When Alex came out of the bathroom he was alone, then noticed the breeze coming from the open deck doors. He crossed to them, stilling for a second when he saw her lying in the chaise, her silk robe exposing her legs to the tops of her thighs.

"Damn, Madison."

She gasped and covered herself to her throat. "I thought you were still in the shower." He was bare-chested, wearing only cotton, drawstring slacks and looking too damn masculine for her tastes right now.

"If you thought to drive me nuts, being naked under that is doing it."

"I'm not naked." She gave him a quick peek at her chemise strap.

"Close enough." He grasped her ankles, lifting them before sitting at the foot of her chaise.

"There is room over there." She gestured to the matching chair.

"The view is better here." He nestled her feet on his lap, rubbing the sole of one foot.

"Oh, you're hired," she moaned, closing her eyes as he plied strong fingers to her sore feet.

"Those rocks in the lake hurt, I bet."

"I didn't notice it until now."

"Okay, confess, when and where did you get that tattoo?"

She smiled, laughing to herself and shaking her head. "In college. It was like a pact, one perpetrated by lots of Bahama Mama cocktails, mind you, and made at a sorority party night. A group of us got them."

"Katherine, too?"

"Oh, yes."

The mystery of it was driving him crazy. "Now that's hard to believe, Kat of all people. She's so sophisticated."

She cocked her head. "Should I be insulted?"

"Of course not."

"Good, I didn't want to have to knock your teeth

He grinned, massaging up her calf. "Thanks for today."

"I had a good time. They're nice people." Closing her eyes, she moaned as his fingers ground into her knotted calf. "I'll think I'll keep you around just to rub my feet."

"I'll rub anything you want."

Her eyes flew open. Before she could say anything, he yanked on her feet, dragging her closer. For a split second he stared before he kissed her. And the heat lingering beneath the surface burst to flame, splintering through her, and she squeezed his biceps, holding on as his mouth moved roughly over hers. She opened for him, then moaned as his tongue plunged inside. So good, she thought, so right.

He kissed her and kissed her, drawing her onto his lap.

Her fingers drove into his hair, dribbled down his throat to his chest. She molded and shaped him as his hands found their way beneath her satin robe.

It was raw, he thought, this hunger, igniting with the merest touch, driving him crazy with the sensations he experienced by just hearing her little whimpers of pleasure. But the feel of her skin was an incredible aphrodisiac. She was soft and scented, so feminine, and that wildness, like a mountain cat, lingered just beneath the surface. He could feel it in her, taste it in her kiss, in the pressure of her breasts against his chest.

In the way her fingers played daringly over him.

"You feel so good, Maddy."

Madison drew back, her arms on his shoulders as she forced her breathing to slow down. Mercy. She was ready to explode, and it wouldn't take much more to give up her resolve and indulge.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" she breathed against his mouth.

He kissed her briefly, a wet slide that made her gasp. "I was going to ask you the same thing."

"Then I guess we'd better stop this."

"Are you always so level-headed?"

"Not when you kiss me."

He smiled. "Nice to know I can weaken you a little."

She arched a brow.

"You can't believe for a second I'm not coming apart at the seams every time we touch."

Yes, she did believe it, because sensations were still rocketing through her body and testing her courage. She wanted him as she had wanted no other man. He was a sexy, desirable playboy. But she was merely convenient. "All the more reason to say good-night now, Alexander." She left his lap.

Alex watched her vanish into the suite, then braced his elbows on his knees and clutched his head in his hands. He drew a shaky breath. His body throbbed like a tribal drum, the tempo slow to ease.

He shouldn't have laid a hand on her, but her wild streak lured and he was a sucker for it. He was heading for trouble if he gave in to temptation again. No, he thought, looking up and watching her slip beneath the sheets. It was already here.

* * *

He hadn't touched her since last night. Not a casual brush, not a single kiss. Not even for Angus's benefit. Madison almost wished he'd touch her. Anything would be better than the incredible tension running along with her blood. She knew he was trying to ignore her, put distance between them, yet he was the kind of man women sensed before seeing, his every look was filled with a heated message. So much that Angus asked if there was something wrong just as they'd left. She felt isolated, greedy for his touch even when she reminded herself that any more than kisses and a couple spine-wracking touches – she'd be deep in the mud, sucked into him like quicksand. Fighting the pull was harder than breathing and she felt like a high-strung racehorse, chomping to be free.

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