “I’m going to let you off with what you said about yourself in front of Richard.”

“It’s none of your business what I do.”



“You’re under my protection, Anna. I don’t give a fuck what everyone said to you in the past or how they treated you. I only care about what I did for you, and what you mean to me. No more bad shit.”

She released a sigh and growled a little at him. “You’re being an ass.”

“No. I’m taking care of you. From now on, any bad word out of your mouth about yourself, and I will spank your ass. I don’t even care if you like it or not. No more, understand?”

“Yes, I understand. I’m not some child.”

“You behave like one.”

“Ugh.” She got to her feet, and Russ let her go. He needed to calm down a little. Having Anna on her knees in front of him didn’t exactly help with the state of his arousal.

Getting to his feet, he followed her into the kitchen. She was bent over in front of the fridge, and he gritted his teeth to stop himself from moaning.

Anna came out of the fridge with a couple bottles of beer. “How about we have that drink to celebrate my leg?”

“And to finally put your friend to rest.”

“That as well.”

He took the bottles from her, grabbed his bottle opener from the drawer, and opened the bottles. Clinking their drinks, he took a drink, and watched as she did as well.

“I will warn you, I don’t handle my drink very well. I reckon a couple of beers, and that will be me done.”

Chuckling, they walked into the sitting room, and Anna sat down while he grabbed the remote. Flicking through the television he settled on a comedy movie. For the next hour they finished watching the movie, and he got them two more beers. Time seemed to fly by, and Anna just kept on drinking.

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